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Since her sister's death, twenty-year-old Paisley Donovan, who shares her sister’s heart condition, is treated like delicate glass by her parents. But nothing will stop her from completing her Bucket List—even if it kills her. And it almost does, until Jagger Bateman pulls her from the ocean and breathes more than air into her lungs—he sets her soul on fire.

Jagger is enrolled in the country's toughest flight school. He's wickedly hot, reckless, and perfect for a girl looking to live life to the fullest. Except that Paisley is the commanding general's daughter, and her boyfriend is Jagger's biggest rival. Now Paisley must decide just how much to risk for a guy who makes her heart pound a little too hard.

They're flying through dangerous territory—and one wrong move could make them crash and burn...

I am loving this series. Apparently I have a thing for the military guys? Or maybe I just have a thing for Rebecca Yarros' military guys? All I know is that I was in a SERIOUS post-Kristen Ashley slump and DNF-ed three books and this book completely held my attention and put me back on the road to good reads again. (THANK YOU REBECCA YARROS!!). 

So what was it about this novel that worked for me? 
  • HOLY ANGST--it had me all sorts of anxious about their secrets and half-truths and omissions and I liked it. LOL. I know angst doesn't always work for me and this wasn't overly angsty but I was definitely feeling anxious and anticipating when and how the full truth was going to come out
  • The conflict--somewhat related to the angst but different because I feel like the source of the conflicts (which caused the angst) was interesting and different. Paisley and her heart condition and Jagger and his mysterious Anna and other things had me full engaged. 
  • The secondary characters--I loved catching up with Josh and Ember and I'm am SO VERY CURIOUS about some of the new characters and how their stories will be continued
  • The sexual tension--*fans self* lots of tension and build up!!
  • The miliary/man in uniform--dayum can Rebecca Yarros give good military or what? The details, the uniforms (HAHA) all just works and intrigues me. I loved the bits of military history she puts in these novels...LOVE IT. And, I truly appreciate the respect and reverence she obviously has for the people who serve our country. I'd love to see how she'd write a female in the military (HINT HINT)
If I'm going to be honest (I AM), there was one part that I found a little distracting and that was the southern sayings Paisley said out loud and in her head. I've lived in Louisiana all of my life and I'm not saying I'm an expert on Alabama, but I swear I've never heard a young woman use 'mercy' in the middle of a sexual episode? Sometimes the southern stuff seemed a little like overkill but maybe I'm just a little sensitive to it and it by no means turned me off of the novel.

I'm about to plunge into the next novel and I hope there are several more planned because I cannot get enough!


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EXCERTP: Varsity Tiebreaker by Ginger Scott

Fall in love with Tory and Abby in Varsity Tiebreaker coming July 23rd! Take a peek inside the book in this brand new excerpt!

Varsity Tiebreaker (The Varsity Series Book 2) by Ginger Scott
Cover Designer: Ginger Scott

Varsity Tiebreaker -

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Excerpt – Varsity Tiebreaker by Ginger Scott

Tory D’Angelo
I’m not sure if she realizes she’s trembling, but she is, so to stop her from digging any deeper in a place so public and so filled with the fumes of microwave pizza and Coke machines, I reach forward and rest my hand on top of hers. We both freeze immediately, and I’m pretty sure my palm is already sweating. Her gaze lifts to meet mine, but I don’t let go of her hand just yet. I don’t make this touch a big deal, even though it sort of is. That’s not why I did it, and I don’t want to cheapen it. With our eyes locked on one another, I let the air fill with the touch of silence just long enough for a ragged, emotional breath to fall from her lips.

“You have every right to feel the way you do,” I say.

“And how’s that?” she fires back. Her hand shifts under mine, but she doesn’t pull it away.

“You feel like your dad sees a business opportunity where he should see his daughter.”

She swallows and keeps her gaze on mine for a beat before finally leaning back, pulling her hand away and glancing off to her side. With a snort sniffle, she runs the sleeve of my brother’s hoodie across her eyes, erasing the tiny break that she let herself have.

