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Forever is a heartbeat away . . .

Kerris Moreton knows how to make things work. Bounced from foster home to foster home as a kid, she adapted; when opportunity arose, she thrived. Now, about to open her own business and accept a marriage proposal, Kerris is ready to build the life she's always wanted. The only thing missing? A passionate connection with her would-be fiancé, Cam. Kerris wants to believe that sparks are overrated-until Walsh Bennett lights her up like the Fourth of July.

. . . but what about love?

As one of the East Coast's most eligible bachelors, Walsh enjoys financial independence, fulfilling work with his family's nonprofit, and plenty of female attention. But lately he's been distracted by the one woman he can't have. Lovely to look at and even sweeter to know, Kerris is the soul mate Walsh never thought he would find. The problem is, his best friend found her first . . .

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We were fortunate enough to catch Kennedy between editing and writing and she had time to answer a few questions:

1. What's surprised you since your book came out?

I think I’m more surprised by myself in this process than anything that is happening externally. I am a pretty confident person. I always have been, and don’t really let others’ opinions get to me. It has surprised me how often I have to remind myself not to take reviews personally. I have this mantra – “I am not this book. This book is not me.” LOL I say it to consciously put distance between who I am; my character, and this thing I created, if that makes sense. I make a conscious effort to continue interacting with people who I may have interacted with before they reviewed my book if they weren’t crazy about it. Ultimately, I don’t base my other interactions on what folks can do for me or if they like me a lot, and I don’t want to live that way in my career either. Until someone goes on Amazon or Goodreads and says I am not a good wife, I don’t take care of my son, I am not generous or gracious or honest or loyal – questioning my character, we’re good!

2. You have a very full and busy life, how and when did you find the time to write? Did you have a dedicated time each day or did you write as the story came to you? Music? or any rituals or special space that you write in?

I do have a full life, and most of it is completely separate from my writing. Up until September of last year, I was working a full-time job, taking care of my son, whose demands living with Autism, are great, and running a foundation I started for ASD families. It’s what probably delayed me writing my book for years! I wrote the first 2 books of the Bennetts series one summer two years ago. Mostly at night after my boys – hubby and son – had gone to sleep. I do have playlists. Some of them come as I’m writing. Some after. I love writing in bed with a Diet Coke within reaching distance. Don’t always get to do it, but that is writing nirvana for me!

3. Also, do you write linearly or out of order and are you a planner or do you just go with the flow of the characters?

I usually don’t sit down to actually write until I see the basic path or layout of the story. I take notes. I act out dialogue, which I know is weird! LOL. But I capture it on my phone as audio recordings and listen back to it. I have most of the story in pieces and then kind of lay it out. From there, I’m pretty linear. So I guess I’m kind of a hybrid. If you’ve read WHEN YOU ARE MINE, the first scene I got was the “confrontation” that changes everything between the three characters. You know the moment I’m talking about! I had that before I had anything else, and used that as a domino in my imagination. Once it fell, all these other elements started falling into place.

4. Have you ever talked to your characters? haha. (I'd totally do that because I talk to myself ALL of the time).

I talk AS my characters all the time. When I was a little girl, I used to act out my stories with a mop as my heroine on my grandma’s back porch. I haven’t evolved very much! A lot of times while cleaning my kitchen or driving to pick up my son from school, I act out scenes. I mean, crying, yelling, laughing. I used to get strange looks while driving, but I’ve wised up and put headphones in my ears so people assume I’m on the phone! LOL

5. Have the characters ever surprised you and can you tell us about it?

Cam surprised me. I thought I knew his story, but it has unfolded even more than what I “plotted.” It’s much darker than everyone else’s. It will explain a lot about him. Even though he and Kerris both grew up in foster care and both suffered abuse, his experience was much more harrowing. I get to unpack that for readers over the next two books.

6. You earned your degree in Journalism; do you find that you use any of the writing instruction that you learned in from that experience (in fiction)?

