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When Courtney and I were finally able form coherent thoughts and words after reading Real, we both found that we had many questions for Katy Evans. We're so very grateful that she took the time to answer our questions. 

Q: Do you have a medical background or how were able to so naturally integrate the technical details in a way that didn't bog down the story? 

Katy: I’ve had medical “issues”  which have required me to extensively research my circumstances and way to improve and conquer them. I believe, and this is only my opinion of what I did before, that sometimes when we are diagnosed with anything, we are so shocked and so frightened that we “cede” control of our health to our doctors. We go sit before them, and pleadingly say, “Fix me.” This happened to me, but when the doctors couldn’t fix me, and the medicines made me worse, I realized that the control of my health was in ME. And that there were things that I could do to take back my control. Such as research many treatments, many natural ways of healing, realize that I was the one calling the shots, and I had the choice to decide in which manner I (and my family) felt most worked for me. I love this about Remy!! I heart him so much.

Q: What was the first scene that you wrote or thought about when you first had the idea to write this?

Katy: I always knew the “reveal”  scene would be the first sex scene. Remington just wouldn’t cave sooner, Brooke was too important to him.

Q: OMG. The sexual tension--was it hard to hold those characters back from each other?

Katy: They definitely had me on edge too!! I’ve said before Brooke and Remington will be the end of me, but in a great way, hah. Except Remington’s willpower is such a strong force, I knew I wouldn’t get away with anything until he was ready.

Q: How much research did you do on boxing? Were you able to talk to a fighter, because that whole side of things is very realistic?

Katy: I love exercise. It keeps you alive, sane, and healthy, and that’s the truth. But a lot my knowledge comes not only from the few times I’ve boxed (which is an amazing experience) but also thanks to my own sports specialist, Stacey Suarez, a fantastic, very knowledgeable trainer!

Q: If Remington wanted to send a message to, say, Scorpion through music--what song would he select?

Katy: Remington loves his music and I don’t think he’d share something so prized to him with Scorpion, not even in a fuck-you song. The only way Remington will communicate with Scorpion is with his knuckles!

Q: Will you share more of Remington's back story in the next book? Also, will Nora or Melanie or Pete or Riley be featured more? Will we have more of Remy's POV?

Katy: Yes. We get to know more of Remy’s past in MINE, and also in his POV story, REMY. And yes, after these two stories, we get a story for Melanie, and a fifth one which is a surprise. I hope you all enjoy!

Q: Do you have a release date for new book? Will you release excerpts? (We'd love to help you with that :) )

Katy: Lovely! Thank you! MINE should release mid June, but I will confirm the exact day in a couple of weeks. I am definitely going to release excerpts around mid May and would love your help. So yes! :) 

Q: We saw in another interview that you are a runner. Do you have a running playlist to keep you motivated while running? Care to share a few titles? 

Katy: I love my running playlist. I always get pumped up to Kelly Clarkson, she’s so great. Also, Pink? Love me some Pink!

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. We'd love to help you promote Real and anything else you are doing, so don't hesitate to ask if you need reviews or us to feature you on our blog, etc.

On the contrary, thank you so so much for having me and for helping me spread the Real love!! Warm hugs!!! And thanks to all of you amazing readers who have fallen in love with Real, Remy, Brooke, and the cast, like I have. HUGS!

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