Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This week's Texting and Talking Tuesday is thanks to Courtney's suggestion that I read J. A. Redmerski's The Edge of Never. I had heard of it months ago but never seemed to have the time to pick it up. Last week I had a window of time and within 3 chapters I found myself glued to the couch unable to put it down. Warning: I absolutely DID NOT hold back in my use of profanity. So if you are offended easily, you may not want to read further. PS--it's also spoilery. She's right....s-p-o-i-l-e-r-y!!! Watch out!

S: So the Edge of Never...good?
C: omgosh I love that book, yes! Read it! 
C. Andrew Parrish is delish

...and with that ringing endorsement, I began reading. 

S: I'm enjoying the book but I keep having this one thought...how can they have been on the bus for so long and when they get to his dad's house not want to take a shower?
C: HAHAHAHAAAA we're so practical, huh? LOL
S: Totally! I mean, doesn't she feel gross?
C: Lol! I would...
S: And how is her phone battery still charged? I need a battery like that!
C: LOL! I think she might stay off of it more than we do.
S: Must!
C: Mine would've been dead by the first stop. 

....after midnight the same day I started it:

S: :( his dad just dies and I guess this is where the sh*t begins. :(

...one hour later...

S: OMG...is he dying??? Courtney???!!!! I'm dying over here.

about half an hour later...

S: Nooooo. He canNOT be dead. That letter he wrote. OMG
S: Oh my god. Thank f*ck. I almost died.
S: I seriously almost lost my sh*t
S: That was a close call. Holy f*cking sh*t. There was a part there that had my heart ripped out of my chest and needles stuck in it like a voodoo doll. Thank f*ck I was able to make it to the end and get my heart beating again. That was some loopy loo shizz. Gah!

....and hour later...My puppies are like toddlers...we get up in the middle of the night :-)

C: Holy sh*t your texts are great. Sorry I was not awake for this!

...the next morning...on exactly 5 hours of sleep...

S: Lol. That book..the last 30% was a roller coaster. There will definitely be a disco nap in my future. My eyes feel like I have sand in them. 5 hours of sleep = bullsh*t.

So...in case it was apparent: I really enjoyed The Edge of Never and have downloaded Redmerski's Killing Sarai and am very eager to start it soon!

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