Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This Tuesday's edition came in the form of a g-chat Courtney and I were having as we were working on some blog posts...warning these boys are H-O-T...as in Nuclear.

C: Olivia Cunning's weekly Hottie Hump Day post-- go here for epic eye candy 
S: I've just found my newest spouse. Hello...hottie.
S: um wow. delish
C: She does them every. single. week!
C: ah-f*cking-mazing
S: okay. remind me. every week. put that on your to do list. gah!
C: done!
S: he is completely lickable
C: yeah, i'll find you an epic post, hold on
S: oh crap. i thought that one was amazeballs.
C: um yeah, they get better, and naked-er...haha (don't correct me!)
S: never correct you! especially when you are sending me that.
C: hahahahahahaha!
S: i didn't know i could love you more than i already do, Court. but i totally do
C: smooch!


She sends me several links....

S: Holy COW!!! Those guys are so effing..oh my. i don't...words?
C: yyaaayyy! right...damn fine
S: jesus h
C: i shall corrupt you one hump day hottie at a time
C: i have one more when you're through all of those, but the question is can you handle it! 
S: I was BORN ready
C: hahaha

Thank You Olivia Cunning for taking the time and effort of putting together such delicious eye candy every week! 

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