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So when AJ asked us if we wanted to post a bonus scene from Documentary with Dylan and Kai - aka Team Dick of course we said YES!!! And then did this....


and then this...

                     Lemon faint

Now this scene is recommended for Mature readers! So here is our 17+ warning! But if you do go ahead and read it, please comment and let us know if your reaction matches ours!!


This scene takes place on Dylan's spring break, or right before the epilogue in the book.
There was a collective eruption of excitement in Dylan’s class when their professor dismissed them, and on cue, Winslow's text message flashed on her screen as she packed up her belongings.

Low: Now, it’s officially Spring Break, you hotbitches! =)

Dylan: Yes!

Kate: Ugh. Couldn’t you have just said, ‘So happy it’s spring break, guys’ like a normal person? Jesus, Low. =(

   With the roll of her eyes, Dylan stuck her cell in her bag as the screen filled with colorful text bubbles of banter between her best friends, and she hurried out of the building and into the quad. She’d be in Mexico with them for days, so she had no problem ignoring them now. But the reality that she could relax for the next seven days hadn’t fully settled on her just yet, and it probably wouldn’t until she was en route to Cancun tomorrow. Until Kai was with her, too. And the thought had her suppressing giggles. Sleeping would be impossible tonight. She hadn’t seen him in person in several weeks. There had been lots of Skyping since then—lots of naughty Skyping—but she missed him, his presence, so much.
   Being in a long distance relationship was even harder when the distance varied all the time. At least she and Winslow had each other to cry about it to. God. She’d become one of those girls she used to make fun of, the ones lamenting how much they wanted to be with their boyfriends ad nauseam. The ones smiling because of an email with "baby" and "love" in it or when the photo accompanying his phone number popped on her cell phone screen. But she was that girl now. Irrevocably, weak in the knees, in love with her rock star. It was weird to think of belonging to another person, but two months together officially, and she couldn’t imagine not being with him anymore, which made the distance hurt almost unbearably. It was a constant punch deep in her core, like when you were so winded from exertion that it hurt to breathe. It was the only kind of hurt worth having, though, knowing someone mattered to you that much. And when you knew it was the same for them. Sometimes, she laughed at how stubborn she had been about her feelings before.
   The sun was shining, but that didn’t mean much in San Francisco. Dylan pulled her open cardigan tighter around her, teeth chattering a little, with thoughts of scorching beaches as she sought warmth in City’s,the campus coffee shop, and she sat in a comfy chair in the back since all the tables were taken. After getting a hot chocolate, she returned to find her cell phone buzzing in a request for a video call.
   It was Kai.And her face hurt from smiling when his grin appeared, his blue eyes brightening when he saw her. She brushed over his dark hair with a wish to run her fingers through it. Soon, she reminded herself, soon. God, she even missed his stubble scratching her cheeks. She even wanted that.
"Hi, baby! Are you in Mexico yet?" She thought she had whispered, but from the annoyed looks of the other customers she had probably been squealing. Whatever. Girls in love sometimes squealed.
   Kai’s face fell and he looked away from the screen for a moment. "No. Dyl, I’m so sorry, but I’m not in Mexico. I’m so, so sorry, baby. I can’t come. Ash screwed up. I don’t really have this huge break between shows. There are some movie-related appearances I have to attend over the next few days. It’s covered under my contract with Lava. I’ll be in breach and they’ll be able to sue me. They’re expecting me. I’m so, so sorry."
   Dylan dropped into the chair like a cement block, speechless, and as she watched him walking by tall, sterile buildings, none of which looked like a resort, she realized he wasn’t kidding. The swell of emotion started in her belly, and her tears poured right out. Disappointment was an understatement for what she felt right now. She had been looking forward to this trip since their failed Valentine’s Day reunion. Her shoulders shook with a wave of sniffles, and Kai let out a deep breath she knew was full of pain and regret. It made her cry harder.
"Aw, babe… I feel like shit. Dyl, I’m so sorry I made you cry. I’m so sorry." Kai’s face went still except for the slight pulsing of his jaw before he cast his gaze away; he was devastated.
"It’s…okay. Summer will be here soon enough." Except summer was forever from now. She lowered the phone and wiped her eyes, taking a few minutes to cry in silence. He probably felt horrible enough, and she didn’t want to make it worse. She’d have fun with Winslow and Kate in Cancun. It was their second to last spring break in college, and she didn’t want to take that for granted. But she wanted to hug her boyfriend. Feel him kiss the back of her neck. Hold his hand. Hear him laugh. Fall asleep in his arms. And sex. God, she missed sex!
"It’s not okay. Ash dropped the ball on this one. I’m mad enough to fire her."
"Don’t." Her shoulders jerked as she stifled her crying. "It’s me and Low and Katie…" Deep breath. "We’ll have a blast."
"This sucks, baby. You don’t have to sugarcoat it."
He was right. She sniffed and was minutes away from going into the ugly cry.
"Are you all packed?"
"Just about."
"Hot bikinis?" he said with a half-smile.
"Yeah… three."
"Damn. Send me pictures later?"
"But those weren’t for you…" she said, forcing a laugh.
"No bikinis for me?"
"None. Nothing at all."
"DAMN." He shook his head with a longing look in his eye. "I’m gonna kill Ash."
"Are you having a nice time…where you are?" She’d stop keeping track.
After a sigh, he said, "Not really. Been dreading this call, so I’ve been roaming around for awhile, and I’m pretty sure I’m lost." Kai raised his gaze to look around him, a confused expression tightening his forehead.
"Well, at least it’s a nice day there. Looks sunny. And you’re cute, so some girl will probably show you the way."
He smiled big. "You’re right! Let me find someone to talk to. Can I get a kiss before I go?"
"Yeah," she lilted sadly as he walked up to someone off screen.
"Excuse me, do you know what building this is?" he asked.
"Yeah…" a woman said. And she sounded exactly like Low. "This is the Warner Building." Dylan perked up, her heart ramming the wall of her chest. It was Low. Holy shit. It was Low!
"The Warner Building on the City of San Francisco College’s campus?" Kai asked in fake bewilderment, restraining a smile.
"That’s the one!" Low said, giggling.
"I know where I am now. All right, gotta go, babe." Kai mashed his lips to the screen and it went black. What. The. Fuck. Dylan grabbed her bag and ran out of the coffee stop for the quad, dodging strolling students. Cry, laugh, she wasn’t sure which she wanted to do when she saw Low, Kate and Kai waving at her in front of the Warner Building. She was going to strangle all of them. After she hugged them. Low first. Then Kate.
Then Kai. Kai.He was grinning at her like she was the best thing. She could’ve sworn the world paused before a charge raced through the air. She felt it in the increase of her breaths and the flow of her blood. Legs around his waist. Arms around his neck. Hair between her fingers. Inhaling his scent. Never letting go. Even though she had knocked the wind out of him, Kai squeezed her against him, stroking her back.
This moment. This made the distance and heartache worth it.
He was there, and it felt like home. He was home.

