Sunday, August 25, 2013


So we are major fan-girls of Alessandra Torre so we wanted to fill you in on a few updates! 

We reviewed the series HERE and psstt...we loved it

She is releasing The Dumont Diaries as one full-length novel in a couple of help with those who are not quite as fond of the mini-series idea and make it easy to find in one place! Check out the Announcement 

Updating the Update: 
So in case you'd like to purchase the Dumont Diaries all together in one has officially been re-released in one format! Yay! 

Find it at Amazon | B&N 

Here are the purchase links for ALL of the books and book 3 Till Death is currently free! 

To Have (Book 1 & 99 pennies) 

To Hold (Book 2 & $1.99) 
Amazon | B&N 

Till Death (Book 3 & Free) 
Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Do Us Part (Book 4 & $2.99) 
Amazon | B&N 

And there is still time to enter Alessandra's EPIC giveaway! So check that out while you're here! 

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