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This Saturday's Summer Reading Series post is all about Sexy, Steamy, and Smutty! Enjoy! 

The farther we get into summer, the harder it is getting to find (for me, anyways!) NEW stuff to recommend, since so much of the books we have loved and like to read can cross over most of our categories! So this week, I plan to try really hard not to highlight a book I have used here goes!! (P.S. If I fail at this deepest apologies!) Meanwhile...I'm sticking with what I know which is probably stuff I've already mentioned about 100 million times. Sorry guys! 

Up In Flames by Nicole Williams. I had read some of her stuff (Crash series) and loved it, so I jumped on this stand alone. (And stand alones can be refreshingly good sometimes when in a book hangover!) This story is about a flame jumper, I think he was called....aka he jumps out of helicopters during forest fires to rescue people on the ground. Summer romance, check. Forbidden/somebody has a significant other (cue angst) love, check. Super sexy times, double check! Great New Adult read, and super fast + perfect for a summer read.I haven't read this--but am now intrigued.Hmm.

Down to You by M. Leighton. Smooth talking club owner...even smoother talking lawyer...and twins. Holy smokes! These brothers will melt your panties right off...and the story will get you wrapped up right to the shocking end...I don't see a lot coming, and you may not be surprised, but I almost fell out of my chair with how things ended. Lucky for 2 is published already, but we can all wait together for the 3rd one! I have read this one and h-o-l-y smokes...some of those caused my Kindle to steam.

Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan. I think I have loved everything  I've read by Kendall so far, and this one was no different. I had to know how things would go down when the blurb includes a) a porn star in the ER after taking viagra + b) the sweet nurse who takes care of him that still wants to get with him anyways....but the real kicker, even after all of that, is that he's doing whatever he has to to take care of his little sister....swoon! Okay, and it does fall into the sexy, steamy, and smutty category. Read Kendall's Tweets if you don't believe me ;) Yet another new author for me to add to my list of authors to read! I see my one-click finger getting twitchy.

Confessions of an Alli Cat by Courtney Cole. Here is where I fail and think I've mentioned this book before, but I really, really loved it, so sue me...I'm mentioning it again! About a recent divorcee trying to get her groove back in hilarious and awkward ways....I mean.this is in the blurb
Alli’s idea of “trying new things” is nothing like that devil-of-a-best-friend of hers. Somehow, Sara, the devil of a best friend, talks Alli into trying out a sex toy, sleeping with a younger man and letting a stranger in a lab jacket put hot wax on a place that should never, ever, ever see wax. And that’s only the beginning.
So I think we can all agree there is intrigue here....and when the younger man keeps popping up in her life outside of the sex club he works in....holy hell....her luck sucks, but it makes for a lot of sexy, steamy, and smutty scenes. Shel if you ever read this one, I am totes reading it with you! I haven't read it but I've seen it around. My TBR list just got a lot longer. Bye bye bank account.

Okay, I think I've relived these books in my head enough...Shel...what qualifies as Sexy, Steamy, and Smutty to you!!

Well...I think my suggestions would be remiss if I didn't post
the one series that got this whole smut/erotica/smexy thing out and in the public eye...we all know which one I'm talking about, right? Fifty Shades of Gray by E.L. James. It started a whole slew of women reading and talking and probably refreshed some marriages.Haha. It's smut-tastic. It's practically a sexual dictionary--need a new move or idea? Pick this series up and you'll have plenty of things to work with. **Late add! Sorry!** I was looking through my goodreads read books, and I read this last June...Wow..definitely kick started my newfound book obsession, but I can't believe it's already been a year! What a wild year it has been! 

I recently finished the This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas 
and let me tell you that this series was sexy, sexy, sexy. Throw in some British humor, some intrigue, some angst, and love and you've got yourself this delicious treat of a series. I cannot wait to see what Courtney thinks of it. I giggled and sighed and raged in various parts of the all three books. I'm kind of sad it's finished and cannot wait to see what she publishes next. **Reading this now...holy's going to be insane, I can already tell!**

Another steamy, not to be missed book is Tidal by Emily
Snow. This book features a young actress trying to sort out her life post-rehab and a hot surfer guy. It's set in Hawaii and after reading it I had to physically restrain myself from packing my family up and becoming a surfer girl there. It just sounded so appealing! I think all of Emily's books are smokin' hot and this one was no different. A great summer read if you haven't read it yet! I have this, but haven't read it! Obvs, I should rectify that in my spare time! ;) 

Want one that packs in sexy, steamy, and smutty? Try The Blackstone Affair series by Raine Miller. Yet another series set in London--apparently I'm obsessed? This series follows around an American girl with secrets, a dangerous stalker, and a British guy who's hired to protect her. All three books in this series are out and are super fast to read. OOOhh! One I love too! I read Naked a while back, and have book 2, but for reasons unknown haven't gotten to it! 

Hey! I did it!! I managed to suggest reads that I really haven't talked too much about in our blog--go me!!! We hope you enjoy these hot reads--you may need to sit in the A/C or take a cold shower to cool off after reading them! Feel free to post your favorites in our comments! Happy Reading.


  1. Great list! Have you read Unravel Me and Make Me Yours by Kendall Ryan? Those are by far my favorites of hers.

    1. Yes! I read those first & they were amazing! Instead of individual books, we just make each other add authors to our reading list because there are so many great ones! Kendall Ryan is one of those!


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