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This week we focus on some of our favorite overly strong male characters.

It's funny because in my daily life I probably would have a hard time with a man ordering me around, making demands, and acting all possessive and stuff. I'm more the stubborn, independent, lone ranger type girl so having someone completely take over my life would just not happen. This is why fiction is a beautiful thing--I can live it through my books and never have to worry about living it in my life.

Ditto girlfriend, so it shouldn't make sense that if I see the word billionaire, rocker, bad boy, tattoo, or any branch of the military in a book blurb I pretty much get it. Alpha males are seriously a heavy part of today's new adult and adult romance and I for one could not be more pleased with this! Might be some repeats peeps, but we love what we love, so we hope you enjoy and maybe try out at least one! 

Luke from Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley
He's one of my favorite of Kristen Ashley's hot Nightingale Security guys. The way he adores and bosses Ava He sometimes lets her think she's got the upper hand, but in reality he's calling all of the shots (or most of them). I also love the way he lays down the law with her sisters and mom and that his own family adores Ava--all things that make me love him more. I'll also say that I'm not a mustache girl, but the way KA makes his 'stache sound...well I could get over my dislike for them instantly.

Ooh, Luke! Luke was an unexpected like for me in this one, because he is a pretty closed off guy. I think he might even have been out of town for the first 3 rock chick books, so he wasn't as cohesive in the group until late. Then when he tells Jules that the only person that would know all of his secrets would be the girl who permanently shares his bed, my swoon-dar when off on high alert. Who is this guy? I had to know, and I definitely liked what I found. 

He's the alpha male that kick started a whole new generation of readers who will be reading about alpha males--at least that's my take. He's rich, powerful, mysterious, jealous, funny, and of course, hot. I know this series is very polarizing--people generally either love it or hate it-- but love it or hate it, you have to admit Christian fits the idea of a dominant male character. The way he dominates his relationship with Anastasia but gives her space to grow and flourish has made many a girl swoon.

Yep, people can hate on this series all you want to...but I think E.L. James burst to populated exploded the doors wide open to what would be basically a romance revolution. Have this many romance novels sold in such a fast amount of time, ever? Well, to be honest, I have no idea, but I would like to think even if you didn't like her writing style (Gather the pitchforks, I loved the series) that we can agree on this aspect of things. 
Like Shelley said though, Christian is the epitome of literal alpha male with his whole dom-sub fetishes, but it also stems to more than that when we finally see the vulnerable guy on the inside. That part of the story is what I was rooting and waiting for, so while most people were bored with book 3 after what we'd already experienced, it shifted my favorite ranking to 2, 3, and then 1.

While Christian may have restarted the interest in alpha males, I think Tony may be THE alpha you look up the word and there's a picture of him there. I'll admit he kind of repulsed and terrified me before he endured himself to me. I really did not like him--he just took things way TOO FAR for my taste. He was too dominate, too overwhelming, too violent, too everything.  But somewhere in the midst of all of that he wheedled his way into my brain and heart and by the end of the second book I found myself rooting for him.

I vividly recall telling Shelley if I ever have feelings of like for this man, I may freak the hell out. I freaked out, but only after experiencing all of the crazy things that Tony did and said. Just, "WHAT!" is a good response. He is an alpha male, millionaire, family secrets all over him, skewed view of the world guy. I felt so many things and in weird orders that I was having serious emotional whiplash. I will loudly say to anyone, give this series a chance. I was super scared of it, but it ended up being an incredible emotional suspense thriller. Even if you don't like it, it definitely makes you feel something. 

Drew was an overconfident, egotistical FUNNY alpha. I really enjoyed him so much. It was hilarious to read how he plots and plans to win over his girl...such a refreshing approach to this type of storyline. I loved that he was such a strong force in every aspect of his life, except the women he was the closest to--they totally ruled him in every way. This alpha male stood out precisely because of the way his story was told.

Drew. Oh, I love Drew. He is crazy funny, and is really, really insightful for all of the things that women do and torture each other and other significant others with every single day. Thank Emma Chase for putting that out there, and making me *facepalm* a lot and sheepishly admit...yep, that's me! He is a refreshing sort of alpha male because while he is all of those things we've named 486 million times, he is the sweet, loving, equal partner in love/protective alpha male that I love more than anything.

I loved Mitch. Loved him. He isn't as overpoweringly grunty or tough or domineering as some of Kristen Ashley's other men but he still had that bossy alpha tendency. I think I loved him because he did not blink, hesitate, or back off once from the challenge that Mara presents as she takes care of her cousin's kids. He pitches in and does everything it takes to take care of her and them. While he may do it in an alpha-like way, his heart is in the best place and any book girlfriend would be so lucky to have him. Sigh.

Law/Mitch edged out just a teeny bit in front of Hawk in my favorite for this series. I didn't think that was possible because Hawk was about as alpha as you can possibly get...but Mitch's "Ready, break" way to end their pow wows or conversations or whatever KA chooses to dub each series' serious conversations turned on the swoon-dar again. (Sports medicine nurse/sports fanatic over here!) Any guy that will take on all of the baggage that he takes on is an incredible person. 

