Tuesday, April 9, 2013


As many of you know Courtney and I don't live anywhere close to each other. Not even in the same state. So many of our conversations about our books...nope, ALL of our conversations about our books are conducted through texting, emailing, or chatting via gmail chat. Let me tell you, Courtney cracks my ass up. She's so funny and supportive and the best book soulmate a girl could ask for. For giggles and grins we thought we'd share some of our more recent texting conversations:

From the night we started Walking Disaster: 

Courtney: Damn I love Shepley, may name my first born that :)
Shelley: Reading his (Travis's) side makes me want to have 2 Kindles side by side with both POV's to remember what she's (Abby's) thinking.

Later that evening...

S: Where are you speed reader?
C: LOL. Just past the first fight, where they make the bet for her to stay with him.
S: I just finished the last tequila shot at her bday party. I wanna barf just reading it LOL.
C: No joke but you will be swooning at the end of that chapter..

Day 2 of our reading...the night we both finished:

S: Ugh. At the miserable part :(
C: Me too...still makes me sad :(

S: Gosh. It was bad the first time around...still bad now :(
C: I Know! Thank god I'm alone this is embarrassing.


S: Ugh. I need the HEA to get here faster.
C: It Will!


C: That was perfection!
S: Ahhh so good. So good. She really ended it. No cliffhanger. Thank god!
C: I know! I would've died!

See...book soulmates. We're with each other through the good times and the bad. Just when I'm having heart palpitations I know I can count on Courtney to talk me down, ease my mind, say something funny, or commiserate.

Until next time...
Shelley and Courtney

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  1. It's so funny seeing your book banter. I have these same conversations... only they tend to be with myself since most people I know in real life reads the same books as me : ( Love this!

    CeCe @ steamingmugofbooks.blogspot.com


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