Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Release day for The Girl in 6E is almost here! Just one more day! To give you a little something until then, here are a few more teasers to whet your appetite from Alessandra Torre. 

Teaser #1

It was a trick.  Jeremy realized it as he watched her moan and convulse beneath him.  It was a performance that was certainly tempting, mind-blowing, three staggering times hotter than any fantasy he had ever had.  But it was staged, her madness held in check behind one false layer of sensuality.  He ran his hand lightly over the thin skin of her throat, at the sensitive place where her tendons intertwined in life-giving support.  As much as he loved her flushed skin, her beautiful breasts, her moans of arousal, he wanted to see behind the curtain of her performance even more.  He wanted to know what he was dealing with.  He moved his hands closer and clenched them, squeezing tightly around her neck.

Teaser #2

Annie was not in the trailer; a fact easily discovered in the five minutes her mother spent searching.  It was one of the few benefits of three people living in eight hundred square feet.  She moved outside, her stride purposeful, the utility bill forgotten.  She was not yet worried.

Henry Thompson sat upright in bed, cursing his useless legs.  He had heard Carolyn search the home.  Heard her calls to Annie, seen her come in the bedroom and search the small space, hoping that she hid under their bed, or in their closet.  Now she was outside, her calls increasing in volume and frequency.  Something was wrong.  Carolyn might not yet realize it, but something was definitely wrong.  Annie wouldn’t do this to them, wouldn’t bring worry to Carolyn, a woman who already carried too much stress.  He lifted his legs, sliding his body to the edge of the bed, and reached out for the night table with his hand. 
Carolyn stood in Georgia dirt, cotton fields surrounding her –  the plants small, in early stages of growth, too short and puny to hide a child.  And she realized, as sun warmed her back, and gentle wind rustled empty fields, Annie was gone.

He felt her despair, felt the moment that she came to the same realization as him.  Heard her inner wail before it left her lips.  And in that moment, that breakage, when Carolyn sank to her knees in the Georgia clay, his hand slipped and his body tumbled to the ground, legs helpless to catch him.

Somewhere, in darkness, Annie began to cry.

Teaser #3 

When there is evil in someone, it grows, unattended by all and fielded by its harborer. I know this; I feel it, each and every day, growing stronger inside of me ‘til one day—snap—it will take over control and every logical thought process, every thought of survival and preservation will disappear, and I will be a loose cannon, fired and on my path of destruction, with nothing but my own doom ahead of me, and the demise of whomever lay in my final path.

RalphMA35 hasn't snapped yet. But I can see his path as clearly as I can see my own. And it is coming. His demented evil was growing, and I am undoubtedly fanning the flame. I promise you, that is not my intention. My intention is only to save her. 

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