Thursday, November 13, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo: Day Thirteen: Our Review Process

Day Thirteen:

Our Review Process

Do we review right away? When? How? Etc?!

The goal for writing my review is always, always, always doing it as soon as possible so I don't get details confused about what I want to say about a book. The reality is that sometimes I sort of wait until the last minute to write my review before it it scheduled to post, mostly because I am also reading at the last minute before we plan to review something. In my perfect world, again, I would love to be a month ahead and have reviews ready to go for days and days and days. But, alas, no...these wishes are for naught.

I TRY to stay a week or two ahead of what we're supposed to read--TRY to--but it depends on how sidetracked I get with work, life, or other things I'm reading. I tend to write my reviews as soon as I finish, if it's at all possible, because I want to capture what I am feeling in that moment. If I wait too long, I tend to lose the excitement or thoughts I had. 

Writing our reviews is a collective, conversation process. We used to write separate full reviews...but that really wasn't working for us, so we've changed to the more dual format and really enjoy it. Hopefully you do too! 

I enjoy the process we have now--it's fun to bounce ideas off of one another but I won't lie, sometimes I miss when we were reading at the same time because it just amped up the reading that much more. But, life has a way of making things crazy so for now, it is what it is.

As with everything on this blog, as our lives and ideas shift, I'm sure the way we review will too--I can almost guarantee it.

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