Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This week our craziness comes from the joint venture that was reading Remake. Hope you enjoy the silliness, and we don't think there is really any spoilers, but just in case, spoiler alert if you don't wanna know! 

S: Love Wes and Abel!
C: Yes, me too...Recklessly will be epic

S: Just ran into Chase
C: Ok I'm not much past that then, that dude is an asshole
S: Total douche
S: Is it wrong that I want everyone around me to stop talking so I can effing concentrate? Lol
C: Hahaha I would say no, but I think you & I are the only ones who think so
S: Lol

S: Err. Matt? Hmm love triangle? 
C: That's what the blurb said, but nooooo! I like Bryson, poor Bryson. 
S: Me too!! Team Bryson! 
C: Will this dude help her get her groove back or something? Hhmmm
S: Well he's in that class with her..so hopefully?
C: I'm going to read this too fast! & then it will be over, yikes! 
S: I know!!!
S: I don't want to like him but I do
C: I know...*pouts*!
C: Geez lunch with Naomi...I'm crying.

C: & let me know if Bryson makes you cry/sad at any time...
C: Although I am a sap, so it probably wasn't that bad lol

S: Forgot to tell you...Bryson parts = rip my heart out
C: :'( I know, I cry just thinking about it..he was so sad
C: I'm reading again, now it's Abel who's making me sad

S: I have a bad feeling about Luz
C: Who?
S: The club
C: Oh yeah, shit I forgot already! Oops
S: Lol
C: Yeah, if Bryce brings a girl...girl, it's on
S: Stazia bitch...bad feeling about that one

C: Here I go...
S: !!!
S: Holy shit f*ck p 224
S: And right before that!!!
C: 210..I'm almost there..not good, code red

S: Code red red red
C: :( Not ready, hold my hand
S: I'm gonna beat somebody
C: Uh oh! 
S: There yet?
C: Yes! 
S: Dying, right?!
C: Gah, I f*cking hate him..I want to strangle him with my bare hands, no actually that would be too damn nice
C: Although good news, Stazia is after Wes
C: Silver linings right?

S: Yep. No sleep til...
C: Brooklyn!
S: Yes!! Love my beasties
C: !!! I'm not well versed but I do know that one
S: Lol
S: Finally music I know more about than u
C: Hahaha! Yeah, I'm obsessed with music almost as much as my books
S: I know and that's I love u

C: Eeep! Does she go to NOLA! Will they finnnnaaallllyyy talk?!
S: I'd love it if she does.

S: Loving the NOLA stuff
S: So far at least lol
C: It's to that now, I think it's gonna get heavy

S: Shits gonna get real
C: Geez! Aahh!
C: Damn it, she didn't do it...
C: It's going to hit the media before she does it & he will be devastated
C: That she told everyone else and not him & Matt can't be a good guy! What's up with him? 
S: I know!! After Fitz said he knew him but didn't recognize him as Matt I knew there was a problem there
C: Yeah, not gonna be good probably
S: Damn kindle died, running to charge it gah!!!! 

S: Damn Fitz! 
C: Right!! AAAhhhhh! 

S: Loved it!! You? 
C: Done! Loved it!  

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