Monday, July 15, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY (2): Snow Patrol, Ed Sheeran, and The Beastie Boys

Music Monday is a weekly feature we love to read by Jessica @ Lovin' Los Libros and since I have music playing at all times of the day, no matter what is going on (even to read) I talked Shel into spreading our music love with you! 

Courtney: my Music Monday selections! 
So this week it seemed like almost everything I read had was a British author + British characters = amazing dialogue that I had to think a bit about what some of the terms meant..but I had a lot of fun doing so. Run by Snow Patrol is a favorite song of mine and is featured in This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas. If this isn't the most perfect song for Jesse and Ava...! 

Snow Patrol: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Soundcloud

Last but not least, I decided my actual album selection will be a favorite Brit singer/songwriter that is Ed Sheeran. He's hit it big now and is on tour with TSwift, but I first fell in love with his song Give Me Love when it was featured on the Vampire Diaries..Damon + Elena dancing at the Founders Ball anyone? (P.S. the Vampire Diaries has the BEST soundtrack!)

Ed Sheeran: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Soundcloud

Shelley: This week I chose the Beastie Boys' album Licensed to Ill  mainly because of the song "No Sleep Till Brooklyn". It seems to be my theme song this summer because I'm NOT sleeping until I finish the page, chapter, book, series, etc. So I've found myself thinking "No Sleep Till..." a lot lately. It's also fitting because it reminds me of my younger years --riding around with my friends, singing along to the lyrics with the windows rolled down, feeling rebellious, and young, and free...a lot like some of the characters we read about. One final thought...Courtney delighted in telling me that this album is older than she is and o.m.g. I listened to it in my early teen years and I KNOW I'm NOT that old. GRRRRR. I'm sorry... I am NOT going to tell you by how many years older, though!!! Reading this still makes me smile :)

The Beastie Boys: Website | Twitter | Facebook | myspace | | 

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  1. Oh I love Snow Patrol's Run! I definitely need to check that book out! I am also an Ed Sheeran fan and I loved that song from TVD! Haha- love me some Beastie Boys too! Great picks gals!


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