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REVIEW: Somebody Else's Sky by Jessica Hawkins

Title: Somebody Else's Sky
Series: Something in the Way #2
Author: Jessica Hawkins
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 22, 2017


Shel: I blame myself for being in the position I am right now:
  • It's after 1 AM 
  • I'm wide awake
  • My heart is pounding from the emotional roller coaster
  • I want to throat punch characters
Shel: I mean seriously, what was I thinking? Why did I think it would be a good idea to start a novel that I freaking knew would consume me at 9 pm? I didn't think; I just couldn't wait any longer. Court: She couldn't. Shel: I knew that this novel would be an emotion-filled roller coaster and I couldn't wait to take a ride on it. Court: She did. Shel: And let me confirm for you that it's a wild freaking ride. And by wild, I mean that I felt so much anxiety about what was going to happen that I don't think I took a breath for the entire four hours it took me to read this novel. When I finished this continuation of Manning, Lake, and Tiffany's story, I wanted to simultaneously tell Jessica Hawkins to fuck off while I hugged her; and then I wanted to tell her that she must never stop writing--even if I feel myself having small heart attacks as I'm reading--because she has me feeling alllll the things and even though her characters and conflicts make me rage read to get to the end, I secretly love that she sparks all these emotions in me. GAH. 

Court: I agree. Jessica Hawkins is a brilliant story teller, and I remembered a bit too late that this one has another installment coming our way but I literally could not NOT read the book....because the first one was literally a hoover sucking me in, and not letting go. I'm not sure exactly what it is about these characters that makes me love them all so...I mean, actually they all infuriate me...but it is the fact that the plot is well rounded, and we aren't rooting for one person in particular that I think makes it special. It is the worst kind of love triangle, and never knowing what will happen is a hard pill to swallow when we just love trying to guess what will happen (sorry, won't be able to either.) 

Shel: I honestly don't know that I can say anything about Manning, Lake, and Tiffany without spoiling things but I guess what I can say is that at various points in the novel I found myself feeling angry with each of them, sorry for each of them, and disappointed in each of them. I don't think I ever felt wholly satisfied with any of their decisions, even if I sorta understood the machinations behind them (as best as I could). Court: Right? And that's why it is a beautiful story because it makes us feel all kinds of things, and heroes and heroines turn anti- half way through, and then back again...and there are so many ways in which she can end this saga that I may die of suspense before October gets here! OR need exactly that long to prepare. You decide.

She; I, as I'm sure many readers will, have all sorts of theories about what will happen next; some of my theories are so off the wall, I'm kinda embarrassed to even say them out loud and others are fairly predictable; but like many, if not all readers, I do hope that by the end of the series that there's a happy ending (I just for the life of me can't figure out how Jessica Hawkins will make it happen). Court: I think my idea of a happy ending for these peeps is different from yours AND THAT IS EPIC! I want so many things for each of them, and I don't know if what I want will happen but I am an angsty mess trying to hope for it anyway.

Shel: The Something in the Way series is one of the most addictive reads I've read in a while. It makes you hope for things even as you're smacked in the face, repeatedly, with all the reasons why your hope is hopeless. I haven't stopped thinking about Manning, Lake, and Tiffany since book 1 and I know that as the summer progresses I'll be constantly on the look out for the release of book 3. If you haven't started this series, I think it's worth every dime and minute of your time. Court: It is. You should read it, because their emotions are captured and then the point of view changes and you get inside someone else's head and get their side of things...and it is an ever changing kaleidoscope type of story that I can't get enough of. We can't get enough of! It was fun to read, even if my heart was contemplating arrhythmia. So, thank you Jessica've done it again! LOVE this book! 


