Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This week I felt like we read quite a variety of books. Some were for the blog and some we just couldn't wait to read so we rewarded ourselves with some unscheduled reads. Here's what we've been up to...

I'll start by admitting that I've read so much and have been so busy that I actually had to turn on my Kindle just to take a look at everything I've read so that I wouldn't forget anything. 

First up is Kristen Ashley's latest release: Fire Inside (the latest in her Chaos MC series). These books aren't even a guilty pleasure...they are just a pleasure to read. You guys KNOW how much I adore her, so I'll move on. My next selfish read was Abbi Glines' latest: Forever Too Far the last in her series about Rush and Blaire. We'll be posting a blog about it in the near future, but I'll just say that I was very content to see how she ended things with these two.

In the midst of those, I picked up R.K. Wayne's Ryan and the Dark Sword a novel in the fantasy genre--my first ever in this genre! I think it was a nice choice to ease me into this world of magic and mystery. I also journeyed to Hawaii via S.L. Scott's Good Vibrations--one that started out iffy for me then hooked me at the end --and witnessed a fangirl lose her mind in Marian Tee's When Fangirls Lie. As I was wrapping these up, I saw that R.K. Lilley released Bad Things and I saw many rave reviews so I devoured that in less than 24 hours. 

The end of the week found me reading Kate Hilton's The Hole in the Middle a novel I think many women will appreciate about the pressures of trying to have it all and the feeling that you might be losing it all simultaneously. 

I have to do that same thing with checking my app to see what we've been reading. Sometimes (to me, I'm sure it doesn't to anyone else) it seems like I'm in a funk and haven't read a lot and I check my app or goodreads (don't know what I would do without goodreads!) and realize we have devoured a crazy amount of books. To the point where I'm asking Shelley "Was this guy in insert book here or was it that one? Oh..I remember now *facepalm* It's ridiculous I know, but sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in the same sort of book all of the time..and while I adore them, I am pretty stoked about the variety we've been reading. 

Obviously, we are at risk of turning our blog into a Kristen Ashley fan page, but we don't apologize! I for the first time ever did not completely love one of her books. Since this is a momentous occasion and my heart kind of hurts, I thought it was worth mentioning. Knight from her Unfinished Heroes series was a HUGE departure from what we've come to expect and I was kind of shocked. Not necessarily by the content, because not a lot shocks me these days, but I didn't feel as connected to it as I normally do and I am still thinking about it days and days later! 

A few other feel good times were brought to me by Stealing Home by Jennifer Seasons, Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren, Maverick & It Was You by Anna Cruise and The Love Game by Emma Hart.

Our greatest joy obviously is sharing books we liked with you, so hopefully these recommendations are helpful! We've made it to the hump people, so let's keep on going until it FFF! 

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