Tuesday, April 16, 2013


On one of our most recent texting marathons we had a days long conversation about how our favorite writers RUIN ‘real’ men for us because they create the most perfect male candy in their books. Fortunately for us our husbands are absolutely fabulous and secure enough in their masculinity to only barely roll their eyes at the covers of our favorite books…but ,still, THEY get eye candy all the time. It’s only fair that we should have some too. Right??!!

S: So have you noticed that there are never any guys in the real world (not movie stars) that are never as hot as our book boys?
....I started looking...and nope.
Kinda bitter about that.
I need eye candy dammit.

C: Lol. I see some with potential very very very rarely…
…yes we need better eye candy

That evening Courtney sends me eye candy in the form of Ryan Guzman pics (Step Up 4 anybody?). I decided to share.

S: I shared Ryan G with friends today. Lots of face fanning going on.

C: Ahhh I love him…
And share him some more…

S: I shared Ryan in the copier room, at a mtg and with my work BFF’s…Lots of swooning. Thank you for making me a very popular girl today. J

C: I aim to please!

So another day…Court was feeling a bit under the weather so to help her feel better I sent her a picture of the young Brad Pitt. Abs galore!

S: Did Brad make you feel better today? Because Ryan was still making my day.

C: Oh yes! Thank you so much! It got me talking to a guy I work with about Brad in his younger days…He’s gonna watch The River Runs Through It and Fight Club.

We also found this fantasy casting photo of Colton Haynes as Travis Maddox. I personally think he would be a good choice! :) You can find more like this one at My Fictional Boyfriend & Book Whore Page on Facebook!

So see—entertaining ourselves and educating the youth of America.

Until next time…

Court and Shel

(*Disclaimer* We do not own ANY of these images!)


  1. HAHA! I am so glad I am not the only married woman who does this. My sister-in-law and I are constantly sending texts back and forth of sexy men. I just finished reading Damaged by H.M. Ward (if you haven't seen it please take a second to appreciate the book cover...) and I showed my husband when he asked what I was reading - I too got an eye roll.

  2. We just finished Damaged! & yes the cover is...fantastic! Thanks for appreciating and enjoying right along with us! :D


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