Friday, November 14, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo: Day Fourteen: Our Rating System

Day Thirteen

Our Review rating system

Sooooo, we have a rating system in our minds...but don't necessarily have it posted anywhere, because I haven't found a really cute particular "pic" to go with it. There is a blog I read that has the cutest little reading chair as hers, and I really want something like that...but alas, no bueno so far. 

Anyways, I rate mostly based off purely emotional feel to it, even if the writing is...meh. Well, I used to. these days..HECK NO, WE WON'T not pass go, if I am not hooked, it will get a dnf faster than you can blink...simply because I have close to 1,000 books on my kindle, and not enough time in the day to read everything I want to read, let alone something that I don't like. (Sorry for that massive run on sentence, but I use commas a lot when I am feeling particularly passionate about something!). 

I on occasion if something is a cross between like/love will do half star ratings, but tend to find reviews that are either 6 stars, of 3.6...or even 3.2 a bit ridiculous. WHERE in the world do you come up with that I ask? And if you're one of those people, I don't mean to offend, but I won't be doing that. 

For Court: 5 Stars - IT IS AMAZING, READ THIS NOW!!! NOW, I SAY! 
                  4 Stars - IT IS PRETTY DANG GOOD...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.                                 MINOR FLAWS, DID NOT TAKE AWAY FROM THE                                       BOOK.
                  3 Stars - I LIKED IT. RECOMMEND IT, BUT THERE MIGHT BE                                   MORE THAN 5 THINGS THAT COULD BE BETTER                                       FOR ME
                  2 Stars - IT WAS OK. I MAY NOT BASH IT, BUT I PROBABLY                                   WON'T RECOMMEND IT TO MY FRIENDS
                  1 Stars - I EITHER DISLIKED A LOT, OR DID NOT FINISH.                                         WE'LL PRETEND THAT I DIDN'T READ THAT.

I'm actually starting to not rate books unless I have to. I know for certain sites, they want a rating and I'll give one if I must..but I guess I'm starting to feel that books are more complicated and complex, many times, to give it a number rating. This is a new thing with me and I may revert back to number ratings at some point, but for now this feels right. 

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