Sunday, August 4, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY (5): HBO's Girls Soundtrack & Skylar Grey

Music Monday is a weekly feature we love to read by Jessica @ Lovin' Los Libros and since I have music playing at all times of the day, no matter what is going on (even to read) I talked Shel into spreading our music love with you! 

Courtney: my Music Monday selection!
Skylar Grey. Even if you haven't heard of her, you probably know a few of the pretty popular hooks that she wrote in things like Love the Way You Lie & I Need a Doctor with Eminem. My favorite of these are the full demo versions with just her. Especially Words. You heard it on the radio with Lupe Fiasco..but this version just blows my mind...anyway! Check 'em all out...she is very, very talented and has a lot of spots on all of my favorite playlists! Oohhh...the last song on the playlist..I recently found out this way her singing...also blew my mind. Epic explosion though. 

Shelley's music Monday selection:
HBO's Girls Soundtrack

Well, I'm not ashamed to say that I have enjoyed Girls (although I'm a smidge behind episodes) and the music on the show has been great. I love soundtracks because, when done well, they offer a wide range of artists and typically I'm introduced to all sorts of music that I would've never known had I not listened to the soundtrack. This soundtrack is no different--lots of variety and a nice mix of new and old. Check it out!

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  1. Ooh, I have not heard of either of these before! I am loving Skylar though! And I also love soundtracks! They can have such a great assortment of music!


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