I’ll preface this answer by saying this sounds bad and condescending, but I really don’t mean it to be! In journalism school, they teach you to write for a 6th-8th grade level. I have a tendency to “overwrite”. That’s my editor’s most common note! I LOVE unusual words. My father used to have me read sections of the dictionary, and we would have “word offs” when he’d come home from work where we quizzed one another. The first one stumped, lost. (Nerd alert!) My point is that I often reach for unusual ways to say things and unusual words. Some of that is fun and challenges readers. Sometimes it crosses over into a barrier that makes readers have to sift through too much to get what you’re saying. So I remember journalism school to write, not for a 6th grader, but to write to be understood! LOL

7. Have you ever consulted your husband about whether a guy would do or say certain things or how they'd feel about certain things? If so, can you share?

I did! My hubby is definitely a man’s man. He’s 6’5”. Played basketball and football. Loves sports. A lot of the book is written from Walsh’s perspective. I had my husband read it to make sure it rang true for him. Walsh is much more…expressive than my husband (LOL), but I think Walsh still comes across as a guy’s guy. Especially when he is talking with other guys. The way men talk to one another is often different from the way they speak in front of girls. Walsh and Cam have that some. Cam, more.

8. We know book 2 is's book 3 coming along? And do you have a release date or month for that?

Book 2, LOVING YOU ALWAYS, is written, but I’m editing it now. And I am writing book 3. I will just say that we get a lot of Cam’s perspective in book 3, and I think he’ll surprise readers who have had a difficult time with his character in book 1. I am enjoying the process a lot. I lean toward damaged characters. Understanding them. Redeeming them.

Book 3, BE MINE FOREVER, releases in February 2015! J

9. How has the publishing experience been (with edits and deadlines, etc) it what you expected?

I am really new to the industry; to writing as a profession. Things happened relatively quickly for me. The learning curve for this industry is pretty steep, and I am still adjusting. When I wrote the first 2 books, it was completely on my terms. My own pace. It is definitely an adjustment having to get something to someone who is waiting for it. I’ve had to become more disciplined and not just write when I can “squeeze it in.”

10. Who do you turn to for writing advice?

I have met some awesome writers during this process. I love Margie Lawson, who is a writing instructor. I’ve taken her seminars and done her retreats. My main critique partner is Kimberle S. Belle, a fellow Georgia peach (smile), and author of the upcoming THE LAST BREATH from Mira. It releases on my birthday, September 30! How perfect is that?! She always has amazing insight. A couple of writers have been remarkable influences guiding me through the process of publishing and processing criticism. Specifically, A.L. Jackson and Karina Halle have been awesome models on how to not just be a good writer, but to be a good friend to other writers, which is invaluable to me.

11. Have you even had a thought about what you'll write after book 3? If so... :)
 I’m actually finishing a draft now of a new adult novel. Really excited about the main characters, Justice & Fiona. He is a law student and she just graduated from college on volleyball scholarship and is about to play in Italy. They’ve known one another most of their lives. Intense, but fun. And I’m ideating an adult contemporary about a woman; a furniture designer, recovering from a violent attack. Challenging and fascinating to inhabit her space.

Fun Questions:

1. Last movie that made you laugh out loud? Gosh! I re-watch the SAME LOL movies over and over! The Other Guys, Superbad, Wedding Crashers, Ted, Stepbrothers. Yes, my humor is that sophomoric!(best kind of humor in our opinion)
2. sweet or salty? Sweet (cupcakes) & salty (Lay’s Sour Cream & Cheddar potato chips) (nice!)
3. guilty pleasure? Vampire Diaries! LOL 
4. favorite place to visit? New York City, where my bestie lives (on my list of places to visit soon)
5 place you'd like to visit? Australia – hands down!
6. a book you'd like to recommend (outside of your own)? Do people actually recommend their own!? LOL How to Kill A Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo and Wake by Abria Mattina  (great recs!)
7. song you have on replay right now? Florence + The Machine’s Cosmic Love (LOVE HER!)
8. health food or junk food? Both?  I love a good spinach salad w/ feta, cranberries and grilled chicken. But my fave food is pizza. ( I'm hungry..)
9. dream job (outside of writing)? – Philanthropy, which I’m also doing! Lucky me! (are you hiring? telecommute? lol)
10. surfing or skydiving? Wow…I’ve done neither, but surfing sounds less…aerial! (trust me..surfing is amazing!)

