Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Last week, we began the epic reading that is Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski. As per usual, we had a lot to say to one another about it! 

I'd like to note that we were reading at veerrry different spots, so the locations are all over the place! 
C: 3% into KS, this is going to be great!!
S: :)
C: & my lunch break is about to end...fml!!
S: Nooooo


S: The end! Gah! There is a 2nd booookkkkkk
C: Nnnnnooooooo cliff?!?!?
S: Oh yeah
C: F*ck 
S: F**********ck. I need book 2 now!

C: She just found out he got shot!!
S: Ah
C: & I'm of course focusing on the fact that he took his shirt off. This is very transporter like & I love me some Jason Statham.
C: So 46% & you were freaking out at 50% so I'm worried!!!!! He is leaving her with Samantha
S: Shits gonna get real 
S: Get any reading done? 
C: She is trying to get him to have sex with her, she's currently on top of him and he has a gun to her head
S: Ahhhh
C: Yeah, kinda hot in a sick twisted way, but really f**king hot
S: Yeah, I couldn't believe he actually had a gun to her head
S: Intense! 
S: :(
C: Nnnnnnnnooooooooiiiooooooooo
S: :( 
C: Oooooommmmmmmmmggggggggg
Shel took to Twitter to express how she felt too....I giggled a lot! lol 

In other news....Shel's peer pressure gets the best of me! This is how we pick what to read in a nutshell.

S: What are u reading next? 
C: I think the longings of wayward girls is the right thing to do, but possibly the game changer lol
C: Or maybe this man
S: This man!!!!!!!! 
S: We have a whole week before LWG is due! 
C: :)
C: I know! Look at us!
S: Do it do it do it do it....I'm peer pressure chanting at you
C: !!!! Decided then! Lol 

Shelley breaking in here to say...that I obviously have the maturity level of a young adolescent. Poor Courtney...she handles me so well. Love you Court! *hugs* love you too! 


  1. Ha! You girls are nelodramatic like me.

    So....he holds a gun to her head while she tries to seduce him? FUN!

    1. You have GOT to read it! Put it on your list!!!

    2. Hahahaha, yeah...lots of drama and profanity when we read together! :D


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