Monday, November 10, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo : Day Ten : Memes we Meme...or used to meme.

Day Ten #BookBlogWriMo

Memes we meme...

I think, if you're following along, or even new to this blog or this will be sadly disappointed by our meme doing. 

We used to be the Queens of Memes...doing one pretty much every single, fracking day of the week.

Now...I'm not sure that we really do anything that could be labeled as such. 

"Why?" you ask? Well, we talk a lot about real life, and how much it hinders our blogging time, and brain power...and that is definitely the case here. We used to have a LOT of fun doing TTT or Texting + Talking Tuesdays, where we would post our reading shenanigans and back and forth angst while we read. I miss doing that, but that post took a lot of time and energy. And Swoon Thursdays...we love swooning...but again...time. I ask myself, how did I used to be able to get all of this stuff done! I don't really know, but I'm hoping that I will find even an inkling of that energy again! You know what? I miss TTT --that was my favorite and one day I know we'll resume it. The others didn't always feel right for us, though. It's like we were trying to find our niche and we began to discover what wasn't us, or didn't make us happy doing it...and since this is a full time job without pay--we must be happy doing it or it's NOT worth it. So my prediction is that in the future we'll go back to TTT, we just have to get on the same reading page, first. 

Thanks y'all! See you tomorrow! 

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