Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Courtney and I have not gone a single day without tweeting, texting, or gchatting since March. Thank God for unlimited texting! So this week's TTT  (texting and talking Tuesday) is just a snippet of a typical night of our texting random thoughts to one another. This particular one starts with me discussing a book I was just starting The Runaway Year (a British chick lit selection)...

S: I'm totes reading this book with a British accent in my head.
C: hahahahaaa I like the sound of that!!!
S: :)
S: I just saw a tweet that Losing Hope is on Netgalley
C: O.M.G!
S: Haha I thought you'd like to know
C: And holy sh*t it's on auto approve!!!Get it!!! Right now
S: Going to my computer! Lol!

Little did Courtney know that I had just shut my laptop down for the night. Luckily the computer in the kitchen was still up and running...so I quickly got to it! (Can't let Courtney down!) Haha, sorry so bossy! :-P

C: I am in shock! Thank god you told me!!!
S: blows a kiss
C: :)
S: Just sent it to my Kindle...hope it shows up.
C: It already did for me! So it will!
C: Motivation to get some sh*t read. This deserves a walking disaster-esque read together!!!
S: :)

It pops up on my Kindle (the reason that this is a deal is that sometimes my Netgalley downloads don't always make it to my Kindle and it takes multiple attempts and lots of me stressing about why it isn't showing up!!)

S: Just popped up! :)
S: The guy on the cover (of Losing Hope) is totally staring at me.
C: !!!! Lol
S: I told him to stop but he won't...

And there's our random silliness for the week.

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