Saturday, June 29, 2013


This week we're paying tribute to some of our favorite Kick Ass Heroines. Whether they actually kick butt or figuratively kick butt, we respect our girls! We could've easily just shoved our Kindles and i-Pads in your face and said 'here--all of these books have amazing women in them' but that would be cheating. So here are just some of our favorites...

1. Jules from Rock Chick Renegade--she's the ultimate kick ass chick--she actually kicks ass. She's so good at it that the Nightingale security guys actually take her on ride alongs when they are looking for bad guys. I believe, correct me if I'm wrong here Court, that her book is where we first come to one of my favorite Rock Chick descriptions: "Bad Ass Mama Jama" and if that doesn't fit her, I don't know what will. (And there you have it token Kristen Ashley mention of the week!)

2. Evie from Give Me Love-- this bad ass Australian can handle all of the guys in her band and her brother and the security guys that are protecting her from a crazy man. My favorite part of her bad-assery? The hilarious things that come out of her mouth. Every single person I have recommended this book to has said it is one of their favorites and I know that our kick ass Evie has everything to do with that!

3. Fable in the Drew + Fable series--she kicks Drew's ass, the stepmom's ass, her mom's ass and her brother's ass...and then some. I kid. Haha. Not really. While she may not lay a hand on each of these people, she has no problem with a verbal gut punch here and there. I appreciate her tough exterior and the softness she has underneath it all. She does what she does out of need and love for Drew and Owen and I think that makes her totally kick ass.

4. DeAnna in The Girl in 6E--if I didn't respect what she does to protect an innocent little girl I might be scared of DeAnna and her murderous tendencies. This girl is seriously tough--she lives a life of complete isolation, she takes no crap from her clients, and is fearless on her mission to save Annie. This novel is so unusual and different than some that I've read and I cannot wait to read what Alessandra Torre publishes next. 

1. Brooke from REAL by Katy Evans. -- She has her own insecurities, but when it comes to Remy...she holds her effing own. She doesn't let him walk all over her, and she definitely does what she can to protect him from everyone else and most definitely himself. I really liked her perserverance to make a new life for herself after her dreams were dashed, and for choosing herself even though it broke my heart.

2. Erica from Remake by A.J. Sand. In Documentary, she isn't someone who I would have put on this list. But..when we get to the point in her story where she has decided that she is not going to let what has happened to her rule her out...It should be Remake: How Erica Got Her Groove Back. She still has some doubts and insecurities, but she chose herself....then she let her love figure out for himself what he wanted out of life with or without her.

3. Annabelle from A Beautiful Lie by Tara Sivec. Annabelle definitely falls onto the side of literally being a kick ass chick. She has a lot of secrets that unfold throughout the book...but if you like some best friend romance with a side of epsionage you should definitely check out this series!

4. Tris from Divergent by Veronica Roth. I often take a dive back to what would be considered more young adult selections, and I absolutely loved this one. Tris is definitely kick ass in fighting for what she wants, even if she is conflicted about how it will affect her family. By the end though being a member of the faction Dauntless means she is also literally kick ass and does a bit of kicking when all hell breaks loose. I haven't read the second book yet because I want to buy it in paperback! (I hate having different editions of one series!!!)

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