"Hi, baby," he whispered."I’m so glad to see you."
"I’m so mad at you, Kai White.So mad."
He dotted a kiss on her neck and then her lips. "No, you’re not."
"I know," she whimpered. People were slowing down to watch them, and she didn’t care. Yeah, she’d become one of those girls, too. When he put her down, she shot a playful scowl at her friends.
"We got you good!" Kate jumped up and down. "So good!"
"You were boo-hooing in City’s,weren’t you?" Low teased.
"I hate you both," she said, but the three of them huddled together for a hug. She was back squeezing Kai and kissing him, the minute they broke apart.
"What are you doing here?" Like it mattered.
"Taking you to Mexico… Puerto Vallarta...tonight." Kai kissed her forehead, his hand sliding down to her butt. They had a lot of catching up to do.
"But…" She swiveled her gaze between the three of them. "What about…?"
"We’ve known since we planned this trip that you were never gonna go to Cancun with us, Dee," Winslow explained. "We have another Spring Break left. We see you all the time; go be with him. He’s an all right, guy."
"Not a misfit slut who lives on an island?" Kai asked, laughing.
"Far from," Winslow said, winking at him.
"I don’t even know what to say right now," Dylan said.
"‘Bye, awesome friends’ should work! Have a safe trip, okay?"Kate said.
"More than awesome. I love you both. Thank you. You guys, too." And after another round of hugs, Winslow and Kate left them standing there.Dylan held out her hand behind her, and his fingers slipped through hers. She smiled and it got wobbly really fast. He was really there.
"I hate that I made you cry, Carroll," he said when she turned to him.Kai stroked the side of her face before tracing the line of her lower lip with his thumb.
"I have a feeling you’re about to do it again."
"I missed you like crazy, you know." He drew her face closer, before plunging his tongue into her mouth as she slung her arms around his neck. His stubble nicked her chin, but she only cared about tasting him. Every part of his mouth. Her tongue glided across his, tangled with his. Their lips were locked together, ferocious in movement, neither choosing to break the connection; Dylan reminded herself to breathe.Kai pulled her against him, and his fingers skimmed her skin just beneath the edge of her top. Then he clawed at her back.Finally, they pulled apart, panting.
"Missed this, too," he whispered.
"Oh yeah? Well you have an entire week to show me how much."
"Where are you going?" Kai asked from the bed behind her. Dylan finished tying her bikini top and pivoted toward her boyfriend.He looked sexy as hell sitting against the headboard, covers up to his waist with his tousled, bedhead hair.
She’d done that.
For a moment, she considered crawling across the mattress and ravaging him...again. For the second time today.
"The pool. You realize we’ve been in Puerto Vallarta for two days now and haven’t actually seen anything outside of this room?" Dylan reached down and picked up her beach tote.
"What’s to see? I like my view already." Kai stretched, his ab muscles flexing. Tempting her. Dylan loved the way they rippled under her tongue as she traced down his stomach. And lower. How he liked it so much he had to grab her hair. The noises he made when she drew her tongue down his shaft before taking him in her mouth. Damn.And he was still naked under there. She clenched the dull pulse between her legs. No. Go away. I’m going to the pool.But a fiery rush of desire rolled through her body anyway when he kept his stare nailed to her in silence.Kai bit his lip and ticked his chin up at her.
"C’mere…"He curled his finger in the air.
"No. Put on some board shorts and let’s go to the pool. Maybe meet the other spring breakers…"She ignored thesensation of craving, the hot tingles swirling in her loins as she held up the pair of shorts that had been tossed on the desk chair. The pair she had been trying to get him to wear for two days. In fact, this conversation had been playing out with different scenarios for two days.
They were stuck in some kind of sexydéjà vu.
