Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This week I took a family beach vacation and didn't get to read nearly as much as Courtney...but I still managed to get my Kindle fired up and loaded with some good reads. Here's what we've been up too...

There are 3 stand out reads from last week: Lauren Blakely's Trophy Husband, Georgia Cates' Beauty from Surrender, and A.J. Sand's Remake. Those three books made my week. Trophy Husband was sweet and funny and a quick read. Beauty from Surrender started in pain and agony but the ending was exactly what I needed --so satisfactory and filling. And I had been anticipating Remake for so many months that when the first words appeared on my Kindle it felt like Christmas had come early. Remake was worth every minute I had to wait to read about Erica's journey to come back from a most terrible betrayal. All great reads and ones to add to your TBR list. (This was a ridiculously good week!)

I just wrapped up Colleen Hoover's Hopeless (I KNOW, I know...I'm like the last person in the universe to read it) and I'm still trying to digest all of my thoughts, but the writing was superb. And if you haven't read it and you have hours to sink your toes into the sand and surf...go buy it. You'll probably get a sunburn, though, if you aren't careful because that book is so absorbing that everything else just fades into the background. (I am super freaking stoked that I finally bullied her into reading a soul sucker! She finds it hilarious, so payback was great, plus it is a fantastic book!)

This week I'm hoping to read Kristen Ashley's newest Chaos MC book as well as get my Rush crush on with Abbi Glines' latest release and I'm actively searching for my next favorite read..so please feel free to point me in the right direction of a great read. Courtney...what have you been up to? 

So I am going to annoy a few of you a little bit more and total gush about Kristen Ashley. Her books are absolutely the end all and be all of my week. And no this is definitely not a paid endorsement. I am a serious lover of series and if it is a companion series, get the hell out of my way. If I find an author I like, I will seriously tear through every single book they've ever written, and even faster if each one is better than the last. We have found this in Kristen Ashley (Thanks, Shel..I owe you--anytime, sistah!)....and trust me it is a winner if my cousin (who is a fantastical book blogger) Andrea's husband has read the Rock Chick series before her. (Eric is totally badass that he reads with her!--he is, how do WE make that happen?)

I seriously spent last night "One More Chapter"ing it until 2:15 a.m. so if I seem a little twitchy this is why...and my filter is way turned off...and possibly 1 or 2 of my cylinders aren't working....so it has been an interesting day! 

Anyways, Chaos. The last few days I have absolutely been entranced in the Chaos MC. Starting with me finishing up the Rock Chick series with Rock Chick Regret. Holy. Effing. Crap. ...I had put it off forever to basically prolong the inevitable that I didn't want to be done. I want to re-read those books for the first time again, so much. This latest installment (she is writing book 8!) is by far the most intense, and most heavy in emotional and physical drama that had my head spinning and my love for Double H (Hispanic Hottie) put Hector and Sadie solidly in my Top 5 Rock Chick list! 

Then, I finished the Dream Man series through Motorcycle Man. Holy. Effing. Crap. By far, the best epilogue and ending of a series EVER! It was so great, and satisfying, and suspenseful, and angsty, but badass biker awesome that I now have been telling Shelley that I want to be a badass biker chick, therefore I informed my hubs he needs to be a badass biker dude. I think my plot is foiled because he is more of a crotch rocket kind of guy, although maybe I could work with this. (HAHAHAHAAA! I love it!!!)

So now, I have blown through Own the Wind (Shy & Tabby, Holy. Effing. Crap!) and it was amazeballs. I am obsessed with the Chaos series, so yes I dropped everything to start Fire Inside. I am really excited, because all of this was hinted at and going on during the events of Own the Wind so I know, but I don't really know..ya know? 

Okay. This headcrackin' mamma-jamma (so, you have to be a Rock Chick to get that <--- ) is going to shut up now...to go , yep you guessed it...read! Later Peeps! 

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