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After seeing mentions of  Real by Katy Evans blow up our twitter feeds, Courtney and I decided to give it a read. Courtney started reading it first:

Courtney: I started reading Real & Remy is soooooo hotttttttt
Shelley: You like it so far?
C: Yeah! He's very mysterious...
C: I am dying over Remy & he hardly says a word 
C: Remy is finally talking & I think I may just cry...53% in

If you notice...I was pretty silent on all of this. I was in the midst of a road trip from south Louisiana to North Louisiana and back but had noted that Courtney was consuming this book very quickly. Her texts about this book were necessitating that I speed read what I was currently reading to see what all of this hotness was about. So when I finally got home...

S: I am buying that one tonight!
C: Ok! He's so emotionally damaged!!!

So my book soulmate just tells me that the male lead is emotionally damaged...shouldn't I run? I do...right to the book.

But, before I begin reading it I have a delayed reaction to something Courtney said:

S: So the main guy in Real doesn't speak until 53%? And it's still good? Wow
C: Haha. Okay, he speaks, just not a lot....doesn't really talk about himself. You'll see
C: NOW he's talking about himself
S: CanNOT wait.

Later that night...

S: Holy Sh*t. Remy ran out of the ring for her??? Hawt.
C: Yes!! Hot tamale
S: Wow
C: Just wait!!!
S: Seriously? It's already steamy!!!!!
C: She's (Katy Evans) one of those tension builders though, you'll wait a whilllleeee
S: Great...NOT!
C: Yup. It's worth it though :)
S: Did you finish it?
C: at 76% in

After my girls went to sleep....

S: I see sexual tension for lots of pages ahead of me :)
C: Yeah & right now I want to effing die.
S: Uh oh. I'm scared now
C: It hurts so good!
S: It's the hurt part that concerns me. NOOOOOO hurt. Just HEA. Lol.
C: I cried a bit.
S: Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
S: Dang it.
S: Cry in a good way? Please tell me in a good way.
C: Um...
C: I don't wanna spoil it but it's not over yet
C: That's all I can say
S: Ah Sh*t. I like them together...
C: OMG. I love him
S: Redemption? You had me sweating for a minute.
C: He's so tortured.
S: It's gonna be hard to stop reading tonight, I can already tell.

The next morning...and many expletives and lack of sleep later...

S: This damn book. I'm gonna kill Katy Evans. Why won't he (Remy)  just TELL her whatever it is??!! Agony over here!
C: Hahahahaa. Ugh. I know. Broke my heart when he told her...

A little later...

S: OMG. Is that much sex in one night even possible? Holy cow.
C: But it's hot!

Towards the end of my reading...and even more cursing on my part....

S: Ugh Court, I don't know if I can take it.
C: You can!!! Fine. It's a beautiful ending, you just have to get there.
S: ....EEEEP
S: Done. :)
C: Yay!!!
S: Inappropriately still on a Real high.
C: Gosh I loved that book. I'm pimping it to my people.

The end. Epic texting on Real. And I didn't even share all of them.

Bonus text I sent to two friends about this book:

S: If you want your sex organs to explode from the sexual tension in a book...read Real by Katy Evans. Sh*t. I'm only 38% in and I want to lock them in a room until they screw already. Sh*t.

Their responses:

---Good morning to you, too, Shelley.

S: Well. Just thought you should know. ...since every Monday should start with a text like that.

The End. For Real this time.

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