Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Holy Cover Reveal Batman, check out this cover! I (Court) have actually read this book, and am in total fangirl love with my girl Cece. Add this to your Goodreads to be read list, and anxiously await the official debut of Cece Carroll!

Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: September 16th, 2014

Book Description:
When home no longer feels like home - where can you go?
When your best friend won’t listen - who can you turn to?
When love makes you feel weak - how do you protect your heart?

With constant fighting at home, Emma decides working at High Street Books and practicing avoidance is the best method to save her from more heartache.

She doesn’t expect to meet Jake, the shop owner’s nephew,
who makes her stomach do crazy things.
But Jake is intent on pushing her away, and Emma must ask herself:
Is he scared? Or is he hiding something?

Tastes Like Winter is a story of love, family, and friendship and, when everything is uncertain, trying to figure out where you fit in.

About the Author:

CeCe began writing as an escape from her days as a corporate slave laborer. She grew up splitting her time between the beautiful beaches of New Jersey and the bustling city of New York. Currently, she lives in Massachusetts with her super handsome and talented husband and two adorable, but often-sassy cats. CeCe gets excited easily, mostly about travelling, food, and of course, her first love: books.

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Enjoy an Excerpt:

I sigh. “It’s so toasty warm in here and so cold and wet out there, I don’t want to get out.”
“I could drive you right up to your door, but I don’t think your mom would appreciate me parking in her pansies.”
“Probably not,” I agree.
He reaches into his pocket, shifting in his seat to pull his phone out of the denim. “Let me get your number before you leave.”
I don’t think a boy has ever asked me for my digits before, and having that boy be Jake makes me ecstatic.
I take a moment to calm myself before answering, and Jake must read that as a sign to retreat because he adds, “You know I should probably have it…for emergency purposes.”
I tell him the number, and he shoots me a text so I have his. I say good-bye, leave the warmth of his car, and start walking up the front walkway. Before I reach the door, my phone buzzes in my pocket, signaling another text.
Jake: I trust you made it to the door okay. I probably should have walked you so you wouldn’t have to suffer alone.
I tease him back.
Me: I made it, no worries, though I’m not sure this counts as an emergency.

Jake: Felt like one to me. Well, have a great night. Don’t miss me too much.

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