Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo: Day Eleven: #TopTenTuesday...eerrr, or FIVE

So, our google page only collects the top FIVE most popular posts, and while I can probably find more stats, my brain hurts, so I'm going with FIVE! 

Top Five MOST VIEWED Posts on our blog! 

The Top Numero Uno spot goes to the This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas. We LOVED THIS SERIES so much, and it is clear so did a lot of other people, because it is pretty much the top viewed post every single day, and has over 11,000 views alone on the blog. Lord Jesse and his shenanigans seriously get people twitterpated or something. Need me one of those! Such a fun series!

Coming in Second is our Summer Reading Saturday post from Summer of 2013 regarding our most beloved Alpha Males. We love these boys something fierce, and clearly so do you. Maybe we should have a page dedicated to those men, hhmm? What say you? People love their alphas, don't they?!

Third for the word. (Okay, sorry, that was really corny) TEAM DICK Bonus Scene from A.J. Sand. That book Documentary ya know that started our friendship out with a bang...well, A.J. was so kind to let us post an exclusive excerpt from it involving Dylan and Kai, dubbed Team Dick. Hilarious nickname, beloved book. Yay, for Team Dick still being a heavy hitter for us a lonnnnng while later!Best team name ever!

Fourth, and I don't have anything clever that goes with FOUR! is our 2,000 Facebook Like Giveaway. Y'all seriously seem to love the crap out of giveaways, and we made sure to do a pretty good one for that particular milestone. We need to and will try to somehow finagle it together and get some more giveaways out there! LUCKILY for you, we like to post features for authors who are definitely generous givers so there are always giveaways going on around here.Can't believe we have followers, to this day--still can't believe it!

Fifth, or if you're not first you're last...I kid, I kid. lol. A Darkhorse! The Release Day Blitz for Hardline! Meredith Wild seems to have a gem in The Hacker Series so it is definitely one we want to check out ASAP! Because all of you are checking it out, and we don't like being not in the know, ya know.I can't wait to start this series.

Anyways! Hope you enjoy some of these oldie but goodie posts, and remember...if it doesn't look right...it is because Court is a dork and deleted half the photos by accident. Constant work in progress, over here, y'all.

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