If I closed my eyes, I could still see them—all blonde sunshine, ocean-blue eyes, and long limbs. The glint of Lake’s gold bracelet. Pink cotton candy on Tiffany’s tongue. My scenery may have changed from heaven to hell, but some things never would: my struggle to do right by both sisters. To let Lake soar. To lift Tiffany up. The sacrifices I made for them, I made willingly.
A better man would’ve walked away by now, but I never claimed to be any good. I only promised myself I’d keep enough distance. If I’d learned one thing from my past, it was that love came in different forms. You could love passionately, hurt deep, die young. Or you could provide the kind of firm, steady support someone else could lean on.
Lake was everything I wanted, and nothing I could ever have. I was nobody before I knew her and a criminal after. The way to love her was to let her shine—even if it would be for somebody else.
Book two in the Something in the Way series, an epic, 3-book saga of forbidden love...

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Author Bio

Jessica Hawkins grew up between the purple mountains and under the endless sun of Palm Springs, California. She studied international business at Arizona State University and has also lived in Costa Rica and New York City. To her, the most intriguing fiction is forbidden, and that's what you'll find in her stories. Currently, she resides wherever her head lands, which is often the unexpected (but warm) keyboard of her trusty MacBook.

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NEW RELEASE: Curveball by Mariah Dietz

Title: Curveball
Author: Mariah Dietz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 18, 2017


Shakespeare believed there was always humor in tragedy and tragedy in humor.

My life proved his theory as fact.

At eighteen I was a single parent moving to this small town to be with the man I loved. The one who was supposed to love and cherish me in return.

Finding out he had a wife was tragic.
Remaining in love with him in spite of her was more tragic.
My mom and best friend setting me up on a long string of blind dates was an ongoing tragedy.

Nine years later, I’ve learned to see the humor in most situations.

My mom and best friend setting me up on disastrous blind dates.
My son’s jokes.
The fire alarm going off each time I cook.

My constant bright spot always adding to the humor was my son, Hayden. But when Hayden had a life-threatening allergic reaction, the man who came to help my little boy became my own savior. His laugh, his smile, and the way his eyes lit up when he spoke to my son made him a beacon of light in both our lives.

But I wasn’t the only one who noticed him.
When I began having feelings for the man my best and only friend had fallen for, I knew following my heart would once again lead to a fresh round of heartbreak.

Love led me to this town.
Lies kept me there.

Would history repeat itself?

Or had life just thrown me another Curveball?

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“I don’t watch TV at night…” Her voice drifts off, and I know it’s because she realizes I’m going to ask why.

And I do.

“You're going to laugh.”


“It's because I can't hear things.”

“What kinds of things are you trying to hear?”

“I don't know. Strange noises and things…”

“Strange noises?”

“Do I need to spell it out for you?” She’s trying to sound annoyed, but I can hear the smile in her voice.

“Apparently, because I have no idea what you're talking about. What kinds of strange noises are you going to hear? I usually turn my TV up to block out all the strange sounds like the neighbor’s kids and the lady behind me that sounds like Fran fucking Drescher.”

“You know who Fran Drescher is?”

“My mother was a big fan of that stupid show she was in. Stop changing the subject. What are you listening for? Hayden won’t sneak out.”

“What if someone breaks in?”

“You're not serious.”

“Of course I'm serious!”

“What do you do all night?” I ask.

“Work,” she admits. “Well, usually I clean, and then I work.”

“I’m coming over.”

“You can’t.”

The panic in her voice doesn’t make her sound upset about the idea, but afraid.

Is it because she likes me?

“Why not?” I ask.

“It’s like nine o'clock.”

“Are you about to turn orange and sprout a stem?”

“That and I'm not wearing a bra, if you must know.”

“So put it back on.”

“You don't understand. That's like saying put your jeans back on.”

“I am in jeans,” I lie just to get a reaction out of her.

“What is wrong with you?” she cries.

“What's wrong with jeans?”

“They're stiff and uncomfortable. Wearing jeans all day is basically equivalent to walking on sandpaper. But at least you guys have pockets that will actually hold something larger than a thimble and don’t ride up your ass.”

“If your bra is riding up your ass, we have bigger fish to fry than being afraid of the boogey man.”

Author Bio

Mariah Dietz lives with her husband, two sons, and two four-legged children who are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world. 

Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon where she spent most of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created. 

She has a love for all things that include her family, good coffee, books, traveling, and dark chocolate. She’s also obsessed with Christmas ornaments and all things Disney.

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EXCERPT: The Farthest Edge by Kristen Ashley


✮✮✮A delicious world of erotica, BDSM with alpha-subs and their Dommes, and a gripping love story…Welcome to The Bee’s Honey! The second standalone title in New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley’s Honey Series, THE FARTHEST EDGE is a seductive and rich love story releasing June 6, 2017! And check out the tantalizing excerpt below!✮✮✮

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About THE FARTHEST EDGE (Erotic Romance Releasing June 6, 2017):

Step into the Honey Club, where every sensual boundary will be tested in search of the ultimate pleasure…

Branch doesn’t exist. Living off the grid, he’s looking for a way to forget his past and the guilt that plagues him. But no woman has ever been able to bring him to the edge he craves.

After a traumatic experience of her own, Evangeline stepped away from the decadent world of the Honey Club. But when she gets Branch’s offer—to play without boundaries or commitments—it’s too tempting for her to refuse.

As their passion ignites, Evangeline and Branch push each other to their farthest limit, fulfilling their darkest desires while falling harder and deeper than they ever imagined.


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        EXCERPT: Aryas knew her. He knew what she liked. He knew how she played. He knew exactly what would make her squirm in her seat. And he knew precisely how long it had been since she’d had her kink. “You’re throwing down the gauntlet,” she accused quietly. “You feel like picking up the glove?” he shot back, shaking the piece of paper at her. She stared into Aryas’s eyes. No strings. Anything she wanted to do to get him off. When he was done with her, he’d vanish from her life. Her gaze dropped to the paper. “Be you, and we’ll make it interesting, lay five grand on that fucker, he’ll give you one go and then he’ll move on,” Aryas pushed, but it was a dare. She looked back at him. A dare. Yes, he knew her. “No reflection on you and your skills, which are sublime, my beautiful baby.” He grinned wicked grin. “Just that this guy is unbreakable. There’s no edge for him any Domme can get anywhere near to push him off and that’s what he’s looking for. Being taken to the farthest edge and shoved right the fuck over.” Taken to the farthest edge. Evangeline was not into that. She wasn’t into extreme. Not like many who were into that in the life. No, the edges she coasted were exactly what Aryas wasn’t quite saying, but she read this guy couldn’t handle. Unless he had the right Mistress to lead the way. Damn it all, she was getting wet. “Five grand?” she snapped. Aryas pressed his lips together and she was too peeved to get more peeved that he did it to suppress his amusement. He unpressed them to confirm, “Five grand. But Leenie, babe, just to get it straight, he walks away from you at first meet, we’re even. It’s only if you get a crack at him the bet is on.” She lifted her nose at the same time she snatched the paper from his hand, declaring, “He won’t walk away.” “He might,” Aryas said gently, and his sudden loss of humor and careful tone made her focus on him again. “Beware of that. He’s done it before. In some ways, he doesn’t give a shit about anything. In some ways, he can be frustratingly choosy.” “If I want him, he walks away, I’ll still get him,” she announced.    

✮✮✮And don’t miss the first standalone title in the Honey Series… THE DEEP END! ✮✮✮


Enter a decadent sensual world where gorgeous alpha males are committed to fulfilling a woman's every desire…

Olivier isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into when he joins the Honey Club, only that a dark part of him hungers for the lifestyle offered by this exclusive club. Here, no boundary will be left untested…and one's deepest fantasies will become an exquisite reality.

When Amélie invites Olivier to surrender, she gives the alpha submissive what he craves. Soon they both find themselves falling harder than they ever anticipated—but as their connection deepens, the truth about Olivier’s past could destroy everything…

Gripping and seductive, The Deep End is the first book in a sensational new series from bestselling author Kristen Ashley.

