Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Courtney, it almost seems that we should talk about what we haven't been reading because it feels like we've been reading EVERYTHING. Over the last 10+ days we have read and reviewed at least 11 novels...hence my random tweets about my lack of sleep or the dire need for coffee. It's been a wild and crazy and fun reading ride--here are some highlights: P.S. What the f*ck were we thinking with that schedule...oh that's right...we weren't! Whew! 

Left Drowning by Jessica Park was absolutely stunning. It was gushworthy. It totally shredded me and even still, I would recommend it to almost every person I know. It's not your typical upbeat, happy, funny contemporary romance. It's darker and more intense and worth every second of your time. She also has a great playlist that I'm sure Courtney would recommend that you listen to while you read it. YES! The playlist is amazeballs! Joshua Radin + Red + many more, I think she has 44 songs on there! 

If you are looking for something more along the lines of serial killer thriller, then Nowhere to Run by Nina D'Angelo would be a great selection. There's a little bit of everything in that one: twists and turns, romance, murder, and a tale about friendship. I was a nervous wreck! The body count gets super high, and I couldn't figure out who the killer was! It's cray-cray! 

Want a contemporary romance that is absorbing and fun to read? Lick by Kylie Scott would be a great choice. I read it in one day and could not put it down--I enjoyed imaging a world in which an average girl like me can end up being married to some rock god in the matter of one drunken Las Vegas night. I got to see the world of the rich and famous and crazy and immerse myself in a sweet, if improbable, love story. I am so in love with this book, it is ridiculous. Fun + steamy = rock god heaven...*sigh* 

We have so, so many books downloaded on our Kindles that I almost don't know where to start next. I've heard amazing things about B.J. Harvey's Lost in Distraction  and Sawyer Bennett's latest Off Course, and I've heard fantastic things about Rebecca Donovan's Reason to Breathe (actually the entire series is supposed to be phenomenal) If you thought Left Drowning slayed your emotions...ggiiirrrrllll this one will obliterate what is left!! Really my TBR list is impossible. I'm not even going to tell you how many books I've downloaded and have yet to many books, too little time. *cough*over 200*cough* I counted and am still in a lot of shock....don't tell my! 

I don't even know where to begin. We have had some epically awesome reads as she has already pointed out! This week was a circus because not only were we up til 1 am+ reading, but I had to go through the last week at my job. I had been there for just shy of 5 years, and in a bit over a week I am going to RN school. To say that I am freaking the hell out would be an epic understatement, but the point of this tirade is Shelley and I both are getting ready to start back to school in our own we have planned things a bit better in the near future...! 

I am waiting impatiently as I am writing this to sink my hands into Ella Frank's Exquisite series! I adore tweeting her, and I loved (albeit was conflicted) with Blind I know I will love this series as well. And it helps that Shelley has already read it! I have to get cracking because I see nonstop love for Edible! 

Another series that Shelley has been telling me to read for a while, and I think I might have time to sneak in now is the Up in the Air series by R.K. Lilley. I devoured and LOVED Bad Things this weekend, and it involves some of the same I am excited! 

We also have some blog tours planned that we are super excited about! Coming this week is Just Human by Kerry Heavens hosted by the Romance Addict Book we are pretty excited to see how that one is! 

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