Thanks so much to Kennedy Ryan for taking time to do this. Y'all go buy this book; you won't regret it!


Kennedy Ryan grew up in North Carolina, but loves living in Atlanta with her husband (tall – check, dark – check – handsome – check), and her handful of a son. Though she knew, like writers often do, that she was supposed to tell stories, the road to fulfillment has been paved with “some of everything” jobs that kept her family eating and living indoors. With her degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Tar Heels!), she has focused on writing for non-profit organizations and even doing some non-fiction ghost writing. Only in the last few years did she start telling stories again.

In addition to being a devoted wife and mom, she’s also a passionate advocate for families living with Autism. Her son was diagnosed at the age of two, and she has made it her mission to help as many families as possible find the resources and services they need. 25% of her royalties will go toward her national charitable partner Talk About Curing Autism and Myles-A-Part, her foundation serving Georgia families.


THE WAGER by Rachel Van Dyken (July 1, 2014; Forever Trade Paperback; $12.00)
Lose a bet, lose your heart...

What is it about a junior-high crush that can send an otherwise intelligent woman into a tailspin? TV reporter Char Lynn wishes she knew. Jake Titus is too rich, too handsome, too arrogant: a trifecta that once lured Char into the best night-and worst morning-after-of her life. Now they've been thrown together in a wedding party. It's awkward, but survivable . . . until Jake stops acting like a jerk, and starts acting like the man she'd always hoped he could be.
If watching your brother marry your best friend is weird, being attracted to your best friend's otherbest friend is downright bizarre. Unfortunately for Jake, Char hasn't forgotten how he once tossed her aside. Worse still, Jake's already-nutty grandma is even crazier about Char. Cue meet-cute shenanigans and all manner of meddling, and somehow, Jake's falling. For Char. Now all he has to do is make her believe it . . .

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An Excerpt:

JAKE PACED IN front of the door. Char had texted and said she’d stop by around noon. It was officially five minutes past. Where was she? He needed to find a way to get back his job and his manhood, preferably in reverse order.
The morning had started off normally enough, with Grandma doing her damn yoga and then demanding he drop her off at her bridge group. But even when Grandma asked for one thing, it was never just one thing. No, she’d demand you do something else, fail to give an explanation, and then look at you like you were an idiot if you asked why.
He felt like a kid again, like he had the time Grandma caught him stealing M&M’s from the convenience store and then bought him a five-pound bag and demanded he sit and eat the entire bag in front of her.
Her reasoning was that it would keep him from stealing again. Because if she ever caught him with sticky fingers, he’d either have to consume said object or wear it around the house.
In high school it had happened again with beer. She’d given him a six-pack and told him to chug until he got sick. It took him three before he was puking. Naturally, Grandma had finished the rest of the pack.
Suffice it to say, it was always wiser to agree with the woman than to tempt fate. So he drove her around town, played the nice grandson, and then prayed to God she would finally hire him back so he could stop playing chauffeur and wedding planner.
Good God, he was going to turn into a woman waiting for that damn irritating girl.
The doorbell rang.
He ran to it. Then stopped and took a few deep breaths. Yup, definitely turning into a woman. He was acting like this was a first date or something! It was Char! Char! He had to repeat her name several times out loud before he was able to finally pull the door open.
Her smile lit up his dark mood, and suddenly he remembered all over again why he stayed away from girls like her.
They were trouble.
They promised you pleasure and in the end wanted commitment, something any guy would run from—especially a guy like him. He didn’t deserve anything like it—he wasn’t that much of an ass to not know that a girl like Char, well, she deserved one of the good ones.
Not him. Definitely not him.
Her eyes lit up when he smiled.
Shit. He was going to have to stop flirting with her. She was going to get the wrong idea, and he was going to lose his mind if he had to partner up with her for the entire wedding week, wondering if she was just waiting for the right time to pull a knife on him.
“Come in.” He opened the door wider and fought hard not to stare at her backside as she walked past him and her heels clicked against the marble floors. Clearly she’d been at work. She was wearing a tight pencil skirt, white blouse, and red heels.
Poor choice.
Because now he was thinking about Grandma and her stupid airport story and…
“Jake?” Char’s soft voice brought him back to the present. “Did you hear anything I just said?”
“No.” He laughed awkwardly. “I was, um, just admiring your shoes.”
“My shoes?” Her eyebrows arched in amusement. “You have a thing for heels?”
“On you?” He nodded. “I think I just might.”