I’m suddenly not hungry. I don’t think I have ever not been hungry, but I couldn’t eat the rest of my burrito now if I were forced at gunpoint. It’s not that I feel sick, but more that I feel…envious. I was fooling myself thinking that Abby was a passing crush I could dismiss easily. Two months of riding shotgun with her through all things June and Lucas was just long enough for me to get hooked on having her around. But while it’s my advice she’s listening to right now, it’s my brother’s fucking sweatshirt she’s dabbing her tears with.

“So, see you at the game?” I know my move to leave is abrupt, especially after she just bared part of her soul. If I stay, though, I’m going to say things I don’t mean just out of sheer self-preservation. This is precisely why I don’t do relationships, I just do flirting and hookups. Feelings…well, they fucking feel.

“What, did you change your mind and suddenly decide that nine-eighty bare-minimum wasn’t good enough?” Her nose wrinkles after her insult, but I think I get where it’s coming from. She just hit me with a major share, and now I’m bailing. Better to lash out. Her and I aren’t so different.

“Something like that,” I say, holding up my lunch trash as a wave goodbye.

Abby’s face shifts slightly, her wrinkled mouth and dimmed eyes morphing from the snarky expression that accompanies her tease to the look of a girl who just lost her brand new balloon to the sky.

“That hoodie…” I say as I walk backward, pointing toward the center of her chest. “Looks good on you.” I leave things there with a tight-lipped smile and a nod, a truce of sorts, not that Abby even knew we were in a battle. Hell, we weren’t. I’m the only one in a conflict, and it’s with my own damn self.

I manage to turn my back to her and toss my trash out without pausing to get one more little jab in to fully take things back to our version of normal. I think for now, I’d like to leave things nice. I wasn’t counting on her wanting to leave things that way, too, though.

“I’ll be sure to cheer for you, even if I’m wearing Hayden’s number,” she shouts.

I spin on my feet and give her a thumbs up, but keep moving away from her because if I turn around, I’ll keep trying to win her over. And she’s not mine to be won.

Varsity Tiebreaker
Book 2 in The Varsity Series by Ginger Scott

Abby Cortez is a girl with goals, on the verge of turning eighteen and on the brink of stardom. Falling in love isn't just something she doesn't have time for, it's something she doesn't really believe in. Her rule? Date but never, ever fall.

Tory "Salvatore" D'Angelo loves falling in love...just not for real. The star basketball player at Allensville Public High gives his heart away one girl at a time then takes it back when he's ready to move on. No serious feelings, no serious pain.

They’re both good plans until Abby’s jaded heart gets all tangled up with Tory’s hopeless one. A friendly rivalry grows into friendship, and long talks start to blur the lines.
Just one problem—Abby’s current boyfriend is Tory’s twin brother, Hayden.

This is book 2 in The Varsity Series by Ginger Scott. You can start this series of stand-alone mature YA sports romances now with Varsity Heartbreaker. Book 3, Varsity Rulebreaker, releases in October.

Varsity Heartbreaker
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Varsity Rulebreaker

Teaser blast: June 30, July 7, 14, 21
Release day blast: July 23
Review tour: July 23-30

About the Author:

Ginger Scott is an Amazon-bestselling and Goodreads Choice Award-nominated author of several young and new adult romances, including Waiting on the Sidelines, Going Long, Blindness, How We Deal With Gravity, This Is Falling, You and Everything After, The Girl I Was Before, Wild Reckless, Wicked Restless, In Your Dreams, The Hard Count, Hold My Breath, and A Boy Like You.

A sucker for a good romance, Ginger’s other passion is sports, and she often blends the two in her stories. (She’s also a sucker for a hot quarterback, catcher, pitcher, point guard…the list goes on.) Ginger has been writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and blogs for more than 15 years. She has told the stories of Olympians, politicians, actors, scientists, cowboys, criminals and towns. For more on her and her work, visit her website at

When she's not writing, the odds are high that she's somewhere near a baseball diamond, either watching her son field pop flies like Bryce Harper or cheering on her favorite baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Ginger lives in Arizona and is married to her college sweetheart whom she met at ASU (fork 'em, Devils).