Amazon | Kindle | Barnes & Noble | iBooks GooglePlay | Kobo | IndieBound | BAM

    About Kristen Ashley: Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA and nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn't taken her first breath!). Her mother said they took Kristen away, put her Mom back in her room, her mother looked out the window, and Gary was on fire (Dr. King had been assassinated four days before). Kristen's Mom remembered thinking it was the end of the world. Quite the dramatic beginning. Nothing's changed. Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana and has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus, she's blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her family was (is) loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write. They all lived together on a very small farm in a small farm town in the heartland. She grew up with Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched). Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up. And as she keeps growing, it keeps getting better.  



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REVIEW: Rocked Up by Karina Halle + Scott Mackenzie

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Our Review: 
Court: So...I'll start with that it isn't a secret if you read our other reviews of her that we are a little bit (okay, a lot) in love with Karina Halle and as I have read KH since the earlier days of Experiment in Terror (a wild and beautiful series you should also read) I have had a lot of love for Scott Mackenzie because we kind of got to watch their love story unfold as she cast him as Dex in a book trailer...and then married him and adopted a dog with him......! and then we heard he is getting into writing as well and we pretty much fell over dead swooning. (Y'all). So, anyways...that probably sheds entirely too much light on our excitement (or my cyber stalking) but this book was a phenomenal treat. Shel: Yessss! We've been rabid fans for a long time and having an opportunity to watch these two people fall in love and then get married and then write a book together is like a book fangirl's dream!

Court: Brad is a hot rock star, and Lael is the daughter of a hugely popular music producer who makes it known how much he is the reason behind the success of And Then, Brad's band. We get a sneak peek of Lael's love for Brad when she was a tween, but I was really glad she was quite a bit older for our story. Shel: I agree; reading their initial meeting and then their meeting 7 years later makes for an interesting start and fun journey to read. With this story I get again, as we have with a few others, how much Karina Halle loves music and rock+roll, and both she and Scott really know how to describe the passion of a live show, the work that goes into keeping a band together and it showed that this was a well thought out plot when it came to the logistics of being on tour. (I love live shows more than anything else, the more rocking the better, so I was in my happy place reading this book!) 

Shel: I, too, love a good rock and roll romance and I can definitively day that Rocked Up is a rock star romance unlike any I've read before. The characters are unique and the conflicts are not anything like I thought they'd be after I read the synopsis. Brad, our rocker, is so normal. He doesn't buy into the inflated ego or entitlement that it seems other rock stars have. He knows his flaws and his strengths and he works against them or with them. He doesn't appear to be enamored with the trappings of his career; as a matter of fact, he seems to have accepted it as his fate and goes with it. Leal, our newbie rocker, is also an interesting character. She's also eschewed all the things that could come with using her dad's name and company. She's got this interesting combination of confidence and insight that's mixed with vulnerability and uncertainty. 

I think for me what made this such a stand out in rocker romances is not only how different Brad and Lael were from the stereotypical rocker stars, it was also the writing. The writing styles of Halle and Mackenzie were well blended and yet the voices of the characters were distinctive--Brad had this stripped down yet insightful thing going for him--he seemed quiet and Lael had a bubbly assertive fun loving thing going for her and she just seemed to jump off the page. 

Court: The course of the book though really was full of twists and turns, and some gasp worthy moments, some swoony ones, and some down right wanting to cut someone with how some people behaved. Ugh. Still mad about a few characters, but it really kept the plot moving forward and made it a unstoppable book. Literally, read it in one sitting...don't remember if I ate...or got up at all before it was done! I love these two authors writing together, and I can't wait for more from both of them! Separately or together, gimme gimme! I hope you'll give this one a shot, because it really is a great book. 5 stars, and more for us, and I hope that there is more from this world of people! Shel: All in all, an interesting combination of writing styles and insightful characters that I hope will be explored with if/when these two join up to write something again.

Rocked Up is a STANDALONE rockstar romantic comedy and the fun and sexy brainchild of New York Times bestselling author Karina Halle and her husband Scott Mackenzie.

I have been watching him since I was a child. 

