Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A week ago Court and I decided to take the plunge and read Ella Frank's Blind Obsession. If you are following us on twitter you may have seen a flurry of tweets about this book. Here's how it went down through our texts:

C: I can tell already you're going to love this book! That plaque quote!
S: Yeah. And the note at the beginning from the author about the links.
C: Yes, I think I'll like that too!

A few minutes later...

C: Hmmm, where are you?
S: Just started ch 2, you?
C: Just found out she was blind
S: I guess we understand that part of the title
C: Lol. Yes.

Hour later...

S: Holy sh*t. Chpt 5....and 6.
C: Yeah it is intense. I can't help but think poor Gemma. If she falls for him is he always thinking of Chantel?
S: I know. Tragic.
C: and is she dead or alive?
S: I know, right?!

Minutes later..

C: F*ck. She's (Gemma)an idiot. She's letting him recreate the scene with her!!! What?!
S: I know! Screwed.

Half an hour later...

S. What. The. Holy. F*ck. I'm stopping at chapter 8...to be continued tomorrow. You better wait for me, beotch.
C: I will! And I don't like that (the WTF) reaction.
S: I just...why? Why would anyone set themselves up for failure like Gemma is doing?
C: Ugh. I know! I get he is captivating...but she KNOWS he's in love with his memories...geez.
S: I kinda want to smack her (Gemma)..and hug her.
C: ..and it's barely at 30%, how will this END?
S: Well hopefully we'll know by tomorrow bc I can't take days of this or I might combust.

The next day...

S: Holy sh*tballs...the paintbrush!!!??? Really?? WTELF
C: I told you!!!!

A little later...

C: Gah. To have a man that is as perceptive as he is would be...interesting to say the least.
S: Yeah. Effing mind reader.


C: What'd he do?
S: I know, right. WTH did he do? And WTH is wrong with G that she continues to get sucked in?
C: He must be hot& hung is all I can figure
S: Bahahaha. Funniest thing ever.

Towards the end of our reading...

C: OMG ... :(
S: You are killing me. I'm at 73%
C: it's gonna get heavy, quick
S: LOL. Great.
C: now where are you?
S: 83%
C: how do you feel?
S: F*cked
C: Ugh! and it's not even the worst part yet
S: game on sista...read it with me

Very end...

C: I think I just died a little bit
S: Tragic. 
S: Damn. Mutha f*ckin' book hang over.
C: I'm so sad.
S: I know. Poor Ella Frank's twitter feed just blew up (because we were rapidly tweeting her our crazy emotions).

And there you have it...part of our intense journey through Blind Obsession. Until next time...


  1. Wait... so it is good or bad? I can't tell if I should read it from those texts.

  2. Good. Sticks with you for a while kind of good.


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