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TEXTING & TALKING TUESDAY: Rock Chick Revolution Edition

We say all of the time that we love Kristen Ashley. It is 100% true. We do. Well...here is the insanity that was our emotions while reading Rock Chick Revolution aka..the end of the world as we know it. It was a beautiful finale to a series/people I love. 

I'm also thinking while this post is epic...there are spoilers!!! Beware the spoilers! Please! 

Here is our official review but keep scrolling for the unofficial one! :)

S: The acknowledgements ...gah!
C: That's what I read this a.m., it is beautiful
S: Warning ...reading slow to savor it so don't worry about leaving me in the dust.
C: I am too! This is the weirdest feeling ever!
S: Haha
C: I dont want it to end
S: Me either:(
S: Omg. Why do my kids keep talking to me ???? Lol! Can they not see I'm in RC mode??!!

C: I know!!!! Derek was reading aloud over my shoulder
I freaked & told him I would not let him ruin this beautiful experience for me 
S: Haha!!! Our families are jerks
C: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! 

C: What does OTT mean, I can't remember
S: Dunno
S: Lol

C: Over the top! Lol..I had to google 
C: *Lots of crying emojis*
S: Not there yet. I'm guessing. My kids are so needy. Haha
C: You'll know.
C: You will know!! :-(
C: Do you picture duke as Sam Elliott?
S: I hadn't really put a name to him but that totally works! Good pick
C: I kinda love Sam Elliott 

S: Okay!!! Eep. Ready to start chapter 6. And whatcha got to tell me?
S: That this is awesome!!! That's what!!!! Lol
C: What do I need to tell you? 

C: K I was just so sad when he broke up with her..
S: That we are moving to Denver to be RC C: Oh yeah! Yes!!!
S: That was sad. And the Ava thing. And the Sadie thing
C: I know!!! Reliving that was hard! And I can't believe he f**king said her name...(Ava's name)
S: :(
C: The kevster!!!
S: Lol!!!
C: "His ride was sah-weet" I heart how she enunciates her words like me!
C: Ahhhhhh he's breaking my heart again
S: Me too! I love "macho alpha maneuver"!!!
S: Awwwwww
C: Right there with ya sista! Darius might steal the show on my swoon
S: So sweet
C: !!! Yes!!!
S: The kevster is so funny dudette!
C: Hahaha 

S: Haha I love the scene in Lee's office!!
C: The kevster' lol I'm right there now
S: Ahhh Tex!!!
C: I've been waiting for him
S: Daisy!!!!
C: & her!
C: OMG her & indy....
S: I know!!
C: :( rock chick drama!
S: She and Indy are making up at Starbucks  .. Haha

S: Finally able to read! How was your day? Where are u in RC?
C: 38% and OMG! *crying emojis* I'm so sad
S: Uh oh!! At 36% so I bet I know what's coming.
C: Yeah...I'm such a f**king baby...holding out my hand!
S: Holding it sistah.C: I don't even know, I knew something would happen because it's only in the 30's and too happy but shee it
S: God I'm so mad at Ren..,how could he ask her to not do what she loves? And I'm mad at her bc I totally understand his view! Gah!!! KA strikes again!!
C: I know!!!! They could meet in the middle! I'm more mad at him though because they all act like a woman can't be as good as them
S: I know! Ugh! 

C: Lee & hank included..Thank f**k for Darius
S: Exactly! Alpha males!!!!
S: They need to step off

C: They do!!! Ahhhhh
C: Although she's following that shit up with a talk with her Dad, shirleen & smithie so I am smiling through my heartbreak
C: & these alpha males are gonna lose they f**king minds!
C: OMG he's making me cry again at 40
S: Right behind you! 38%
C: !!!!!!!
C: Sry I'll shut up...OMG!!!
S: No!! It's fine! :)
C: Ohhhh tex!!!!
S: Smithie!!! LoL
C: Told ya!!!!
C: & this wedding! OMG I'm laughing a lot!
S: *Big smiley face emojis*
C: Shirleen!!!!! Epic!!!!! 
C: Gonna go get me some food then get on the blog 
S: Ok! 
S: Ren just came back and made up with her! Awwwww 
C: Was that not the best thing ever!
S: Best!
C: I'm right past breakfast in bed when you get there 
S: Ok :)
S: Bahahaha Sadie and Hector were gonna use the same closet at the reception that R and A were. Lol
S: Awww Tex!!!
C: I know!!!!! That was awesome! & all the guys are like kill me f**king now
S: Haha
C: Dude you're not online! Lol
S: Getting there. Lol. Lost track of time 
S: Turning on now
C: Lol! I know! I wouldn't have stopped reading either had I not been starved 
S: Haha!
S: Just waiting on AT and fucking T
C: Oohhh! Lol I was like I feel like we're speaking in code & I forgot the code! Hahaha
C: Oh btw 47% in RC & OMG! Gonna get funny here in a sec! Epic funny
S: Can't wait! Lol

Random but funny note from when we exercise together in spirit...
C: So squats suck but tell Lauren I can feel my ass falling right off! Lol
S: Those f**king one minute things make me hate 60 se

C: OMG tex
C: Lol
S: Can't wait to get to it!!!!
C: & OMG ally & Jane...f**k Shelley, made me cry...it is beautiful...just wow
S: Awwww. 
C: Where you be
S: 54...she just Darius she wouldn't give up on him
C: Awwwww <3 I love this book
S: Me too. Sigh. Don't want it to ever end

For once I am the one up texting in the middle of the night..

C:Omigah, duke... I don't know why but I wasn't ready for that, sh*t
C: OMG lee is making a speech, I may fall over dead 
& OMG Darius...

C: Blanket OMG, I love these people

C: 500 million stars! Wow
Just fucking wow
I hope I don't wake you up, but I had to tell you I heart you, & I heart KA 
That is all 

S: Duke!!!!!! Perfection 
C: Righteous right! 
C: F**king love him 
S: Roam and Sniff!!! Lol
C: & that's yet another convo with shirleen 
S: Awww. Darius named his son after Lee and Eddie
C: *tear* beautiful right 
S: 78%...so close. I've been stealing 5-10 minutes here and there at work today. Eeep
S: Hank !!! So damn sweet

C: I heart hank & the rest of the book is a big love fest, I freaking love this book
S: ❤❤❤❤❤
C: Also, my abs hurt 
S: :)
C: And my ass 
S: Lol

S: I'm at 86%...so close. Ahhhhh
S: I love how she fucks with Dawn.
S: Also finished and fuuuuck! It was so good! Darius! The epilogue ! All of the babies! And the mace and Stella stories!!! Omfg. I cannot wait. And am sad this part is over!:(

So...there you have it. We find out that this is only sort of the end...and we get to follow Mace and Darius to LA to Mace's new security outfit...and we cannot wait! Rock Chick's forever! 

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