Saturday, June 22, 2013


For many current smut readers, E L James and her Fifty Shades of Grey was the gateway book. We're going to suggest some other offerings this week:

1.  Abbi Glines has many series out. Admittedly, I've only read the series with Rush, Blaire (and the spin off with Woods) but according to my sources (Courtney), all of her series are fantastic. For those of you uninitiated with Abbi Glines...her books are full of young, beautiful people, some angst and steam. Lots and lots of steam.

2. Kristen Ashley is always a good choice. She has a TON of offerings and I have yet to be disappointed. I've partaken (is that really a word?) in the Rock Chick series, the Unfinished Hero series, and the Chaos MC series. All offer something different and yet they all have her same voice and intriguing stories. In almost all of these I've found myself smirking, laughing out loud, and fanning myself from the sexy times. Good stuff. 

3. This spring Courtney introduced me to Sawyer Bennett and her Off series. By the second book in the series I was fully engaged in her heroes. Not only are they described as these wonderfully beautiful people, but she also includes topics that are soul-affirming (ie volunteering for disaster relief, working in food kitchens, the goodness of PTSD therapy). And, of course, the steam factor.

4. You want a little intrigue? To feel passionately for or against a character? Well then Aleatha Romig's Consequences and Truth books will fulfill that desire. will have many conflicted moments and the last book isn't out yet. But let me just say that it is well worth every cent and every second of your time. Those books have stuck with me for months now and I cannot seem to stop thinking about them or recommending them!

All of Shelley's suggestions are really great series! I have been trying to think of a few and I just have to say that of all of my favorite books, companion series are my absolute favorite! It is nice when reading a  lot of angst and heartbreak about one couple to have a new couple but still get to see what our favorites are doing!  

1) The Ross Siblings series by Cherrie Lynn. I accidentally started with book 2, but they obviously can each be read as a stand alone. In Rock Me Brian Ross is a spectacular guy and has to deal with a lot of judgment from people because he is a tattoo artist and obviously has a lot of tattoos. So it was right up my alley, and it did not disappoint. There are now 3 full length books, and 1 novella out, with several more coming! 

2) The Losing It series by Cora Carmack. I've only read Losing It so far, but I loved it. For a fellow awkward person in the world, it was a great story highlighting all of the great and horrifying moments in our lives, like worrying about losing your virginity, that you'll never forget. Faking It is already out, too, so no waiting for the best friend's story. 

3) The Slammed series by Colleen Hoover. I am slowly turning the tides on Shelley! Meaning she has given me so many good recommendations. I am able to return the favor and while I sort of feel bad that she has had a couple of late nights, I do not at all feel bad that I said you have to read everything Colleen Hoover writes! Slammed has so much to offer, and meant a lot to me because of the things that happen with the main character and her mom. Also, if you love The Avett Brothers, you will definitely love this series! 

4) ANYTHING by Olivia Cunning. Some of our favorite books always include tattooed rockers, and The Sinners on Tour and One Night With Sole Regret series involve entire bands. They are definitely, um..hotter than fire, but the relationships between all of the guys is almost better than all of that. SoT are full length novels, and ONWSR are all novellas about well, one night! 

5) Kathleen Brooks Bluegrass series and Bluegrass Brothers series were an accidental find on Amazon that I one-clicked to death. The Bluegrass series are companions of friends, and a lot of romance, but a lot more suspense and intrigue. The Bluegrass Brothers and just family series in general are another favorite...(I should write all these favorites down to keep track!) and life in Kentucky for all of these lovely gentleman is far from boring!

We hope you're having a great summer, and beating the heat. It's really getting hot where we are, so our ideal day is to curl up in the AC or by the pool with one of these great books! Ta-ta, for now!

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