"Come here."
"How about" He flattened the comforter until his huge erection left a bulge in the fabric. A proud smile pulled his mouth wide. "…How about you just come."
Shit, that was hot. Her gaze dropped and she swallowed as her grip tightened on the boardshorts. But she let them fall to the floor. Along with her beach tote.Oh, fuck it.Kai pulled the comforter off and got to his feet, exposing what she was yearning for so badly now. And, lucky, it was pointed right at her.When he walked over, he spun her to face the mirror on the wall above the almost waist-high bureau. Dylan braced her hands on it, gasping a little, when he held his erection between her slightly spread legs. He pulled her hair aside and flicked his tongue on the back of her neck.
"Dylan Carroll, we’re not going anywhere. You know that, right?"
"Is that a promise?" Her fingernails pulled across the top of the wood.Watching her in the mirror, Kai kissed her neck and slid his hand down her torso until his fingers disappeared into her bikini bottom. His touch awakened every nerve in her body, and she pressed his face into her shoulder for a moment.
"Yup. And you promised me no bikinis." He yanked the strings, the one at her neck and at her back, and the material fell limp atop the bureau. He wiggled his finger in a slow circular motion, but when he drove it in and out of her, her head fell back against his shoulder; her nails were soondigging into one of his thighs. He was still watching her, grinding his hips against her at every spasm, every moan. A tingle sparked in her core, a calling, a need, and she bucked against his hand.
"Kai… Oh my God…"He gripped her hip and held her in place, working his finger in a rhythm that hitched every breath she released.His mouth was centimeters from her ear, his stare digging into her reflection before his parted lips landed on her earlobe, and his warm, wet tongue eased across the curved bottom edge. She gave up on holding his gaze, too lost in the feeling of his hand, falling into the wave building inside her.
Eyes locked on him again, she was gasping, knees banging the wood of the dresser as she writhed.
Demanding. Pleading. Overwhelming either way. The tingling in her body pressed outward in a sizzlingswell until she was trembling.With a loud pant, her knees buckled and she fell forward on the dresser. Kai leaned down, his hot skin mashing hers,beforehe ran his tongue up her spine. She’d never get enough of him.And she didn’t want to.
"I like when you watch," she said as they both stood upright.
"You don’t even know how much that turns me on." He brought his finger up to his mouth, licked it and eased it back down into her bikini bottom as he pulled the strings on either side loose. Dylan spread her legs wider, and Kai slid into her, resting his head on her shoulder for a minute as she arched away from him.He trembled when she clenched around him. "You feel amazing, Dyl." He melted the words into a kiss on her shoulder.
With a hand on her hip and their fingers linked on top of the dresser, Kai pushed slow thrusts into her and a grunt rumbled out of him. When she moaned his name, the pace of his strokes increased, and she urged him by rocking back against him, mesmerized by the dazed look taking over his face. She loved that she could make him feel like that. When his gaze caught hers, Kai’s movements got harder, and the sensation of pleasure forced her to bite her lip and stand on her tiptoes.His body tensed but a ripple pulsed across his biceps. Rolls of shivers in him vibrated through her. A cupped hand grabbed her breast and then her hip.A muscular arm braced forcefully on the dresser and slammed it into the wall once, but the sound was masked by the groan accompanying his climax. They were both left gasping and flushed, and soon, crashing down on the mattress to cuddle against each other’s sweaty bodies.
"Still wanna go out?" he asked, breathless.
"Nope." Her reply was just as winded.
Kai smiled. "Told you the view was better in here."

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