Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Welcome to our weekly insanity post that is Texting & Talking Tuesday. We have a seriously ridiculous amount of fun talking about books and the most random things imaginable. This week is mostly centered on Fading by E.K. Blair and for once there are no spoilers!!! Woot..I think we deserve an award! Enjoy! I also added a few random things that made me giggle when I was re-reading our texts! - Court

S: Ummm. Have you figured things out?
S: I started reading a book called Fading. It's sad but good
C: Oohh nice!
C: And f*ck no & I'm at 90% 

C: Shelley!! 
C: I have literally done jack sh*t today! My iPad is going dead already! Lol
S: I love it! Welcome to the club 
C: :) when are dues required? Lol
S: Never!
C: & I need to blog & eat something! 
C: You'd think I'd be withering away by now!
S: It feels like the shit should have hit the fan already and hasn't. Now I'm getting worried . At 81% (talking about Fading here)
C: It'll hit when you're least expecting it 
S: Grr. I know :(
S: Uh oh here it comes
C: Why are we still up!!
S: It's our sickness
S: Shit really hitting fan and fuck it's at 88 fucking %. Gah
C: Ugh nnnoooo!!
S: Yessszzzz
S: Bloody hell
C: Eek! What!
S: It's just so effed up and sad and I get it ...I understand both sides and I hate this. :(
Not sure what this randomness was about, but I thought it was funny...

C: Aahhhhhh I'm going to die!
S: I'll revive u!
C: !!!! I will keep you updated on my life support status!!
S: Lol! Good
S: I'll get the paddles ready
C: Early night for me! Peace!
S: Quitter!
...... And Back to Fading...
S: Oh great...now the shit is still hitting the fan and I'm leavin to go to freakin yoga!!!!!! Argh!!!!
S: Dammit! Effing yoga! Lol
And now I finally joined the land of Fading!...

C: So on a scale of 1-5 how likely am I to cry?!
S: Um...3?
C: So I'll cry a lot then bc I cry at the most unlikely things!! Lol
S: Maybe? 
C: This is set in Seattle! I have to make a goodreads board to count how many books I've read set in the pacnw, it is ridiculous! Lol
S: Hahaaa
S: I know. Liking it so far?
C: Yes! Just makes me so sad for her...it is exactly as intense as you said!
S: Ahhhh!
C: 64% holy f*ck it's going way too good...shit is gonna go bad soon, I'm not ready!
S: Holding your hand!!
C: It's like I know what is probably going to happen, & it's like a train wreck I can't jump off!!! 
S: Hang in there!!!
C: Voodoo donuts!!!!! :D
S: I know!!!!
C: & Astoria & seaside & cannon beach!! I heart Oregon 
S: Hahaha
C: Done! Beautiful! She couldn't have waited any longer to put me out of my misery though!!!
S: I know!!!! So good!

So needless to say, even without adding in our crazy conversations about books + life + Amanda Bynes twitter feed (sorry, I thought it was insanely funny!) we had a good week! Later lovelies!  

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