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Twitter: @TheGingerScott

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REVIEW: Gentleman Sinner by Jodi Ellen Malpas


You know why I enjoy books by Jodi Ellen Malpas? It's because I know she's going to write best friends who make me laugh, broody alpha males and their strong female counterparts who have the best clashes, and the plot and pacing will keep everything moving. Gentleman Sinner contained all of these things in a way that didn't feel like anything she's written before. Theo, our broody alpha male, was an interesting mix of intensity and vulnerability while Izzy was fierce and fearless right from the start. And their first meeting? The sparks flew between them and never seemed to stop. As a matter of fact, this entire novel seemed to start with a fast pace and that pace never really seemed to slow. I never felt like I had to wait too long for the next twist or turn, nothing was drawn out--if anything, I'd love to have more of all of the characters (especially a certain pairing that I'm hoping will have their own story).

Gentleman Sinner is pure romance, an escape, with strong and interesting characters whose romance is sweet and sexy; you'll find yourself smiling and swooning and unable to put it down.


Izzy White knows of the darkness in this world. After all, she escaped it long ago. Determined not to let her past beat her, Izzy has a secure, stable life with a job she loves in nursing. But one act of kindness will completely upend everything she's so carefully built-putting her right back in the crosshairs of danger she's been so desperate to avoid.

When Theo Kane shows up like a knight in shining armor, Izzy can't help thinking she's been saved from one threat and exposed to another. His imposing physique, the harsh lines of his face, and the wariness of everyone who comes close are just a few clues to Theo Kane's notorious reputation. The man is positively terrifying. But with Izzy, he's tender and a complete gentleman, and her fascination with the mysterious beast of a man becomes too powerful for her to walk away.

As Theo's demons come to light, running becomes even more impossible. And yet staying together could doom them both.

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REVIEW: The Saint by Tiffany Reisz

In the beginning, there was him. 

Gutsy, green-eyed Eleanor never met a rule she didn't want to break. She's sick of her mother's zealotry and the confines of Catholic school, and declares she'll never go to church again. But her first glimpse of beautiful, magnetic Father Søren Stearns and his lust-worthy Italian motorcycle is an epiphany. Suddenly, daily Mass seems like a reward, and her punishment is the ache she feels when they're apart. He is intelligent and insightful and he seems to know her intimately at her very core. Eleanor is consumed—and even she knows that can't be right. 

But when one desperate mistake nearly costs Eleanor everything, it is Søren who steps in to save her. She vows to repay him with complete obedience…and a whole world opens before her as he reveals to her his deepest secrets. 

Danger can be managed—pain, welcomed. Everything is about to begin.

Dear Tiffany Reisz,

HOW DO YOU KEEP ONE UPPING YOURSELF? Every. Single. Time. Every single book in this series has me hungry for the next one. And you'd think with that excitement for the next one that I'd be completely nuts to doubt that it'll be equally impressive; you'd think I'd not be so skeptical. You'd think that by now I'd know that no matter what direction you go in with these characters it's always the right one. But nope. Every single new book in this series I think...I'm not so sure...what is she doing?...where is she going?... I loved the last one so much, how can this one eve touch it?...and before I know it I'm completely 100, 000% sucked in and loving the one I'm reading more than anything that came before. I guess I'm flaky that way? I am. I totally am.

