Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I'm not gonna lie, it's getting harder and harder to keep the Tuesday texting posts clean...because we have (ME, especially) such potty mouths. I blame it on the books we read--they nearly always call for an explosive reaction and only profanity seems to do. So, once again, if you are opposed to profane language or inappropriateness then look away.  Also...be warned...a little spoiler-ish.

S: Starting Beauty from Surrender. Poor Laurelyn. She's so sad. I want to stab Jack Henry. What was he thinking? Oh right. He wasn't.
C: Yes, he sucks. Waited too long.
S. Yeah. Jerk.
C: and now she has to deal with her family's BS by herself.
S: And Blake asshole producer from hell.
C: I hope she kicks him in the balls a couple of times.
S: Lots of times...
S: And another unproductive day--gah. This book has sucked me in.

S: Soooo good! 31 % in. Sigh of contentment here.
C: I don't want to get to the oh shit part in a hurry! My heart hurts enough already
S:  I know!!
S: 49% in and still so good!

C: !! Yay!!


C: EEK! Just got to the part with Blake!! Not good! Code Blue! Code Blue!
S: He's such a cocksucker
C: Yes! Yes! Perfect description.
S: I hate him.


S: Ask her to marry you already, JH!!! Sheesh. I'm waiting....taps foot.
C: Not gonna happen until the very end, I'm sure.
S: ugh.


S: okay...at 61% and the shits already starting...Just go ahead and rip my heart out and stomp on it lots because this is gonna hurt.
C: What! NO!
C: What's happening?
S: Don't leave JH...or Go with him L!!!!


S: you think him not mentioning #14 is gonna bite him in the ass?
C: Probably. I forgot about that! Damn!
S: unrelated..her mom is a twat.


S: touring for 3 months, Laurelyn? poor decision...that's a looong time.
C: Yeah! Idiot move.


S: Effing Audrey. Bitch. Skank. Whore.
C: I hate her
S: me too
C: Lol
S: Want to bitch slap her into next year


S: hahaha! her cockpit!!! lol  lol  lol
C: Lol! I love that one. Too funny.


C: Shit. here it is. Put a gun to his head ladies, he's f*cked.
S: uh oh...not liking what you are saying. 
C: Yep. Shit meet fan.
S: Dammit. No. No shit hitting the fan. I'm not having it.
C: Ummmmmm, stop now then!
S: sonuvabitch.


After we finished:

S: Well done, Georgia Cates. Well done.
C: Ditto

That was such a great read! Until next time...

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  1. I just bought beauty from pain and I am afraid of spoilers so I didn't actually read this post but I will remember to come back and read it while I am reading those books.
    I like the potty mouth texts! that is what makes it fun


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