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Y'all, this series is a must read. I could NOT put it down and a week later I am still talking about. Warning: there are vulgar words (we have potty mouths...really bad potty mouths) and SPOILERS below...

This starts after I finished reading Reason to Breathe and was completely entrenched in Barely Breathing..

S Just you wait! This f*cking book is torture in a completely different way than the other one
C Really?! That sounds scary 
S: Hurry up and get to bk 2 so we can be in pain together
S: I swear if I had a heart monitor it'd be going nuts!
C: !!! You've got too (TBR) many on my list!
S: Racing pulse and constant nervous butterflies
C: Lol
S: My newest attempt to get thru this book is emotional detachment. 
C: How's that working out
S: It's really not working because she writes too well . Dammit
S: F*cking Evan's dad! Douche lord 
C: Douche lord!!!!!
S: If he had a c*nt, I'd call him had one of those too
C: Hahahaha you can junk punch him tho instead of c*nt punt, that is another fav saying I have
S: Lol
S: Maybe cut off his balls and choke him with them?
C: Very nowhere to run style, I like your thinking 
S: Lol
S: He's (Evan's dad) pissing me off and I have a feeling he's not done yet
S: F*****ck
S: This book
S: Sh*t
C: What!!
S: She just found out some stuff about her dad
S: Emma needs to quit bottling sh*t up and keeping sh*t to herself
C: Yeah, what do we always say about communication 
S: Bloody hell
S: I feel like I'm watching a train wreck about to happen and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it
And things are starting to fall apart . Shocker
C: What %
S: 74
C: Too early!
S: Yeah right! This has been the entire book! It's just building to be awful and gut punching at the end
Let's just say that in this book she did not save the drama till the end.  

S: On to bk 3
S: So now reading book 3 and I am going to try to just f*cking enjoy it and not hyperventilate over every f*cking thing. Maybe. (I started this at 2-ish o'clock in the morning)
S: I'm going to effing kill Emma
S: Dumb dumb girl
C: What!!! That is not good!
S: Poor choices
C:  :(
S: Have to take a break before I throttle her! Taking the girls for a walk!

Meanwhile...Courtney begins book 2

C: Ok in bb (Barely Breathing), Jonathan is bad news bears huh
S: Ummmm
C: Shel....
C: & Sara is being a huge b*tch

S: Get an alcoholic beverage ready. You might need it
C: Shel!!!!
S: Just remember that bk 3 is not as evil as bk 1 or 2...
C: Uhhhhhhh
S: Hang in there! I feel your pain
C: I get the "Emma is an idiot" now
S: Yep. Wait until ending. 
C:  noooooo 
C: 92....I'm dyinnnggggggg
C: ....why!!!! 

S: Finished?
C: Yes! 
S: Heartbroken?
S: Well settle in for book 3 and enjoy the ride
C: Too much time has passed, wtf!
S: Yeah!
C: Nooooooo
C: I can't take this....they make these horrible dramatic choices then get mad when these guys move on!!
C: Oh f*ck will Evan be at this party! Ommmmggggg my nerves are shot & nothing has happened yet
C: You said this one wasn't as bad!!!!!!!!!!! It so is!
S: But it gets better! I love Evan in this one. He's so steady
C: I don't know how he could take her back.....f*ck 
S: I know, right?!!?
C: Does Jonathan go to jail
S: Ummmm
S: Lol
C: Gah!
C: Emma Evan & Cole all in the same car...awkward 

S: Little bit! 
C: 64% things mmiiggghhhtttt be starting to smooth out a bit...right 
S: Riiiiight
C: Well they're sort of communicating...& she decided not to kill herself so......
C: Done!!!! Whew....a beautiful ending thank f*ck

S: Hahaha!!!
C: I was up til 230! I'm you! (Bc I am notorious for staying up until all hours of the night) Wtf am I awake for 
S: Go back to sleep

As you can see these books elicited a very strong reaction from us both...READ them...what an awesome series!!!

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  1. Wow potty mouths indeed. I felt the same way while reading this series. I still haven't finished the 3rd book but what a roller coaster! Definitely had me cursing.


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