Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I had the joy...ahem...job of NOT answering Courtney's spoiler pleas as she read The Sea of Tranquility for the first time. Payback, Court, payback. You see, I'm always trying to get Courtney to spoil books for me and she NEVER gives in (hard ass!)...which is why I truly adore her (because she knows I don't really want to know).

WARNING: There may be spoilers...

S: How's the reading?
C: Good! I need you to tell me what the hell's going on!!!!!
S: Ok. You got questions, I got answers...unless it spoils something :)
C: Ok, why doesn't she talk?
S: She'll give details. But it IS messed up that she doesn't. ...This not revealing stuff is hard.
C: bah humbug!


C: Drew good? Love triangle?
S: I like Drew. You will too.
C: So far he seems great, friends? Anything...I'm not letting up on this!
S: He's really good to her/for her.
C: Buuutttt we have Josh's POV...I'm dying. LOL


C: What's up with him (Josh) defending her and then telling her he won't do it again...how he's all bad ass??!!
C: *pouts*
S: I can't. You'll love me for it later.
C: I wanna know, but then I don't because I think it'll make me cry. 
S: This is one (book) that I actually did cry for. In a good way. But it was good and worth it. I can't reveal my reasons.
C: Great!...NOT!...Ugh...I am in a false state of security
C: Deep breaths. That's what I need!
S: Yoga breathing
C: :) too bad I've never been good at that. lol
C: Holy eff...she spoke...
S: Eeep!!!!

The next day...

C: So am I right in thinking they changed her name?
S: Hmmm 
S: :)
C: emoticon of flipping me the bird
S: heh heh heh
C: Lol

... Proof that I'm powerless to Courtney wearing me down...

C: Is Drew ever gonna come over to find them hanging out?
S: Do you really want to know?
C: Yes
S: Yes. 
C: Soon?!?
S: Maybe in the 40%'s


The next morning:

C: ...so I sort of stayed up until 2:30 and finished TSoT and then was awake til almost 3 processing it...Sorry!
S: OMG. Are you a zombie? What did you think?
S: Oh! And...Cheater!!! LOL I'm ratting you out to the twitter universe.
C: Yeah I know! I was going to confess, I took the read along out...but I freaking loved it! That last line!!!! O.M.G.! ...I wasn't tired and I was fretting about the tornado watch, which never amounted to anything thank goodness, and wanted to know and by then it was 1 AM and I was at like 75% and I dunno what happened! Lol.
S: I forgive you because you used the word fretting and ...that is awesome!
S: The last line...mind blowing. It's so good and I love it just as much this time around!
C: HAHAHAHA. And it's a crazy feeling to feel complete with the story yet wanting more all at the same time.

In the midst of all of this we were tweeting our reactions to this too. Alessandra Torre read along with us; it was a lot of fun! And, Katja Millay was there to hold our hands through it all! Thanks, Katja!

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