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This week Courtney and I are focusing our summer reading suggestions on Rockers. So many rocker little time. 

The only reason this post will be hard is because I have TOO MANY options. I guess you could say that I have a thing for rock husband was in a band when I met him...I have a ginormous crush on Adam Levine...I secretly want to be a Rock narrowing down the field to 5 choices was painful.

1. Kai in A.J. Sand's Documentary. Courtney and I met through our love of this book and we almost had to duke it out as to which one of us would get to select him...but I suggested we share this one time. Kai is the best rocker ever. He's not your typical douchebag rocker--he's not a slut, he doesn't feel the need to be an asshole at every turn, and he is so loyal to his friends that he's willing to have his career suffer to take care of one of them. This book is a lovely love story following the journey Dylan and Kai take to get to know each other and figure out if they have what it takes to make a relationship work.

2. Noel Falcon and Riff in Michelle Valentine's The Black Falcon Series: Rock the Heart (#1) & Rock My Bed (#2)Both of these guys are serious rocker (ala Adam Levine) type guys--tattooed badassery is abound when these two guys are involved. Each of these guys have some serious issues trying to win over their girls (Lane and Aubrey)--whether it's other women, pregnancy scares, life on the road, or serious miscommunications--they must fight and struggle to get the prize at the end. In the mean time we get to live life on the road as rock stars with these guys and it's a wild and fun ride. 

3. Leo in Kristen Proby's Rock With Me. I really really liked Leo. He and Kai (see #1) are really good guys. They don't create a lot of unnecessary angst in their relationships and are typically kind and good to the women they are trying to woo. In  Leo's case, Samantha is a tough nut to crack--she feels incapable of having a close relationship with anyone (especially anyone interested in romance) and she immediately pushing Leo away from the start.  Being the patient guy he is, he sticks with it and eventually begins to wear down the walls she has built. 

4.  Lucas in Emily Snow's Devoured. This guy has issues. Serious girl problems...many of these he has created or participated in..including the one that this story is focused on: Sienna.  He dupes her in to working for him and commences to do some crazy push and pull tactics that inevitably cause them to begin a messed up relationship. I found myself wanting to strangle him for his utter douche baggery and, by the end, I wanted to help him find a way to solve all of his problems so that he and Sienna could try a life without the drama to see how THAT would work out.

5. My post would not be complete if I failed to mention some of my favorite rocker chicks--Stella in Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick Reckoning  and  Evie in Kate Mccarthy's Give Me Love. Both of these women kick ass. I love that in reading their perspectives you get a feel for what it must feel like to be a rock star--you get to imagine the adrenaline rush of a crowd of thousands screaming out your name. In addition to being in the heads of these rockers, you also get to read about the crazy drama that surrounds them, their hilarious groups of friends, and their significant others (Mace and Jared). If I could live my life in a book--even with all of the crazy ass sh*it they must endure--I'd happily be either of these rock chicks (OR BOTH!!) because they are both awesome!

1) So, I will pronounce my love for Kai as well. We almost came to blows over this one...haha. Beotch was thrown down, tears were shed...okay, okay, just kidding. We share well, thank goodness! Kai from Documentary by A.J Sand is one of my favorite rockers, most of all for his loyalty. His sexiness is definitely a secondary perk, but you'll have to read it to find out just how good of a friend he can be! 

2) My favorite rocker comes in the form of Sed from Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning.   His is the second book in the Sinners on Tour series, but his tall, clean cut, amazing physique, alpha male attitude and sexy growl for a voice made him my absolute favorite of all freaking time! This book will definitely light your e-reader on fire, but I also loved it for how much more depth to the story there was. (I love Brian and Myrna in Book 1, don't worry!) Jessica and Sed had history though, and finding out what that was, and how she stood up for herself and her dreams instead of tagging along only for his made me love her so much. Band drama is always present, and everything that goes on with these boys makes me wish they were a real freaking band. The next best thing is how much I love Avenged Sevenfold, so we can pretend it is about them! (haha, don't worry, it isn't, but comparisons can definitely be made! *swoon* See that M Shadows over there..yeah, I love him!) 

3) After Sed, and all of his band mates, it is a necessity to check out the boys of Sole Regret. This is a series of novella's about One Night With Sole Regret, hence the series of the title. My personal favorite is Shade/Jacob in Take Me by Olivia Cunning. He was kind of a dick in book 1, but we see a totally different side to him in this book. I would love to see a full length book about these guys, but this one in particular because who his special lady is is freaking insane! He's not going to enjoy the fallout from that but I have a feeling you will enjoy all of the modifications he has made in his room (i.e. cameras and lights and tv's and a swing and oh, did I mention cameras?) Yeah....if you're on the beach after that go dunk yourself in the water, immediately! 

4) So you're probably asking yourself "Why did this chick put a book about a hockey player on a list recommending books about rockers?" Well, you see Tate in Empty Net by Toni Aleo is a fantastic musician in addition to being a NHL goalie. I actually went on to download a TON of music that Toni Aleo included in this book, and it made reading even more enjoyable by listening to the songs while mentioned and feeling the emotions the song brings to the story. I am all about music while reading though, so sorry if you don't care for doing that! My favorites were Stranger by Secondhand Serenade and A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope. 

5) Lastly, but certainly not least I have a series that also shouts out to us ladies. Shelley already mentioned two great ones, but I stumbled upon Never Say Never by Kailin Gow one day and enjoyed it alot! This is also book 1 in a the series and brings on all of the angst that comes with being a rock star's daughter and forming a band with your four guy friends from high school. Add in a hunky Brit, and you don't have to guess why I thought this would be a great book. Very fun! And girl led bands are a fun spin on a male dominated arena, in my opinion.

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