Shit, there he went again. What was wrong with him? It was like second nature with Char, as if he couldn’t help but be drawn to her. His body involuntarily moved toward her. Was it her eyes? Her hair? A little voice, one he hadn’t listened to in a long time, told him no. It wasn’t physical; it was something completely different, something foreign. Something he really didn’t want to think about or dwell on too much, because then he’d have to admit to actually having a heart, which meant only one thing… Eventually it would break, only this time he wouldn’t have anything to fall back on, just air and nothingness.

We reviewed this book a few months it here

About the author:

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor. She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at

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young pretty kissing wedding couple against sky
Book Info:
Title: Primordial Dust
Author: Sarah Daltry
Genre: Fantasy (Romance/YA)
A princess, trained to behave. An assassin, betrothed to her. A thief, whose eyes she dreams of at night. A kingdom at war, torn apart by the suppression of magic and truth, as well as family secrets that threaten to destroy decades of peace. Questions of loyalty, of morality, and of free will culminate in a fantasy novel about forging one’s own path and choosing one’s own destiny.
Buy Links:
Amazon: Coming June 30
Amazon UK: Coming June 30

Excerpt: Alusia smiles wanly. “What happened in Kooram?” she asks. “There was a party. We were dancing. Seamus and I were celebrating our engagement...” I pause, ashamed. He sits beside me, unaware of my role in this, oblivious to my own deception. “It was my fault.” Seamus takes my hand. “Alondra, stop. You know this has nothing to do with you.” “It has everything to do with her,” Alusia interrupts. “And her mother.” “Look, although Alondra seems thankful for whatever you want to share with her, I don't care what these secrets are. This is not her fault and she does not need you blaming her.” Seamus's anger is new to me. I have been so amazed by his calm, his kindness; he is more like a Demorian now than I have ever seen him, and I have watched him cut a man's throat. Alusia sighs. “I do not mean to assign blame. But we can no longer pretend that this was a rogue attack, that these events have not culminated in bringing you here, that fate has not worked its magic to get this book into her hands.” She runs her fingers along the book on her lap. “It's fine,” I say. “But it was not fate. Maybe I did not make the only bad choices, but choices got us here. And I, for one, am tired of hearing about fate.” “The attack,” Seamus continues. “It was sudden. A siren spell warned us before the mages were slaughtered. I don't know how they breached the Demorian guard, but without the dying spell of an elder mage, no one would be sitting here right now with you.” “So you ran?” Alusia asks. “I don't run,” I argue. “In fact, I am only here because someone kidnapped me in my sleep.” “It was her father's wish,” Seamus mumbles. “The forces came quickly. We spread the word to meet in the caves and Kooram split into two groups: those who were running for the caves, and those who would stay behind. My parents were with those running, but I stayed. Ereditus, our commander, rallied the troops. Seamus was already by my side. My friend, Lormander...” I stop and think of that moment. Sanara's face, broken by the choice he was making, is etched into my memory. I watched her fingers slowly fall from his hand and the agony in her glance as she turned back to see him one last time tore me asunder. And now, somewhere, are they reunited? Did she lead everyone to Tallagut? Did he stay behind in the caves to face his death, remembering her kiss as the blade entered his heart? I choke on the images and tears rest on the precipice of my eyelids. “We stayed,” I repeat. “There were so many of them. It was chaos. Smoke billowed from the streets, from our homes, from everything that was my childhood. I saw young boys, thinking they were brave, split in twain as the attackers stepped over the corpses, trailing death. What I remember most was the sound. The crash of swords, the screams of the fallen, the crackle of burning. The details are hazy. We left Kooram in ruins when we saw that we were outclassed. I walked through fields of carnage to the caves, only to wake on the other side, in a mirror world, yet untouched.” “The king, he asked that we come here. He said you had the answers, the only weapon we could use against him,” Seamus adds. My shattered body sits beside him, but my mind and my soul are still with the dead. “I am an old woman, and a forgotten mage,” Alusia says. “I am also the keeper of secrets and memories. I do not forge steel. My only weapon is knowledge. But that I have in abundance, and I believe it is time Alondra take her share.” She rises from the dusty chair and approaches. I sense my hands as they lift to take the book she offers; the leather cover is hardened, but smooth to touch. I run my hand along the spine and trace the embossed seal. “Please take this to your room. You will need time, and you will need privacy. When you are done, I will be waiting for your questions.”

