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Madison Miller is broken. Everyone she’s loved throughout her life has left her in one way or another. Her father died when she was ten years old. Her mother left to return to Spain. Now she’s watching her only brother’s casket descend into the ground after a fatal accident. Plus her boyfriend since the sixth grade is dumping her for “not being enough”.

Madison escapes from the funeral, heading to a hotel bar to drown her sorrows. There she meets a stranger who awakens something inside of her. He helps her forget that life is a series of losses. For one night she gains someone to care for her. In those stolen moments, nothing else matters. The next morning, though, all she can feel is guilt, so she slips away without saying goodbye.

Madison is devoted to those she loves and would do anything for her family. She finds herself moving back home when her brother’s widow needs help caring for their seven-year-old daughter. Little does she know, she will soon face the biggest challenge of her life.

In the near future, fate will have their paths cross again, and the question will be whether this complicated but caring woman can convince this distrustful and disillusioned man to believe in falling in love for the first time in his life. Will passion and desire be enough to surmount all of life’s obstacles, or will the threat of heartache and overwhelming responsibility keep these two lovers apart forever?



I pulled the chair out of the way and braced my hands on the smooth laminate surface of the desk. I offered him my back, unsure if I could go through with it if I had to look at him. He was insanely hot, but he was also a complete stranger. His hands ran over my body, not staying in the same place longer than a beat. He tugged at the twist in my hair until the loose locks fell around my shoulders.

I closed my eyes and adjusted my stance until our bodies were properly aligned. “Now,” I commanded and thrust my hips back into his.

“Do you have a condom?” he asked.


“Hold on a minute.” He found his boxers and tugged them on.

“You’d better fucking hurry,” I growled. He opened his part of the door that connected to the adjoining room and pounded his fist on the door that opened to the other room. I jumped into the bed and pulled the golden pinstriped blanket over my naked body.

I couldn’t see who opened the other door, but I could hear the two men talking.

“Bro, I need a condom,” my stranger said.

“Tough luck, I only have five left, and I need them all,” the other voice responded.

They argued in hushed tones for a few moments before both doors slammed shut.

“I don’t have a condom, but I swear I’m clean,” he said as he walked toward me with hopeful eyes. I could tell he was being truthful. Something about him told me this wasn’t his average Saturday night.

“So am I.” Even though Ethan and I never used condoms, neither of us had ever been with anyone else. That was about to change…or maybe it already had. For all I knew, Ethan might have jumped into someone else’s bed after he drove away from me.

I climbed out of bed and got back into position at the desk as he kicked off his boxers. I forced myself to stay in the moment. I may end up regretting this, but I had to go through with it. I had to find a way to forget about everything that had happened.

My stranger came up behind me and pressed his impressive length against my ass. “Put it in,” he growled softly in my ear. I reached down with one hand, moved my legs a little further apart, and guided his massive cock until the tip of him rested at my entrance.

He pushed about four glorious inches inside me and then paused. I looked down to where our bodies connected and realized he still had a long way to go. I was already stretched further than I ever had been before and was unsure of how much more I could take.

“Oh, fuck. I’ve never felt anything so amazing in my life,” he said between heavy breaths. “You’re so hot and tight around my cock.”

“Shh. Less talking, more fucking.” Of course I picked a talker. Any other day, I might have appreciated his commentary, but in that moment I needed to feel his hunger, experience his desire for me. He was right, though: I did fit his impressive cock tighter than a glove. I’d imagine he’d be a snug fit for any woman.

I thrust my ass backward in protest of the delay. I needed to be filled, consumed. I needed to be completely taken by a man who couldn’t control his need for me.

A primal sound vibrated in his throat as he slowly buried himself to the hilt before stilling once more.

I looked up into the oval mirror that hung on the wall over the desk. The way his face scrunched as he fought to maintain control was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. A man who likely spent countless hours perfecting techniques to bring a woman to the heights of ecstasy was losing his composure because of me.

“Fuck me, please,” I begged. “I need you to come so hard you feel it in your teeth.” I need to know I’m enough for you.

He took a few tentative strokes in and out of my depths. His strong hands slid around my waist and up my ribs to cup my aching breasts. He picked up the pace as his fingers teased the sensitive peaks. His palms absorbed the bounce caused by the impact of his hips colliding with mine. A new wave of heat settled in my lower belly, which was promptly followed by guilt.

I was so confused. Ethan didn’t want me anymore—I wasn’t enough for him. So, why was I thinking about him when I had another man’s cock inside of me?

Because Ethan is the love of your life, dumbass. The taunting voice in my head was right. I should have been fighting for Ethan instead of fucking someone who could be a serial killer for all I knew.

Ethan doesn’t want you. This guy does. I wished the bitch in my head would make up her damn mind.

A drop of sweat fell onto my back as my stranger pulled out abruptly. “Turn around,” he demanded as he spun me to face him. “Something wrong? You checked out on me.” I couldn’t look him in the eyes; I was afraid he would see the cyclone of guilt and despair that wreaked havoc in my soul. He cupped my cheeks in his large hands and tilted my head up, so I had no choice but to meet his gaze. The vulnerability in his beautiful blue eyes shocked me.

“Sorry, I’m okay.” I put on my best smile, which seemed to placate him. The dazzling grin he gave me in return fanned the flame between my legs. All thoughts of Ethan disappeared, and I was desperate to get my stranger back inside me.

I tried to return to my original position facing the desk, but he stopped me with a firm grip on my hips. “Don’t turn away from me. I want to watch your gorgeous breasts bounce every time I slam into your tight body.” He lifted me by my waist and sat me on the edge of the desk. “I want you to look at me, so you know who’s inside you when you come.” He stepped between my spread legs. “This is going to be hard and fast to take the edge off. I’ll go slower next time.”

Strong hands slid down my body and hooked behind my knees. He lifted my legs to tilt me back until I had to support myself on my forearms. Without warning, he thrust into me. I hooked my ankles together behind his back so I wouldn’t shift as his hands moved to my hips. His savage grip would leave marks for several days—and that thought just made me hotter.

He adjusted his angle of penetration several times. I couldn’t stop the animalistic noise that originated deep in my chest as he hit my sweet spot. His hard flesh created delicious friction inside me, and his pelvis rubbed against my clit with every stroke. The sound of his hips slapping against my ass combined with the smell of our coupling nearly sent me into sensory overload.

“I’m not going to last much longer. Are you on the pill?”


“Thank God. You need to come. Now,” he commanded.

“No… Feels too good… Need more…”

My pleas turned out to be an exercise in futility when he reached between our glistening bodies to stroke my clit.

“Oh, fuck!” I screamed as I convulsed around him. My body and mind shattered simultaneously. All at once the tension, sorrow, and anger that had built up over the past few days was expelled from my body. He echoed my curse and followed me over the edge.


Aimie Grey didn’t read a single book until she was in her early thirties. One fateful day, her friend decided to put an end to the madness and shoved a steamy romance novel under Aimie’s nose. After being forced to read one of “those” scenes, Aimie went home and bought the book, and the next one, and the one after that. In the two years since, Aimie has read close to four hundred books. Somewhere along the way, she became frustrated with reading repetitive stories revolving around the experienced man seducing the still virginal woman. Aimie decided to take matters into her own hands and wrote her debut full length erotic romance novel Never to Keep.
In addition to her day job as an IT system administrator, and her new evening gig as a writer, Aimie’s primary role in life is wife and mother. Aimie lives in the Midwest with her husband and two teenage daughters. (Now you know why she needs those books!)




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