Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo: Favorite Sub-Genres - Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen

Favorite Sub-Genres

While we love reading pretty much anything, it is well known I would think at this point that we focus primarily on Romance novels on this blog. 

My favorite Romance sub-genres are: 

Dark Romance - especially it seems dark erotica. Very dark and twisty themes, with people who are completely fucked in the head by some past experience. Sign me up. 

Contemporary Companion Series'- if you tell me Kristen Ashley has a series of eight books centering about a certain group of people...I could probably read them in a VERY short amount of time..Hello, Rock Chick. Point is, companion novels make me their bitch, often. 

Our love of bikers, and rockers as previously referenced, or mine anyways, definitely leads us to Romantic Suspense...which probably includes everything above...but, yeah. Guys meets girl, and there is something to solve giving even more depth to the story. Heck yes. 

I like all of these and I love to laugh when I read; I'm naturally emo-ish so when I can read something that makes me laugh, I'm all about it. Kristen Ashley does the best Romantic Suspense + Comedy + Sexiness (hence using her as my comfort reads). 

I also like literary fiction. This is what I do in my day job and I love when I come across something that we can do on the blog that it's a little different than we normally do.

But, I'll read anything (even the back of a shampoo bottle).

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