So, yes I bought this book because of the cover, and the fact that he was a fighter. But I was blown away with how much more there was to the story. All of Remy's secrets make him an ultimate alpha male in the physical attributes department, but his passion and intensity in all areas of his life were awesome too. Again, the sports medicine references in here boosted it even more points that it already had (which was a lot) but so did the music. I need music 24/7 to function, so other people (Katy Evans) who appreciate this and include it in their writing are my kind of people.

Not gonna lie, when Courtney told me that this guy doesn't say much for the first 50% of the book I really didn't think I'd like it. Turns out my preconceived notions were wrong. He's the strong, silent type personified. And hotter than Hades. I cannot wait to see where Katy Evans takes his story in the next installment. 

Hawk. Peeps, if he doesn't qualify for this week, I don't know who does. He gets this chick to let him visit her at night for 18 entire months without knowing his name....O_o...Yeah, that's what I thought too. I mean, for real? But then when we get to know the rest of him when he decides that he's been missing out on everything else Gwen has to offer, while dealing with his own demons, we find out that the rest is incredible too!

Hawk is yet another one of Kristen Ashley's hot guys. He's ex-military, a tough guy, smart guy, seemingly all-knowing guy. He's the kind of guy you want protecting you and taking care of long as you don't live for lots of communication. He doesn't strike me as the type who like a lot of small talk or chatter. He saves his words to say important things or to ...order you around. He's bossy--in the Kristen Ashley version of bossy. Meaning he's hot and inadvertently funny (to me at least) as he's ordering his woman around.

Rule from Rule by Jay Crownover

I took a chance on Rule (Yes, I pride myself for being the first to the party with some of these books I love! Sorry, not sorry) when it didn't seem like there were a lot of others taking that chance. I read the blurb and liked what I saw, so I took those editing issues that were fixable and gave it a chance (and personally didn't think it was bad...fixable, not atrocious). And guess what! I loved every surly, moody, drunk, crazy, passionate, artistic, beautiful part of him. Too gushy? Eh, that's just how I am.

Rule is a little messed up due to family matters; so he does dumb stuff. Luckily Shaw straightens this alpha right out. In addition to the usual alpha qualities this guy has the added hot factor of being a tattoo artist and therefore being tattooed. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I love a pretty boy with beautiful tattoos. Not sure why and I know my mom and grandmother would loudly disagree with me, but this tattooed guy is hot.

I went on an Abbi Glines series reading frenzy right before this one came out, and it definitely topped my list of favorite books ever and definitely favorite cover ever! Rush is a little bit older than our typical new adult guy, in that he isn't fresh into college. I think he's 24? Anyway, he twists Blair up like a pretzel, but his macho man protective attitude over her and then how he protects his sister (even when she doesn't deserve it) made me love him. He struggles to do the right thing by everyone, so he hit my heart's soft spot.

Ahhhh, Rush. I love that he pretty much tells Blaire that he's bad news and to stay away from him and like magnets, they are stuck together never to really come apart. What is it about a guy that tells you to stay away that makes him that much more appealing? It must be the challenge--has to be. By the end of the second book, even with all of the messed up family business, he had completely won me over. I'm so looking forward to the third book coming out very, very soon!

You figure out from the minute that Joss meets Braden in that cab and his cocky, cheeky attitude ring out that he will definitely be entertaining. And he is....whoa. He is a great brother, but even better at being such a confident guy. He turns Joss's world upside down as they all do, but gets a run for his money because she is a little bit the female version of him! 

Braden is another strong male lead. He's the fantasy--gorgeous, opinionated, smart, sexy, forceful, and independently wealthy. He also appreciates Joss and her spitfire personality. He's pretty relentless in breaking down her walls and barriers but also respects her need to be who she is. Also--I'm a sucker for an accent and he has one. Yummy!

My summary of Travis Maddox is that he is passionate in every single thing he does. We obviously get more insight into this in Walking Disaster, especially his mother telling him to love hard, but fight harder...and after she dies that is the only thing he knows how to do well, so let's cut the guy some slack. He kept fighting the whole way through, trying to be what he thought Abby needed from him even when she didn't realize it. His confidence is sexy, as was his tattoos and fighting abilities and I think his cockiness helped solidify him as an alpha guy for me.

Travis was my first book boyfriend who was a fighter. I'll admit I wasn't sure if I was going to like him or not but by the time I'd finished the sample pages I'd downloaded I was hooked and downloading the rest. I liked Travis a lot and I'm still not sure why so many thought he was just too much. I thought he was within the range of normal (maybe I'm not normal?). Yes, he fights and yes, he comes across as strong but never really controlling or inappropriately forceful. He's actually tender and loving when it comes to Abby. I mean they argue like every book couple does and they have overly dramatic moments, like most characters do in this genre, but overall I thought he was a sweet alpha guy not some crazed rabid guy that some reviewers were making him out to be.

As always, thanks for playing! Hopefully we don't bore you, but we are always looking for great summer reads so we thought you might need an idea here and there too! Leave us a comment if you've found any good hot alpha's that we haven't been introduced to yet, because we'd be glad to meet them! 

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