Saturday, November 15, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo: Favorite Things About Book Blogging - Day Fifteen...better late than never!

Day Fifteen

Favorite Book Blogging Things

It is very difficult to think of the best parts of blogging, but probably telling people that I blog is a top 5. It is an interesting reaction, ya know, telling people that you've read 175 books this year, and their eyes kind of bug. Or that you read about 280 last year. Definitely bug. That makes me smile. I don't think people think they have the time to read, but I like letting them know that yes, you do. This is something I do for myself that gives me great joy, so that is a favorite. 

Connecting with authors...or for instance right now on Twitter a group of girls are reading the same book. I too am reading this book, but definitely not doing as great at Twitter as my ninja partner is, that #hashtag quote queen over there. It is fun to watch, and definitely as I'm reading this epically strange book (I mean, shit it is weird!) the writing is fantastic, and I am very excited to start recommending it...and I've only read about 12%. 

The other is seeing people succeed in this business. I aspire to write, but until I get myself sat down and actually finish what I am writing...I will be the best cheerleader ever for everyone else!! I LOVE (you have no idea how much) seeing books we've read and reviewed at the start as indie authors, and then they're in Target, B+N or Wal-Mart, and I gush like it is my own success. It makes me happy to see a baby book grow into something people nationwide can buy. Very excited. 

Anyways, what type of things do you like about blogging Shel! 

I enjoy connecting with other readers and bloggers and exchanging ideas or debating the merits of something; it's probably also why I like teaching so much. Haha.

I also love being introduced to really good writing and writers--it's fascinating, this whole writing process, and I love when I find writing that's fresh or new OR when a writer is willing to be open with his or her fans and shares tidbits of the writing process or background.

And of course, reading. I love escaping into new worlds and reading offers me the chance to do that. 

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