  Dream Cast:

alondra Alondra A princess of a kingdom lost in time and wrapped in secrets. Snarky and difficult, because life has always been easy, she is unprepared to be the leader she needs to be when her city falls.

  seamus2 Seamus: A trained assassin tasked with keeping his own city, and all the cities of the kingdom, safe. Betrothed to Alondra for diplomatic reasons. Much kinder than his profession reveals.

  layla Layla: A young girl trained to be an assassin, sent to kill the son of the king. Her hopes rest on succeeding in her quest, because if she fails, there is no alternative but death.

tevlin Tevlin:
The mysterious man who captures Alondra’s heart on a night before the world fell apart. His eyes whispered secrets, but they may be secrets that led to the ruin of everything she held dear.

  About the Author: Sarah Daltry writes about the regular people who populate our lives. She's written works in various genres - romance, erotica, fantasy, horror. Genre isn't as important as telling a story about people and how their lives unfold. Sarah tends to focus on YA/NA characters but she's been known to shake it up. Most of her stories are about relationships - romantic, familial, friendly - because love and empathy are the foundation of life. It doesn't matter if the story is set in contemporary NY, historical Britain, or a fantasy world in the future - human beings are most interesting in the ways they interact with others. This is the principle behind all of Sarah's stories. Sarah has spent most of her life in school, from her BA and MA in English and writing to teaching both at the high school and college level. She also loves studying art history and really anything because learning is fun. When Sarah isn't writing, she tends to waste a lot of time checking the internet for pictures of cats, shooting virtual zombies, and simply staring out the window. She has written several books, most notably Bitter Fruits, an urban fantasy in the Eden’s Fall series, Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story, and the six book New Adult Flowering series, including Forget Me Not, Lily of the Valley, Blue Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Orange Blossom, and Ambrosia. 

Social Media Links:

Top Ten:
Sarah’s Favorite Fantasy Movies:
  1. The Princess Bride
  2. Labyrinth
  3. The Neverending Story
  4. Brave
  5. The Wizard of Oz
  6. Shrek
  7. Pan’s Labyrinth
  8. Harry Potter (all of them)
  9. Bridge to Terabithia
  10. Mirrormask
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For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, and Release Me comes an all-new erotic series of three enigmatic and powerful men, and the striking women who can bring them to their knees.

He is everything I crave, all I desperately want—and he is everything I can’t have.

Evan Black embodies my every fantasy. He is brilliant, fierce, and devastatingly handsome. But he is also headstrong, dangerous, and burdened with secrets.

My family warned me to stay away, that I could never handle Evan’s dark dealings or scarred past. Maybe I should have listened. Maybe I should have run. But our desire is undeniable, and some temptations you just can’t fight.

And from the moment we touch—the passion between us consuming us both—I know that I will never be the same.