He didn't notice me back then and it didn't matter. Brad Snyder, guitarist and singer for one of the world's greatest bands, was my entire life.

My father, the CEO of Ramsey Records, takes credit for all of Brad's success, trying to control him in the same way he's controlled me.

But I finally get an opportunity to prove myself. 

To be wild. 

To be free.

Today I'm auditioning to be the replacement bass player for Brad's band. If I get the job, I'll go on tour and work with Brad every day, in very close proximity.

There's only one rule: he's not allowed to touch the boss's daughter.

Remember when I said that Brad never used to notice little ol' me?

Well, Brad's noticing me now.

In a way that's going to get us both in trouble.

My name is Lael Ramsey and we all know how this will turn out.

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COVER REVEAL: Rukus by L.J. Shen

Title: Ruckus
Series: Sinners of Saint #2
Author: L.J. Shen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2017
They say that life is a beautiful lie and death a painful truth. They're right.
No one has ever made me feel more alive than the guy who serves as a constant reminder that my clock is ticking.
He is my forbidden, shiny apple.
The striking fallacy to my blunt, raw, truth.
He is also my sister's ex-boyfriend.
One thing you should know before you judge me;
I saw him first. I craved him first. I loved him first.
Eleven years later, he waltzed into my life, demanding a second chance.
Dean Cole wants to be my bronze horseman. My white knight has finally arrived. Hopefully, he isn’t too late.
They say the brightest stars burn out the fastest. They’re right.
She sets my mind on fire.
All smart mouth, snarky attitude and a huge heart.
In a world where everything is dull, she shines like fucking Sirius.
Eleven years ago, fate tore us apart.
This time, I fucking dare it to try.
Getting to her is a battlefield, but man, that’s why they call me Ruckus.
Rosie LeBlanc is about to find out how hard I can fight.
And conquering her will be the sweetest victory.

L.J. Shen resides in sunny California with her husband, son, chubby cat and wild, wild dreams. Her passion is to write badass stories, sushi, UFC and her awesome family and friends (not in this order, though. Obviously, sushi comes before writing. Oh, and also the family part.) She spend the first half of her twenties traveling the world and is now paying all the fun with extra shifts in front of her MacBook. Feel free to contact her on her Facebook page. She loves to hear from her readers.

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REVIEW: Tease by Ella Frank


"The Temptation Series by Ella Frank was proof that if we open our minds and our hearts to love without boundaries, the result is nothing less than extraordinary."

-- Audrey Carlan, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author



Shel: First,  I should mention that you should definitely read the first three books in this series to fully appreciate what Tease shows us with Logan and Tate otherwise, you'll enjoy this novel but I think it won't mean as much. Let me explain why: 

Shel: In Tease we get to see Logan and Tate 4 years after they've achieved a happy ending--an ending we'd been hoping for after the many heartbreaks they had to endure in the first three novels in the series. Now, 4 years later, we get to see that they've had time to really know each other and fall more deeply in love. We get to see what normal is for them--and laugh as Logan works through the idea of normal means to him, once he gets over the idea of being normal, lol. Tease shows us the evolution of these characters and is setting us up for what I believe will be a few more internal (and possibly external) struggles before they find their next new normal. I say that because in Tease there were plenty of hints at what direction Ella Frank could go in but she chose to let those hints stay in the background so that we could really just sit back and enjoy the relationship Tate and Logan have developed. These two are playful and sexy and fun. They know how to push each other's buttons and support each other --they're the epitome of "team". They're what I think happy couples want to be--loving and supportive and thoughtful and kind. Court: What I loved the best though was that these characters are loved, and fan favorites...obviously....but that there is so much story to tell in a way that is true to them. When I heard we were reading this I was ecstatic, and now...just so happy to have been invited back into this world that Ella has given us. It is a beautiful place...and Cole. Shelley....COLE!!! GAH! So happy for what we've been given, and, beautiful banter between the two really makes them developed and deep characters that really makes our reading experience one of the best ever. 

