Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Down London Road was the perfect antidote for our Aleatha Romig induced book hangover. Here's how it went down in our texts(warning, it might be a little spoiler-ish...and filled with inappropriate language, yet again):

S: Yeah!!! First hot guy alert in DLR (Down London Road)
C: Braden??!!
S: Well him..but a hot tattooed guy
C: F*ck. Now I want to stop everything and read that with you!
S: Welp. Come on then. Lol (I'm such an enabler)
C: Yep! That's what I will do because I don't like missing the fun!
S: Yay! Reading partner!
C: Here we go, joining you!


S: I'm liking it so far. You?
C: Yes, very much! Reads fast too.
S: Just finished chapter 11. So good. I have a feeling my heart is gonna hurt at some point down the line.
C: Yep! In a lot of ways probably.


S: Random fact: Adam Levine is hot. The end.
S: I took a Maroon 5 break to watch some videos because apparently every tattooed hot guy book I read about is Adam Levine.
C: ha! I thought the same thing! Lean & tattoos, yum
S: Great minds...


C: Wow this is getting steamy!
S: I'm at Becca's party, where are you?
C: Right ahead...get ready, your kindle will catch fire. 
S: Bathroom scene?
C: Nope...keep going..well that was good, but keep going.
S: Sheee-it
C: Yep...sheee-it.
S: Oh..okay! Now I see. Scorching!!!!!!
C: Still going...whoa! Need a fan!
S: Holy shizzzzz
C: Yep, still going....energizer bunnies those two


S: Love when he takes the phone and tells Joss they are coming to lunch
C: Yep! Totally hot!
S: Damn. I wanna keep reading. Must put down book and sleep...stupid work getting in the way of things...
C: Yeah, I have to too. Sleep helps, who knew?!


The next day....

S: At the 76% mark....ugh!!!! Sh*t.
C: No   No   NO
S: Yep. We knew it was coming. It did.
C: Can't read til lunch. Is it her and Malcom?
S: Nope and I am not telling!
C: Beotch! LOL
C: A hint of some kind?!
S: Nope
C: courney flips me off
S: Bahahaha


A little while later....

S: And double sh*t. Another problem arrived. SSSSHHHHH*TTTTTT
C: What
C: No
C: The old girlfriend?
S: Another blast from one of their pasts. Dammit.
S: FFFF****CCCKKK. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck me.
S: breathing easier now.
C: OMG. So HEA? Please say yes
S: Not quite there yet but signs point to yes.
S: Book hangover yet again this week. Sheesh. We read some good ones.
C: We did!!!!

And there you have...a good time had by all. Until next time....


  1. I like the Adam Levien shoutout. I think of him sometimes when reading about lean, tattooed guys.

  2. Thanks ladies! We a blast reading and texting about it!


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