Obviously I'm saying all of this because when I started The Saint I honestly had a moment when I thought--why are we reading this? We already know their history; how could you take what we already know and make it something I'll want to read for pages and pages? How is going to their past moving them forward? Um. Let me pause here to say that I'm a dumbass and as noted above, within pages of The Saint I was completely engrossed. The story of Nora and Soren and Kingsley was so much more than the snippets we'd seen from the previous novels. So many of the pieces of their puzzle started clicking into place and connections that eluded me before all started to make sense. The Saint made me fall more in love with these three characters and feel so much more protective of them and their stories. And while this novel didn't necessarily further the plot of their current day stories much (although it did definitely move it forward), I found that knowing their back stories was much more satisfying and provide much more insight than I would've guessed. Finding out more about Nora's relationship with her mother and father and how Kingsley and Soren introduced her to the life we all know she eventually led was at times emotional, amusing, provoking, and enlightening. 

The Saint was so much more than I anticipated; I love when a novel gives me things to ponder and The Saint offered me many opportunities to question, mull, and imagine and I truly cannot think of a better way to spend hours of my day. So thank you, Tiffany Reisz, for giving me the gift of your imagination and your character's thoughts and word views. Now I feel a Beethoven binge coming on...


Revisit the fifth book in Tiffany Reisz’s fan-favorite Original Sinners series, where Nora Sutherlin, Manhattan’s most famous dominatrix, was merely a girl called Eleanor…

Rebellious, green-eyed Eleanor never met a rule she didn’t want to break. She’s sick of her mother’s zealotry and the confines of Catholic school, and declares she’ll never go to church again. But her first glimpse of beautiful, magnetic Father Marcus Stearns—Søren to her and only her—and his lust-worthy Italian motorcycle is an epiphany. Eleanor is consumed—yet even she knows being in love with a priest can’t be right.

But when one desperate mistake nearly costs Eleanor everything, it is Søren who steps in to save her. When she vows to repay him with complete obedience, a whole world opens before her as he reveals to her his deepest secrets that will change everything.

Danger can be managed—pain, welcomed. Everything is about to begin.

“I worship at the altar of Tiffany Reisz! Whip smart, sexy as hell—The Original Sinners series knocked me to my knees.” —New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James

Originally published in 2014

Friday, July 3, 2020

REVIEW: The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz

The final book in The Original Sinners Series - The Red Years.

There's punishment-and then there's vengeance.

Nora Sutherlin is being held, bound and naked. Under different circumstances, she would enjoy the situation immensely, but her captor isn't interested in play. Or pity.

As the reality of her impending peril unfolds, Nora becomes Scheherazade, buying each hour of her life with stories-sensual tales of Søren, Kingsley and Wesley, each of whom has tempted and tested and tortured her in his own way. This, Nora realizes, is her life: nothing so simple, so vanilla, as a mere love triangle for her. It's a knot in a silken cord, a tangled mass of longings of the body and the heart and the mind. And it may unravel at any moment.

But in Nora's world, no one is ever truly powerless-a cadre of her friends, protectors and lovers stands ready to do anything to save her, even when the only certainty seems to be sacrifice and heartbreak....


TIFFANY REISZ, I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW. I love your mind. I love what you did with this book; I'm in love with this book so hard and I'm absolutely thrilled that I have a few more books in this series to enjoy before I mourn that it's over. 

The Mistress was so much better than I expected it to be (and I expected it to be excellent). It was action packed--my heart was racing so hard in many parts of this. The insight into so many of the characters we were introduced to in previous books in the series was such a nice surprise--I felt like I got to know them in ways that I hadn't known them before. And the emotions that I felt for all parties involved? All I can say is the freaking feels it gave me were just 

I was thinking about this series early this morning (way early this morning...5:55 AM on a weekend, too early, right?!) and I was thinking about how happy I am that I decided to read this series despite my less than zero knowledge of the world Reisz writes about. I was thinking about how many people may pass on reading it because of the sexual subculture she writes about and how idiotic I think it would be to eliminate it from a reading list just because it's something you're unfamiliar with. This series is so much more than the sexual preferences and kinks that these characters enjoy. The love and respect Nora and Soren and King have for each other, and really everyone, is admirable--something we could all stand to embrace, I think.  The stories Reisz tells with these characters are so interesting and funny and engrossing and I'm so looking forward to continuing on in this series.

Until the next time, happy reading~~
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