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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

If you are following a long with us, welcome back. Today will take us through 50% or finishing out Part I: Boy Loses Girl of the story. If you are new to this Read Along, you can find Part I here.

**Spoilers Ahead**


Oh my goodness, Shelley! I would say I regret putting this book down after only 17 pages a couple of months ago, but I don't, because I am 100% enjoying reading it with you right now.

How are we going to get through this with no spoilers! I really don't think we can, so I will say now...if you have not read this book through either the end of Part I: Boy Loses Girl, or 50% in your e-book...for all that is holy...DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Back away...don't look! You will regret it.

Anyways...we start back with Nick at three days gone. He is still acting weird with the police, and has finally started looking into the clues again for the scavenger hunt. This takes him on a journey out of town, and he doesn't realize until it is too late that this only incriminated him further. Duh! Why is it criminals can't help themselves but not stay put at home and do stupid things! Nick! People think you killed your wife..don't act like a psycho weirdo. They'll still think you murdered your wife. I'm waffling on whether or not I like/believe him.

We finally get a little information on what Amy was up to before she disappeared when Nick, Rand and some other volunteers go to question the homeless men living at the abandoned mall. Another jaw-dropper end of a chapter if you ask me, that was. I'm starting to get feelings of "Okay, I think this happened!! That has to be it!" and then you send me a DM like "OMG you will not believe what she went to buy..." I really need to stop guessing what is going to happen! I'm always wrong!

Amy continues detailing their life, but now her diary is including their move to Missouri. Nick has some really, really jerk moments like where he dotes on a person he claims not to like, leaving his wife out of the always. I genuinely started to feel sorry for her at this point I think. It isn't all her fault, to me, that her husband is emotionally unavailable. Why, why, why do these supposedly mature/brilliant/intellectual thirty something's not freaking communicate!

I really like when Nick loses his cool a little bit and we finally start to see some genuine emotions from him, whether in his thoughts, or when he is on the phone with the alarm company trying to discover a clue. Her notes are also pulling at his heart strings, and clue him in FINALLY to the total ass he has been all along. He knew it, I guess, but didn't really try. Cryptic thoughts - still check those off left and right.

The disposable phone. We finally found out who THAT belonged too, and ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! Nick, I hate you right now. I really do.

Amy really redeems herself a little bit more by taking care of Nick's mom up until she passes away from cancer. I honestly didn't think she'd do it, but she spent a lot of time with her.

I was crazy surprised by how many bombs were dropped in this section. The last "chapter"....@$%#!$%#$%@#^.....ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! GAME ON!! I shall stop now, take a few much needed deep breathes, and let you take over!!!


Courtney,  I don't even!...what?!...Oh MY Goodness Gracious. (I think that these are the words that were on repeat in my brain for this section.) 

After reading the first 25% I was pretty frustrated with Nick and Amy. They were both guilty of withholding their real thoughts and cares and worries with each other. Embarking on this next 25%, I once again I found myself wanting to grab these characters by the shoulders and shake them: JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER, for heavens sake! Sheesh. 

Amy is beginning to endear herself to me. She's not the cold New Yorker, she's the caring daughter-in-law. She's taking on the hardships that caring for Nick's mom entails and trying to avoid involvement in confrontations with his father. Now, don't get me wrong, Amy's no saint. She doesn't always seem to understand the culture she's found herself in and her observations, while honest, hint at a bit of her being a little above the middle-America fray. However, she appears to be willing to do what it takes to help out and show Nick that she can adapt to her new life. In this section I am finding myself more sympathetic to her plight. She feels him withdrawing and I find myself hating him, for her! There are more rough days than smooth ones. She's forgiving things that should be unforgivable. And her sweet treasure hunt... her desire to try to recapture what they lost even despite his awfulness...Then the pregnancy. OH GOD...NICK what have you done?????!!!!

Nick, I want to throttle you. I want to call you every awful name that I can...and if anyone read the texts I sent to Courtney you'd see that I actually DID call him every name I could. What a scumbag. I knew that disposable phone thing was suspicious! Ugh. And then when he begins tracking down the rest of the clues and begins to love his WIFE again...really, Nick?!!! You want to have your cake and eat it too?!!! The thing is...I hate that he cheated and he's obviously a liar, but some of his reactions to the veiled accusations, the suspicions, the questions point to him being not completely guilty. There are points when the cops begin questioning him that his panicky reaction seems to be less guilt-riddled and more genuinely surprised. When he decides to lawyer up at the end and he realizes that he's been such a prick to his wife, I actually felt bad for him.

Here are my questions:

He keeps having these rage-filled, bloody thoughts of her--did he do it? He said he was a big fan of the 'lie of omission---Whaaaat???!!!

Why do they keep asking him if Amy is a size 2?

Why didn't Nick know about Amy's life outside of the home--is he that clueless?

That Desi character and his mom--something about that entire situation seems off?

Why is still seeing his mistress? Bad move, Nick!!!

Something is bothering me about Amy...something doesn't ring true by the end of this section. Is she leaving something out?

What in the heck does he see at the end of Part I? 

What happened to Amy?

I cannot wait to see what happens next! Happy Reading!

**Read along! Let us know what you think! We'll be back at about 75% for another **PAUSE** in the story for some more reflection. Maybe you'll be sending some "WHOA!" messages too!   

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