Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Yes...another week...another hundred if not thousand pages have passed before our's what we've been reading...

Last week I completely buried myself in the world of Kristen Ashley's Dream Man series. I love a good series and this one was no exception. I read every single one of those books..while trying to wrap up the school year, scurrying around to get my daughter ready for a photo shoot, cleaning my house for when my parents came to visit, packing bags for a quick trip, 3 hours north, to see my grandmother and cousins for Mother's Day, plus my usual day to day craziness. I point this out to say that I had a lot going on last week and I still couldn't put the series down to save my life. Courtney and I will be doing several posts on Kristen Ashley's series in the coming weeks, so I don't want to spoil anything but I will say that I found this series just as fun and engrossing as her Rock Chick series.

Currently, I am trying my hardest to not dive in to her Chaos series or one of her other series mainly to extend my enjoyment of her a little while longer. So, I plan on reading some other things I've seen mentioned recently like Vain by Fisher Amelie and Down London Road by Samantha Young. I've never read anything by Fisher Amelie and I'm looking forward to discovering a new writer. I have read Samantha Young's On Dublin Street and she had me hooked within the first few lines so I'm excited to see what happens with her latest release. I'm sure I'll squeeze a few more reads in this week especially after I hear what Courtney's reading, she's always got something good on her list, what is on your list Courtney?

So as you can see, it's safe to say this past week that real life threw us a few curveballs! She had all that going on and I was about 6 hours away from home for a graduation and Mother's Day! All was a great time, but did greatly cut down on my reading time for the weekend because for the first time EVER, I got dizzy while reading in a car!! I know, crazy, right? I was sad, while trying not to keel over, because that is something that has never happened. Might be because it wasn't an actual book and instead my phone, but whatever the cause I hope that doesn't last forever! Knowing my luck it will! So because of that my post will be from one author. Aleatha Romig! 

Shelley has been telling me for a while "YOU HAVE TO READ THIS SERIES." And I said sure, but read the blurb for Consequences and I just wasn't sure. Well I was sure I wanted to read it, but wasn't sure when. I knew I would need time to devote 100% of my attention to it to get through it, and as we've already established I haven't had that until recently. So Monday, I finally got down to business. and OH MY COW! It was great! We're reviewing it tomorrow, but I will start my 100th shameless plug for this series today. I have already moved on to book 2, Truth, and I have been doing my usual begging for Shelley to help me out with some hints. I have been horrified, enthralled, sick, happy (I know, I feel gross just thinking about it), thrilled, aghast, shocked, and total twisted inside out from Consequences. It's one of those stories. Yeah, remember all of our cray cray thoughts and feelings about Gone Girl? Well, this is like that. But in series form! So even better, even though there is some heavy stuff in there! My advice, read it ASAP! But do so with caution. Again, heavy stuff, but a total worthwhile read, and will really get you thinking.

P.S. We will be reviewing ALL of the above books very soon! Yay! 


  1. Never heard of Consequences but it looks like I need to change that ASAP!

    CeCe @ Steaming Mug of Books 

  2. Yes, it is another one that shocked me. I like to be shocked!


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