Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So as Courtney and I were pondering our Mother's Day post we briefly discussed the mom's of our book heroines and the men of Kristen Ashley's Dream Man series...

S: Speaking of mom's...have you noticed that KA's (Kristen Ashley)  Dream Man series has some effed up moms?
C: Yes they do! 
S: The Trailer Trash Twins...awful. The one in Mystery Man--not the stepmom--horrible. The one I'm reading now (Motorcycle Man). Outta control. OR! Della's mom (in Twisted Perfection)--cray cray...Woods' mom...beotch. I'm trying to think of other cray crays.
C: Tack's story (this is the main guy in Motorcycle Man)?
S. Yeah. His ex-wife --nutso. Or Slim's ex...
C: Olivia...yeah...yuck. Or Ryan's mom in Off Sides and Off Limits.
S: Oh yeah, took a while for her to redeem herself.
C: Yeah
S: Most of the Rock Chicks had good moms...

S: Oooh. Or the mom in Rule--so hateful to her only remaining son.
C: OH! That's a good one! Rule--I kinda loved him when he wasn't being a jerk.
S: Yeah. Tattooed delish.
C: His name...just awesome...
C:  One Week Girlfriend both of their moms. 
S: True. Off their rockers. Hmmm. Mom's are such lunatics in the book world, I guess. Lol.
C: I guess they are! Lol

And somehow...as we seem to do these days, we got off topic and on to discussing the men in the Dream Man series...

C: He's so nice though! Deep down (referring to Tack in Motorcycle Man)
S: Yeah. Rough around the edges...soft in the middle. All of the dream men were...trying to decide my favorite...it's a tough one. Hawk was broody and hot and stealth. Slim was such a good dad and loved Tess...so supportive. Mitch. What an amazing guy. Do those guys really exist? Don't know enough about Tack yet.
C: My order is Mitch, Hawk, Slim...very close finishes though!
S: Hmm. I have a tie between Mitch and Hawk. M is such a good guy...H is too but more tortured..and a little more of a bad guy. Hmmm.Lol.
C: Very mysterious and bad ass as Elivra said. Oh no..it was bad ass MF-er.
S: Yes. BA MF-er. Still mulling over my dream man rankings...
C: :) great series either way, all so different but still total alpha hot guys
S: Yes. Alpha hot guys. We are such feminists.Lol
C: Hahaha yeah. Some people probably wouldn't like our opinions much.
S: They can suck it. I'm all for strong women...and men.
C: Yep! Nothing better than a strong woman with a strong man like them "at their back" as they say.
S: Hell yeah! I love how all KA's women are so attitudinal.
C: Me too.
S: I like to think of myself that way. However, Jimmy isn't exactly an alpha male. Which just makes me a bitch. Lol.
C: HAHAHAHA!!! No! He can be your alpha male, as is mine...they just don't boss us around as much!

And...so it goes...another week down and Kristen Ashley and her characters are still dominating our texts. Until next time....


  1. Lol. I love your text posts! Gosh I really need to start reading KA's books. So many books so little time!

    Oh and "Do those guys really exist?" I wonder this daily. I can't think of anyone who comes even close.

    CeCe @ Steaming Mug of Books

  2. Thanks! We have a lot of fun reading books together!

    & we discuss that a lot too! Probably not, but it is fun to pretend...(or they're all actors or models or already!)


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