Wanted is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

Paperback, 352 pages
Published January 7th 2014 by Bantam
Source: received from Publisher via Netgalley
Purchase: Goodreads | Amazon

Wanted is super easy to read; it has a lot of the elements J.Kenner's Stark trilogy had: alpha males, conflicted female, intrigue, and some hot sex scenes. 

Our focus in this new series appears to be on three men: Evan, Cole, and Tyler and the women that ensnare their hearts. You'd think that since the men are the connection between the series that the writing would come from their perspectives...not so (at least in the case of Wanted). Our protagonist (Angelina ..aka Angie or Lina) is our storyteller here. Without recapping the synopsis too much, here's the gist: Angie has had a major crush on Evan for about 6-7 years but he's always been unattainable and appears to be uninterested. Through a series of events we discover that Evan is in fact very interested in Angie but has considered her off limits (for reasons you will find out later in the novel). This novel, then, tells the story of how they work through his reticence and her fears.

Not having finished the Stark trilogy unfortunately, I didn't know that they were connected through the Knights! But that is AWESOME! I liked too, that they did know each other, though it was disappointing that Evan took a vow he made so very seriously. I loved the dangerous, dark, sexy, and even uncontrollable way that Evan made even me feel...and so I could only imagine Angelina resisting him for a short time...You'll have to read to see though! 

Here are some things I liked about this novel:

Angie's ability to take risks/opportunities, even when she's scared shitless. Hence the dangerous, dark, sexy and uncontrollable feelings! 

Her friends being honest, supportive, and yet pushy when need be. Sisters before misters.

Her parents not being douchey (there were plenty of opportunities and they never were). You know, I thought they were going to be too! But no. Unfortunately her grief was what pushed her away from them, not their money. 

Evan's sense of loyalty and protectiveness for those he cared for. Especially for Jahn, Angie, Cole and Tyler. 

Evan's desire for Angie to be honest with herself. I wanted that too....for many, many pages. It was like she was trying to be a hologram, and that is the worst type of life to live. 

BOTH Evan and Angie's simple acceptance of the good and bad traits of the other. *nods* awesome. 

..and of course the sexy scenes I may have swooned a little when Evan would start up with his filthy mouth. Right. Talk dirty to me, may have been playing in the background as my soundtrack. Love that. 

There were a few things that I saw as areas of improvement...

Sometimes words or phrases were repeated within paragraphs of each other and it distracted me. Uh oh. 

I felt as though this storyline could've gone way deeper, with more development and more time spent in certain places (the ending especially felt rushed). I KNOW! The ending was seriously, ridiculously awesome...and I wish that whole climatic moment had lasted much longer! 

Perhaps more information about the secondary characters and sometimes, I even wanted more from our primary ones..we were told things about them and I guess I wanted those things a little more explored. Was it possibly because there were soooo many people to set up? Maybe? 

All in all, it was a fun and easy read and I'm definitely interested in seeing what happens with Cole and Tyler's stories. We already have Heated, so I cannot wait for it to heat up my pages. (Sorry, I have got to stop with the puns). 

Shelley: 3 1/2 stars
Courtney: 4 Stars

--About the Author--
J. Kenner spent more than ten years as a litigator in Southern California and Central Texas, using her rare free time to indulge her passion for writing. California born, she now lives—and writes—in Texas, with her husband and daughters.

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needing moore rd blitz.png
Congrats & Happy Release to Julie A Richman!  
The Needing Moore Trilogy Box Set is LIVE!
All three Bestselling, Top-Rated Books from The Needing Moore Trilogy by USA Today Bestseller Julie A. Richman, PLUS never before seen
BONUS CHAPTERS for each book and is ONLY $4.99
needing more box cover.jpg
Goodreads Link:
Barnes & Noble:

All three Bestselling, Top-Rated Books from The Needing Moore Trilogy by USA Today Bestseller Julie A. Richman, PLUS never before seen BONUS CHAPTERS for each book.

I lost the love of my life when she disappeared without even a goodbye.
It was the 80’s – there was no internet, no Google, no cell phones.
If you wanted to disappear, you could.
And she did.
She crushed my soul.
A friend just told me he saw her on Facebook.
And now I’m a keystroke away from asking her the question that’s haunted me for two decades.
“Why did you leave me?”

