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This week's edition is dedicated to the mind-blowing Left Drowning by Jessica Park. We read this one at different times so you'll see that our reactions come at different times. Also...probably will contain spoilers and most definitely contains lots of profanity.

S: I'm 1/2 way through Left Drowning
    C: Still good?!
S: Yup!
    C: If it's anything like Flat Out Love it'll hurt good.
S: I think it might. Might make my heart hurt.

A few hours later....

S: Welp...that was some hotness. Be ready--a little smexy in tha house.
    C: Really! Lol. So I'll be buttered up for the sad.

30 minutes later...Courtney had gone to sleep and I was trying to handle the reading on my own. You can see how well that worked....

S: Jesus h. The sex. The intensity of her emotions. Crap. Craaaaap. I don't want the sh*t to hit any fans ever in this book. 
S: And fuuuuuuu*k me the end of ch. 20 in this book
S: FUUUUUUU******KKKKKK. F*ckity f*ck muth f*cking f*ck. And oh yeah??!! F****ck. This part is sad.
S: emoticon of crying face...lots of them
S: The end of ch. 23!!!!!! Courtney!!!!! More emoticons of sad faces.
S: Just kill me now. Cant take much more.
S: It's shredding me.
S: Deep breaths
S: If this book isn't turned into a movie then someone has royally f*cked some sh*t up
S: I suspect the f*cked up sh*t is not over yet. I have suspicions. 82% in.

The next morning....

   C: Oh. my. gah. These are awesome texts. I am not looking forward to this!!
 S: You will love it...

Later that evening...

S: Just trust your instincts when you read this one
   C: I'm really nervous!!
S: And be prepared...it's got some emotional scenes

Sunday...Courtney starts reading it...

   C: This is really fast! I love it, but am so nervous I'm freaking out a bit.
   C: Omg please tell me Sabin or any of them don't fall off the f*cking roof! I'm near tears here...
S: Hanging in there?
   C:  :( No. I'm going to be a blubbering mess. ..they are all f*cked up, huh?
   S: Yep. All of them.


   C: I'm at the hotel part!!!
S: omg. That sh*t was crazy sexy times
   C: that boy can talk dirty, ey?
S: No shizzzz
S: Turn on the fan...it's gonna get hawt in there.
   C: !!! lol
   C: The truck scene
S: goodness gracious
   C: sheee-it
S: lol. told you!
   C: Ohhh noooo
   C: Chris + Jennifer...wtf
S:  :(
   C: I am...crying...and it's not even the bad parts yet is it
S: I think these next few chapters will be difficult to read.
   C: Holding my hand out
S: Got your back sistah.

In case you can't tell...we think Left Drowning is a must read. Also...on Jessica Park's website she has a playlist that you can listen to as you are reading. Enjoy!!

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  1. I have this book on my kindle waiting to be read! I think its going to be my next pick after these texts (:


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