Friday, November 7, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - #FlashbackFriday: Blog's First Design

#FlashbackFriday – Blog’s First Design(or for us, Designs, plural) 

So, I did the whole "" thing, and found each design for what the blog used to look like. And I cringed. Hard. Like, wow. I was so proud of what I found at the time, and it wasn't bad...but I am glad I have LEARNED a lot in the last almost two years about what we like, and definitely what we don't!! Whew. Take a look....

So, when this particular snap shot was taken, I had went through this problem where I had uploaded all of my personal photos to my Google cloud...thus erasing the URL from my you can see...any photo that I had added was deleted...devastation ensured. Now, definitely regret that happening, but wow look how BLANK the blog was!! 

Then, here we are at about seven months into blogging. I really liked this profile, and THANK THE HEAVEN'S ABOVE, that my Sunshine, Shels, has a husband that is a computer programmer. I messed the code up to all kinds of hell...and it was not a fun night. Thanks for being a good sport, J! 

Which, brings us to now....#BlackandWhite...because as we are avid Neighbourhood fans...we like this one. And as I am ever changing my manic mind, I am sure to be changing this sometime soon! Hah! 

All I have to say is--thank goodness for Courtney and her infinite patience with teaching me how to do this and my husband for not killing us when things go terribly wrong. 

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