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So I've been haranguing Courtney to read Aleatha Romig's books Consequences  and Truth for weeks, if not months, now. I knew that once she got past the first few pages she's be hooked. I was right (as always...when you gonna realize that, Court? Lol) she was hooked and our texting insanity began. WARNING---there may be spoilers and lots of F-bombs. If you are sensitive to inappropriate language, you will definitely want to shield your eyes...this post is NOT for delicate flowers.

S: I fully expect constant updates to your oh sh*t! moments of your Consequences reading. I'll reread and skim along with you.
C: I'm gonna need it! I'm already asking what the eff is up.
S: Ohhhhh where are you in it?
C: The first dinner, so not far, but cray cray.
S: I know!!!!!


C: Why'd he do it?
S: Oh hell NO! Not telling. You have to suffer just like I did.
C: Ha! I had to try
C: Anthony is such an asshole
S: Ahem. Cough. Cough. Just wait. Your're gonna wanna cut a bitch. Namely me, probably. Lol
C: OMG!! haha!!! You & Aleatha. Just wait, he gets worse?
S: There are no words..
C: Sh*t! What!
S: Nope
C: Shelley!
C: What does he think that napkin is actually a binding contract? WTF
S: For real..Jackass
C: He just hit her with a belt for being 7 minutes late to his office. ...WTF Shelley?!!!
S: I know. Wtf. I told you. Just you wait. At least Truth is out and the 3rd sometime this year.
C: Does it end with a cliff?
S: Yup....Gah...Both do
C: Gah.


C: WTF is going on?!!
C: He's obviously bipolar bc he gasped when he saw her bruises, I guess?
S: Girl. The craziness of this story. It's gonna have you all effed up if you are anything like me. And, you are...so welcome to the crazy.
C: If I like him in the end...I will freak out.
S: Radio silence over here. You hear the crickets?
C: ...........................................................

C: After the summer BBQ...I hate him right now. Gah. I thought he was going to beat the crap out of her...but now I'm not so sure...
C: Is Samuel his father?
S: Yes.
C: Holy sh*t! You told me!
S: lol. You caught me at a weak moment. 
C: An angel choir just broke into song....

C: Oh.....my......god....I'm crying...he broke her necklace. wtf
S: Holy Sh*t. Violence.
C: Just...wow...I can't even imagine


C: Now they are getting married...are you sh*tting me?
S: No crap. No effing crap. 

Much later...at the end of the first book:

S: Did you ever think you could like him as much as you hate him? Total rollercoaster.
C: Yeah. Makes me feel like I have as many personalities as he does. His grandfather is an asshole also. And made HIM that way.
S: total asshole.
C: And now...sucks you back in with "I need to keep working to be a man you're proud to be married to"...is he for real?
S: I know, right?! In the next few %s things get nutso really really fast.

C: Gosh, she's taking the keys...he's gonna kill her! What is she thinking?
S: Get ready. Sh*ts about to go down.


At the very end:

C: h.o.l.y.   f. *. c. k.
S: WHAT???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C: Done...stunned.
S: Now you wanna read Truth, huh?
C: Uh, yeah...lol.
S: I know! Wait until Truth. You're gonna wanna cut a beotch.
C: Who? Claire?
S: No! The writer!!! Lol

......Now into the reading of Truth......

C: Please tell me he doesn't kidnap her again.
S: No
C: No he doesn't or no you won't tell me
S: bahahaha! I knew you were gonna ask me that. Claire is a lot stronger in this book.
C: So he does. F*ck.
S: More of the back story comes out..becomes clearer
C: Gah!
S: But...Tony is Tony and he is full of shenanigans...there will be several wtelf moments. The ending though...bloody hell.


C: Do they sort of get back together? I have to know!
S: Soon lady. Soon you will have answers...read on. Lips sealed...locked up tight. 
C: pouts

.... and lots more of those kinds of texts...for hours, over days....she asks and I'm a jerk for not telling her but in my defense, I wanted her to experience it like I did.

But...at the very end:

C: I'm at 91%...I don't know if I can do it...Catherine is lying to her isn't she? Please tell me she is.
S: Keep going..almost there.
C: I'm dying.
C: Epilogue. F*ck.
S: Yes! F*ck a duck.
C: Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S: Done? Can you even believe?
C: Yes!!! So can we assume Tony is with her? For sure? It implies it but it just says her husband..I shall believe it is him.
S: I really want to believe it's him...so vague though. 

This one was hard to put together...because we had pages and pages of texts with TONS of spoilers and lots of inappropriate language ( I see that I'm rubbing off on Courtney...sorry Courtney's family!) but as you can see we LOVED these books and think that they are definite must reads!


  1. Hilarious! I read this right after a friend did...and this is about what our fb messages looked like yesterday as I finished Truth. I made it to 96% before I really started to freak out: ) Glad we're not the only ones!!!


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