Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This week felt more like a marathon than a sprint mostly because of poor planning on my part (I can't speak for Courtney). I somehow thought I was ahead in my reading for our blog and quickly discovered that if I didn't pick up my pace, I'd be behind. Fortunately, everything I've read has been engaging and we had quite a diverse collection of things to read. Sidenote: Court: Neither of us planned we made it out of this weekend alive and not zombies is seriously a miracle!!!

I started my week with J. A. Redmerski's The Edge of Never and that totally rocked my world (see yesterday's Texts and Talking about THAT!). I finished it at 2:20 in the morning and actually had dreams about the plight of those characters during the very little sleep I manage to get that night/morning. If you haven't read it yet, you may want to put it on your TBR list.

I also picked up Emma Hart's The Love Game and Playing for Keeps were so much fun to read. They are companion novels about several friends and their attempts at finding love while attending Berkeley. If you need something good to read while on vacation this summer, these would be great choices.

In the middle of the week Paris Love Match by Nigel Blackwell kept me entertained. This is less on the smut side and more on the action/adventure side. It's set in Paris and has a lot of snappy dialogue between our two lead characters (who are desperately trying to escape the clutches of criminals AND the police).

My last 2 reads couldn't be more different. Curtis Sittenfeld's Sisterland is a piece of literary fiction that demands that you ponder and think your way through it (or at least it did for me). By the end I was left with lots of conflicted emotions and I'm still working out exactly what I think about what happened. This is not a bad's a refreshing thing and one worth your time, if you're looking for something a little heavier than what we normally review here. Leaning more towards the light and easy reading, I just finished Falling for the Backup by Toni Aleo. I've not read anything by her until this novella and Courtney says that her Assassins series is I'll be adding that to MY TBR list. This novella was a very quick and sweet read...definitely good beach reading material.

I'm about to delve into Shannon Mayer's High Risk Love and if the prologue is any indication of the rest of the book, I'm in for a 'just one more chapter' kind of night. I'm also looking forward to J. Sterling's The Game Changer and J.A. Redmerski's Killing Sarai

Here's to another great week of reading! 

So yeah...we have this little thing going where we think..Hey! We are two books ahead, let's read KA books all night long...and that seriously almost killed us this weekend. Not going to let myself get that out of hand again.....Sorry... who am I kidding, I probably will! But she listed a lot of our book awesomeness! So I am going to say I'm not sure what...but if any other time of me blogging and being tired is an indication I talk too much! 

How about I take this moment to relish on how awesome of an invention I think NetGalley is? Anyone? It is like Christmas morning every single time we get approved for a book. I hope that we've found some great books that you all might like! Sisterland was a major NetGalley surprise. It looked promising, but sometimes you just can't ever tell...and I was completely blown away by it. If I get a chest clench of my heart breaking for a character (I know, my husband is mortified by this fact too...I get waayyy to emotionally invested) then I feel like I've hit gold...and these books we've read lately have made my heart hurt. 

I just finished Playing for Keeps by Emma Hart....and I just want to grab baby Aston up and run away with him....pure beautiful torture, that was. (Our review is live today too, so I won't rehash anymore details of that one, but check out Emma Hart!) 

Something I've waited on and let sneak up on me is the release of Come Alive by Karina Halle. It is book 7 of the Experiment in Terror series, and can that girl write some supernatural smut! Well...Dex and Perry can see ghosts = supernatural, and they don't really have any romance happen until book maybe not all that much smut, but now that it's is amazing. I was never one for a more horror type genre, until this, and this series is absolutely amazing, IMO. Book 1 is Darkhouse so check it, STAT! Darkhouse is also FREE on Amazon, so is there an excuse not to at least try it? No. No there is not. (And I just found that all the way through book 4 is currently 99 cents...sorry for being a bad used car salesman just now, but I LOOOVVVEEE this series! To quote our Twitter friend Stacy..."Pimpin' ain't easy, ya know"...and she is so right...\m/

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