Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo: Day Four: Why We Blog

Today, you might want to know why we love to blog. And if not, well....read on anyways! *throws confetti*

I think the "why" we blog is pretty much clear with the type of blog we have, but I like this question anyway. We LOVE reading so much that we literally want to share our little pieces of heaven as we find them. It can be daunting to find new books (as we both know very well) and especially new authors today, as money can be tight. I like blogging because with the connections we've made with different authors and bloggers, we now get notified of sales, specials and giveaways and try to share as many of those as possible. 

Shel: Honestly I was scared as hell the first few months of this blogging journey (see my early reviews). It was new and even though our audience was negative zero, I didn't want to flop (I did). But as I quit worrying and relaxed a little, I began to enjoy it more and more. I love the talks I've had because of the books we've read. I love when we disagree. I love meeting new writers, discovering works, and introducing people to the books I love. I do it for a living (English teacher) but this is a completely different outlet for me and I've so enjoyed doing it with my one of my closest friends, Court. 

Another reason I love to blog, is just simply having an outlet for what is in my mind as I'm reading. Some of the books we read literally make my jaw drop, my heart race, my tears flow (okay, more than some on that one...most!) and I just literally get excited about it, more than almost anything else, when we get to share...or someone said "I read that because you said...(fill in the blank) and I loved it." THAT is by far, one of the most exciting moments of my day. Or, for instance, my cousin texting me at eleven at night a few weeks ago, asking for her next book recommendation. I love that feeling, and if someone enjoys a book as much as I do...it makes me feel very happy. Or, even if they don't. The fact that we can talk about it, as Shel and I do...constantly! Is my favorite thing to discuss! Exactly. 

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