Two decades after she broke his heart, sexy entrepreneur Schooner Moore uncovers the truth and betrayal his life has been built on when he Facebook friend requests college love, Mia Silver. Determined to win Mia’s love once again, Schooner embarks on a life-altering journey that could cost him everything.

Continuing the fight for their happily ever after that began in Searching for Moore, Schooner Moore and Mia Silver struggle to overcome the ghosts and baggage they accumulated during their time apart.
Exploring the missing 24 years when they were separated, Moore to Lose follows Mia's journey from heartbroken teen to kickass businesswoman to her emotional reunion with Schooner and the exploration of the love that was ripped from them.
But is their love really strong enough to overcome the damage of those missing 24 years or will they continue to be ripped apart by pasts that can't be changed?

"You have no idea of what you do to me, Baby Girl."
"It's smoochal."

Is the love they always dreamed of enough?

Continuing the emotional journey of love and betrayal that began on a college campus in Searching for Moore and turned their worlds upside down in Moore to Lose, handsome, California entrepreneur Schooner Moore and sharp and sassy, New York advertising agency owner Mia Silver continue to be confronted with the harsh reality of the remnants from the lives they lived apart for 24 years.

Now, Schooner Moore and Mia Silver face the ultimate challenge - were they really meant to be together or will their pasts continue to tear them apart?

On the heels of the birth of their newborn son, Nathaniel, Schooner and Mia must decide if their love and loyalty to one another is strong enough to learn to grow together as a couple or if the life they always dreamed of sharing was better left as a teenage fantasy.

Moore To Lose by Julie A Richman (Book Two: Needing Moore Series

Damn, this woman could bring him to his knees. There they were - both standing there, naked. Vulnerable. The truth was finally out. And if he was standing there high on the edge of a  cliff, he wasn't standing there alone anymore. Mia had joined him. She was as bold and fearless as she'd always been. This was the Mia Silver with whom he had fallen hopelessly in love.
"We're going to be ok, Mia," he reassured her. He wasn't going to allow himself to believe anything else. He could picture her shaking her head yes on the other end of the phone as he heard her trying to hide her tears. He pictured gently wiping them away with his thumb.

"You promise, Schooner?"

And as always with Mia, making a promise was so damn easy. "I promise, Baby Girl."

Author Information
Author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an award winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.





Part Four: Passion

In the thrilling conclusion of Shelly Bell's White Collared series, Kate and Jaxon are finally free to put the past behind them, but a shocking betrayal could have deadly consequences that neither saw coming.

Compelled by truth …
With Alyssa's murder solved, Kate attempts to fix the damage to her relationship with Jaxon, but with his reputation and career destroyed by false accusations, Jaxon asks for time to consider their future. Yet as hard as Kate tries, she can't extinguish her desire for Jaxon, or forget the pleasure she's found in submission.

Dominated by love …
In an attempt to convince Jaxon they truly belong together, Kate allows him to dominate her completely, signifying her trust and proving her love. But just as everything she's ever dreamed of is finally within her grasp, Kate discovers a chilling secret from Alyssa's past that brings her world crashing down … and reveals a murderer hiding in plain sight.

Chapter 1. Glitter in the Air by P!nk

Chapter 2. Broken by Seether with Amy Lee

Chapter 3. It’s Been a While by Staind

Chapter 4. Streets of Mexico by Ron Masom

Chapter 5. Monster by Eminem

Chapter 6. Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons

Chapter 7. Lost In Paradise by Evanescence

Chapter 8. No Surprise by Daughtry

Chapter 9. Say Something by Big World and Christina Aguilera

Chapter 10. Burn it Down by Linkin Park

Part IV Review:

So..hmmm.. interesting. I KNEW when I got to 60% and we could've had a HEA and there was still 40% to go that trouble was afoot. As a matter of fact, I remember thinking in Part Three that something wasn't quite right. Turns out..things weren't quite right. OH-EM-GEE! I just am...verklempt. I started getting hyperventilatery...manic...crazy...texting Shelley at available opportunity! I think I made her pretty crazy! I can see that you'll just have to with our shouty caps review, and read our previous ones...because we CANNOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! 

