Wednesday, July 10, 2013


What a week in reading and one clicking our bank accounts to death! There were some fantastic deals and great freebies over the weekend and I'm surprised we didn't break the one click button with the purchases we made. We have a lot of reading to look forward to, Courtney!

This week I found myself staying up until 1,2, and even 3 am while reading. It was great and exhausting and now my poor brain thinks that is the norm. When school starts back, I will probably go into shock. *Pouts* Our summer of leisure and staying up all night is nearing a close! Gah! Day jobs can suck it! Here are some of the things that kept me up this week:

The Game Changer by J. Sterling--the follow up to The Perfect Game--a sweet and quick ending to the story of Jack and Cassie. Then I was easily sucked in to This Man Confessed; I think this was the book that

kept me up until 3 am...I just could not stop. I had to know how it ended. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the books in this series and book 3 was not a disappointment--the epilogue was great. The book had all of the crazy control freak ways of Jesse, a stronger Ava, and all of the Brit humor that I adore about this series. Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith was up next and by the halfway mark I knew I would be up late, again!, because I just had to know what was going to happen. Courtney and I squeezed in a day for Losing Hope and after I had about a million sad moments in the first two chapters, I quickly zoomed through the rest of this companion novel. It was so well done and another great read. Maverick by Anna Cruise was something that Courtney recommended and I thoroughly enjoyed the story of our surfer boy, Kellen, and his PR girl, Gina. It's the perfect beach read--quick to read, highly enjoyable, and contains no cliffhangers! !!Perfect for those looking for that elusive stand alone novel!! Loved it! My final read, so far this week, was Fading by E.K. Blair. This novel was intense and emotional and gratifying. It's not a light, happy, funny read; it tackles some very serious emotional issues. I'm glad I picked it up and would recommend it to anyone who wants something with less steam and more depth. There will be 2 companion novels in this series and I look forward to reading those when they come out. 

In the upcoming week we have another boatload of good reads to tackle like: The Longings of Wayward Girls by Karen Brown, and the new Jessica Park one: Left Drowning...and I'm sure a bunch of other surprises along the way. I heart Jessica Park (Flat Out Love, anybody?) and looking at this cover...I am sensing some emotional angst! Can't. Wait.

So, one would think that since my book intake ratio is not equal to how quick I can read one that I too would quit buying more! But...with a long holiday weekend there were sssooooo many good deals. When our favorite blogs put together a list putting all those deals in one place, and my one-click trigger finger is happy....well....yeah, it was bad!!! Really, really, really bad! My husband would die of heart failure if he knew bad! *Points finger at Shelley* I blame her! Check out Maryse's Book Blog for some amazing lists! They are perfect...almost as bad as Rock Stars of Romance on my bank account! 

So..what I've been doing! That girl up there! Yeah, me hooked on the This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas...I am already into 40% of the third book (Writing this Tuesday PM :P and I started the first book on Saturday! And they are looonnnggg! But me being the lover of details and more, more, more...this makes me excited! Book 3 is the longest yet...and yes, they're still behaving like psychos....not of course it is a trainwreck but I can't jump off! And that is sort of all I have been doing....I love series' that are 1) ALL already out! I may have missed the boat, but I can read one right after another without having to wait, and 2) I love being sucked into a world of crazy that defies logical reason and love finding out what happens next piece by piece.

(P.S. We may or may not be speaking in random British slang now...I almost used the word daft in conversation today. I've no idea where that came from, and totally love it. I did use tart in a review to describe this evil beotch.... :-D Bring on the British authors, babe...I need more! :D )

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