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This Wednesday we thought we'd change things up a bit and share a little about the current state of our reading lists. Courtney and I INHALE books at warp speed and while we read many of the same books we also read different things too. I often look to Courtney for suggestions and since she knows me so well, she never fails to line up some terrific reads.

I just recently finished reading Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines. Courtney and I will be posting a review for that novel in the coming days but let me just say that by the last 25 % of that novel I was dropping F bombs like that word was the only one  remaining in my vocabulary. I seriously had a racing pulse near the end...and that's just a taste of how it will all go down in my review. (She was hilarious...I don't think I've had that many expletives in one text, ever!)

I am currently reading Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley. I'm not afraid to admit that I am reading this with a little sadness in my heart because I know it is the beginning of the end of the Rock Chick series. I have LOVED every single one of these books and already have plans to reread them all. Courtney and I plan to have an epic post about all of the ways in which we love this series once I finish reading this one. I highly recommend this series. It's amazeballs. (\m/...Rock Chick forever,  I love this series!)

I have a list of TBR's a mile long. This is where Courtney usually steps in and gives me suggestions. I'm thinking I might go back to Abbi Glines and read another one of her series since I've only read her Too Far series. Or, maybe I go to Kristen Ashley's Dream Man series? Or, maybe I try something that is blowing up on twitter, like Kristen Proby's newest one out this week? The reading opportunities are endless...Courtney, HELP!!! What do you suggest? (Beau Vincent anyone? & Hawk...a nickname like that made me SWOON before ever reading a line!)

I recently read Forever Black by Sandi Lynn. At first I thought it was going to be one of those usual bad boy sex crazed millionaire meets virginal young girl and we have to read about her sexual discovery. Not that this is all bad, but at this point it has to be really, really, really great to not be infuriating. What was appealing to me in this story was that she doesn't meet Connor the usual millionaire alpha way, but by taking his drunk self home and making sure he doesn't die from inhaling his own vomit. When he wakes up and finds her in his house, thinking she broke his no sleep-overs rule, things get interesting. Their friendship that develops before any kind of relationship was a lot of fun to read, and totally refreshing from the usual your mine from day 1. A few places are rushed in the middle, but I don't think it necessarily hurt the outcome of the book. 

My second pick for a recent read you should read is definitely Mystery Man, continuing on my Kristen Ashley obsession...I mean love. (Ah, who'm I kidding, you know I would stalk her if I could)! I was hoping this was going to live up to my self imposed hype of greatness that is Rock Chick and I was not disappointed. If you haven't read the it will knock your socks off. How could any self respecting woman go through a one night stand with a guy, but then without knowing his name continue to let him come knocking for a YEAR & A HALF, still without finding out his name. HOLD THE PHONE....what! Reason 648 million to go pick that up...what's she thinking... Well when you find out the sexiness that is Hawk (Yes, that hunky man is a military man who flew a Black Hawk) and his stepping up about the time she decides she can't deal with how bossy he is, brace yourself for this wild ride. MM also brought a boatload of substance with each respective family unit that completely surprised me and this series is also becoming a favorite of mine! (OH & THERE IS A LEE NIGHTINGALE + SHIRLEEN APPEARANCE IN HERE)

While we're no longer waiting on these, we hope that a snippet of what we've been up to helps you pick your next TBR book!!

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