You'll find out why in this final installment. DO NOT SKIP TO THE END! 

I won't spoil it for you..but I will say that you'll be satisfied with the conclusion and I feel like all of our questions are answered and we get a epilogue that shows us what ends up happening with Kate & co. 

I have to say that pretty much NOT ONE THING ENDED how I expected it too, and I hope that you find this journey should you try it out pretty enlightening, and tantalizing too! 


  1. It’s all about sex.
TRUTH: BDSM is about many things and sex is only a part. It’s a consensual exchange of power. 
  1. It’s all about pain.
TRUTH: BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism. In other words, there are a variety of ways people practice BDSM. Just because you’re a submissive doesn’t mean you’re a masochist and not all Dominants enjoy inflicting pain. Whips and chains are not required.
  1. Sadists are killers.
TRUTH: Are some killers sadists? Yes. Are some sadists killers? Yes. But sadism in itself does not mean you’re prone toward violence. To qualify as BDSM, it must be consensual.
  1. Dominants are mostly men.
TRUTH: While most erotic romances about BDSM showcase male Dominants, female Dominants or Dommes are common.
  1. There’s only one way to practice it.
TRUTH: Every healthy relationship includes responsibilities, expectations, and boundaries. But what works in one relationship may not work for another. It’s the same in BDSM, only the responsibilities, expectations, and boundaries are explicitly negotiated.
  1. People who engage in the lifestyle are abusers or suffer from abuse.
TRUTH: BDSM is not abuse. First, it is consensual. Second, the masochist/submissive/bottom can use his/her safe word to stop it. Third, there is no research to suggest a higher incidence of previous abuse for those in the BDSM lifestyle than the general population.
7. People who engage in the lifestyle have a psychological condition.
TRUTH: The American Psychiatric Society no longer classifies participation in BDSM as a mental disorder.
8. People in the lifestyle are promiscuous.
TRUTH: There is no evidence to support that those who engage in BDSM are any more promiscuous than the general population.
9. No one you know practices it.
TRUTH: Want to bet? An estimated five to ten percent of people practice S&M, but plenty more tie up their lover in the bedroom (thirty percent). Ever allow a lover to blindfold you? In doing so, you’re consensually handing over power to him/her and trusting him/her to honor your boundaries. This is part of BDSM. Based on that definition, twenty percent of the population engages in the practice.
10. It is your business to know what happens behind closed doors.
TRUTH: Even if your neighbors are part of the lifestyle, it is none of your business. They have the same right to privacy as you, so unless they choose to divulge their sexual activities, don’t worry about it. They won’t bite you without your consent. J

For more information on the legal and political issues faced by those in the BDSM lifestyle, visit The National Coalition For Sexual Freedom at


SHELLY BELL writes sensual romance and erotic thrillers with high-emotional stakes for her alpha heroes and kiss-ass heroines. She began writing upon the insistence of her husband who dragged her to the store and bought her a laptop. When she’s not practicing corporate law, taking care of her family, or writing, you’ll find her reading the latest smutty romance.

Shelly is a member of Romance Writers of America and International Thriller Writers.


Twitter: shellybell987


“Shelly Bell is a fresh new voice in erotic romance. She brings the heat!” ~ Lexi Blake, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

"White Collared takes you on a thrill ride of danger, murder and lust, leaving you hungry for the next installment." ~ Stacey Kennedy, USA Today Bestselling Author of BARED

"A rollercoaster ride of jaw-dropping sex, heated anticipation, and a perfect dash of suspense, all tied together with flawless writing. When I wasn't clenching my thighs, I was frantically flipping pages to find out what would happen next! I can't recommend this series enough. Buy it. Devour it." ~ Alessandra Torre, USA Today Bestselling Author of BLINDFOLDED INNOCENCE




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