Shel: I think readers of this series will enjoy this fun emergence into the lives of Logan and Tate and, like me, wonder what Ella Frank has up her sleeve when it comes to the next two books in this series. With the reintroduction of characters from other books and possible major conflicts ahead, I love that we got this happy and more settled and completely in love with each other Logan and Tate to use as a basis for what's to come. Court: Right? Or, it is a precursor to lull us into a false sense of security before she rips our hopes and dreams into tiny little pieces...? HAHA! Okay, so maybe I'm having a flashback to the absolute beauty that is Blind Obsession but you get what I am saying. Even if that turns out to be true, we will love every single second and you should get this series...and the first books all the way back to Exquisite because every word Ella writes is worth it! 

Tease, the sexy new installment in The Temptation Series by Ella Frank is available now!!!

Tease (Temptation #4) by Ella Frank

Four years ago I met a man
who forever changed my life.
He dared me to try.
I dared him to love.
And while that’s where our story began, it’s certainly not where it ended.
-Tate Morrison


“Hello, counselor. How’d the big case go today?” Tate had been eyeing the clock all afternoon waiting to hear the outcome of the Berivax trial, and while he was happy it was finally going to be over, he also hoped all of Logan’s hard work had paid off. “When was the last time we had sex?” Logan’s question was so blunt and unexpected it had Tate stumbling over his response for a second, and when he didn’t answer, Logan continued, “You don’t know, do you?” The side of Tate’s mouth twitched at Logan’s disgusted tone. “Well, to be fair, you caught me off guard. I had to think for a minute.” “And now that you’ve had time to think?” “Umm…” “Oh my God. You can’t remember,” Logan said, and Tate couldn’t stop his laugh then. “That’s fucking shameful.” “We’ve just been—” “Don’t say it—” “—busy.” Tate headed over to the door that separated the bar from the tiny foyer and stairwell that went up to their loft, shut it behind himself, and took a seat on one of the steps. “Well, we have been. This case of yours has taken up most of your time, and with the bar hours we just got…busy.” “Yeah? Well, that shit needs to stop. Right now.” Tate leaned his shoulder against the wall and shut his eyes, picturing Logan with his jet-black hair, those piercing blue eyes, and that full, sensual mouth. Tate had barely had time to say goodbye to him this morning, and no matter how much he was laughing it off, Logan was right—this not seeing one another was bullshit. They needed to sit down and work something out, now that Logan’s schedule would be returning to something more manageable. “Agreed,” Tate said. “Something needs to change.” “Good. How about we discuss it at dinner?” Tate winced. “I’m here until one.” “Can’t you beg Amelia to stay and come meet me?” Logan asked, and if he hadn’t sounded quite so desperate, Tate might not have caved. “Depends.” “On?” “What am I going to get if I come to you?” Logan’s voice lowered to a tone that never failed to make Tate hard. “Me. All night. And maybe again in the morning. I’m in a giving kind of mood.” Tate swallowed and stretched his legs out in front of himself, suddenly needing a little more room in his jeans. “All night, huh? It’s been a while since that happened.” “It has. So come find me and I’ll rectify that little issue you’re having with remembering our weekend away at the cabin. That was the last time my cock was inside you.” “Jesus, Logan.” Tate pressed a palm to his erection, recalling the weekend trip they’d made around three weeks ago. Or maybe it was four. Shit, okay. They did need to work something out if he was having trouble remembering that. “Let me get things settled here and I’ll be at your office in”—he checked his watch—“an hour? Hour and a half?” “Perfect,” Logan said. “I’ll be waiting.” Tease-AN

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About Ella Frank:

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!” A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR. You can reach her on the web at and on Facebook at Some of her favorite authors include Tiffany Reisz, Kresley Cole, Riley Hart, J.R. Ward, Erika Wilde, Gena Showalter, and Carly Philips. EllaFrankLogo Connect with Ella: Newsletter – Bookbub - Website – Twitter – @EllaFrank2012 FB - FB Street Team - Instagram - Email: